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It is absolutely pleased at the "GATTA" of lifestyle media that supports "just as you are, shining like yourself"! Everything You have chosen YAMAMO's "YUKIDOKE" for the special feature of "3 Hokkaido / Tohoku edition" selection "Nationwide Local Souvenirs". What we are aiming for is part of proposing a local new lifestyle based on traditional industries and basic seasonings. I am pleased that we can share such feelings and can join together. Please take a look at the article._mediainfo


生活媒體的“GATTA”非常高興,“就像你一樣,像你一樣閃耀”! 所有你選擇了YAMAMO的“YUKIDOKE”作為“3北海道/東北版”選擇“全國各地的紀念品”的特色。 我們的目標是提出基於傳統產業和基本調味料的當地新生活方式。 我很高興我們可以分享這種感受並可以聯合起來。 請看一下這篇文章。




〇 Absolutely pleased! "Nationwide local souvenirs" 3 selections [Hokkaido / Tohoku edition]

Miso "YUKIDOKE" which can enjoy the sweetness of nature like snow melting [Akita Prefecture]

Akita Prefecture Founded in Yuzawa City, established for over 150 years Miso of soy sauce Miso sauce brewer "Yamamo Miso sauce brewer" is a superb Koshi Miso "Yukidokie". Along with snow melting, miso charged only with Akitachomachi collected locally is a ginjyo incense like sake and a creamy taste. It has the same sense of dip as it is or it has a sweet taste and slightly saltiness, so it is a supreme miso you want me to mix with the mixture. Also, a stylish package that glows with a sense will be a topic once you hand it over.

〇非常高興! “全國各地的紀念品”3選[北海道/東北版]


秋田縣成立於湯澤市,成立150多年醬油醬味噌醬啤酒“Yamamo味噌醬啤酒釀造者”是一流的過濾掉味噌“Yukidokie”。 隨著融雪,只有當地採集的秋田小町的味噌才是清酒和奶油味的銀杏香。 它具有相同的浸漬感,或者俱有甜味和略帶鹹味,因此它是一種至高無味的味噌,您希望我與混合物混合。 此外,一旦你交出一個感覺發光的時尚包裝將成為一個主題。

「BrandLand JAPAN(ブランドランド・ジャパン)」選定のお知らせ

ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社は、このたび経済産業省が推進する専門家招聘型プロデュース支援事業「BrandLand JAPAN」において外部の有識者による公正な審議の結果、15事業者のプロジェクトに東北で唯一選定されました。

YAMAMO "I.L.A.(Industry Loves Art)" PROJECT 産業は芸術に恋をする(秋田県)
事業者:ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社
プロデューサー:本村拓人(株式会社GRANMA / Granma Inc.)
商材:YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Art −I.L.A. 産業は芸術に恋をする−


Notice of selection of "BrandLand JAPAN"

Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp. is a project of 15 companies in Tohoku as a result of fair deliberations by outside experts at the "BrandLand JAPAN" invitation type production support project promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry It was selected only._mediainfo

YAMAMO "I.L.A. (Industry Loves Art)" PROJECT (Akita)
Business operator: Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp.
Producer: Takuto Motomura (GRANMA / Granma Inc.)
Materials: YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Art - I.L.A. Industry Loves Art -

Factory tour ", a fermentation experience tour that tours the factory and garden and warehouse of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, which is a brewery lasting 150 years since the end of Edo, was developed for inbound from 2016. This fiscal year, in addition to offering collection tours and drinking and eating, we also expanded the tour by implementing the I.L.A. Gallery and art content. At the same time, we will conduct regional branding of local Iwasaki in the background where industries will be born, widely invite from the domestic and overseas, through the fermentation event, and will try to revitalize the region.

選擇“BrandLand JAPAN”的通知

由於經濟產業省推出的“BrandLand JAPAN”邀請型生產支持項目的外部專家的公平審議,Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 / 高茂合名会社是東北15家公司的項目 它只是被選中。

經營者:Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 / 高茂合名会社
製片人:本村拓人(GRANMA / Granma Inc.)
材料:YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Art - I.L.A. Industry Loves Art -

工廠之旅“是一個發酵體驗之旅,參觀了自從江戶結束以來持續150年的啤酒廠Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商的工廠,花園和倉庫,從2016年開始入境。 本財政年度,除了提供收集旅遊,飲酒和飲食外,我們還通過實施I. L. A.畫廊和藝術內容擴大了旅遊。 同時,我們將在產業出生的背景下,在國內外廣泛邀請,通過發酵活動,開展當地岩崎的區域品牌建設,並努力振興該地區。

〇BrandLand JAPANとは
経済産業省では、地域に眠る魅力的な資源の海外市場に併せた磨き上げや、海外への魅力発信を通じて地方活性化を図るローカルクールジャパン政策を推進しており「専門家招聘型プロデュース支援事業」は、昨年度から「BrandLand JAPAN」としてスタート。「BrandLand JAPAN」は、日本の技術力や日本人の感性を掛け合わせた「日本らしい」魅力ある商材やサービスを取り扱う中小企業等が海外消費者の感性やニーズ等に詳しいプロデューサーを活用し、インバウンドを含む海外需要の獲得を行う取り組みを支援するとともに、将来的に類似の取り組みを自己資金において行う中小企業等の創出や、それらを支える次世代プロデューサーの知見向上に繋がるよう、海外需要獲得に資することを目的としています。そのため、各採択事業者に対し、費用負担を軽減するために当該費用一部補助や、アドバイザーの派遣および海外販路開拓に有益なネットワークの構築支援等を行います。

○ About BrandLand JAPAN
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is promoting a local cool Japan policy to revitalize the local community through polishing up attractive resources that fall asleep in the region as well as overseas markets and disseminating charm to overseas. "Specialized Invitation Type Production Support Project "Started as" BrandLand JAPAN "last year. "BrandLand JAPAN" is a Japanese company that deals with attractive merchandise and services, which seems to be "Japan-like" by multiplying Japanese technical skills and Japanese sensibilities, utilizes producers familiar with the sensitivity and needs of overseas consumers, To support efforts to acquire overseas demand including inbound and to acquire overseas demand so as to lead to the creation of small and medium enterprises etc. to do similar efforts on their own funds in the future and to improve the knowledge of next generation producers supporting them It is aimed at profit. For that purpose, we will assist each of the selected companies with assistance for part of such expenses in order to reduce the cost burden, support network construction creation that is beneficial for temporary dispatch of advisers and overseas sales channels.

○關於BrandLand JAPAN
在經濟,貿易和產業部部打磨,以匹配吸引力的資源在該地區睡的海外市場,它一直在推動本地酷日本的政策,以提高通過有吸引力的調用本地的激活海外的“專家應邀式生產扶持項目“去年開始作為”BrandLand JAPAN“。 “BrandLand JAPAN”是,小型和中型的有日本的技術能力和由日本感性相乘得到的值處理“,似乎日本”公司有吸引力的商品和服務採取的具體生產商的優勢,如靈敏度和國外消費者的需求,以及支持力度,開展海外收購的需求,包括入境的,在今後類似的努力創造和中小企業開展自籌資金,從而導致下一代生產的知識改進,以支持他們,海外需求採集它旨在獲利。為此目的,我們將協助每個選定的公司協助部分此類費用,以減少成本負擔,支持網絡建設的創建,有利於臨時派遣顧問和海外銷售渠道。

「BrandLand JAPAN」キックオフイベントに七代目の高橋泰が登壇いたします
【場所】日本経済新聞社 東京本社6階 カンファレンスルーム
    東京都 千代田区大手町1−3−7

Yasushi Takahashi of the seventh will be on the "BrandLand JAPAN" kickoff event
【Date and time】 July 25, 2018 (Wednesday) 13: 00 ~ 18: 00
【Place】 Nihon Keizai Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters 6th Floor Conference Room
     1-3-7 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

第七屆高橋泰將參加“BrandLand JAPAN”開球活動


タイの俳優THANAKORNさんと女優のSHAWANKORNがYAMAMO FACTORY TOURにご参加いただき、テレビ番組の取材をしていただきました。伝統的に続くものが、そのままに維持継続していくだけではなく、新たなことに挑戦していくことが必要とツアーの中でご説明をさせていただきました。伝統と革新を共存させていくことの必要性は万国共通で、製品の革新的な香りの醸成や改築したストアやパッケージにも共感をしていただきました。皆様のご荷物が多い中、キャストの方だけではなく、スタッフの方々も商品を購入していただいたことは、本当に嬉しいことでした。産業観光を通じ、私まで続く7人の歴代茂助のストーリーを伝えていきたいと思います。THANAKORNさん、SHAWANKORNさん、スタッフの方々、ありがとうございました。

Notification of The Program Broadcasting

Thai actor THANAKORN and actress SHAWANKORN participated in YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR and interviewed the TV program. We explained in the tour that it is necessary not only to maintain and keep ones that continue traditionally but to challenge new things. The necessity of coexisting tradition and innovation is common in all countries, and we sympathized with the fostering of the innovative scent of products and the remodeled stores and packages. While we have lots of luggage, we were glad that not only the cast but also the staff members also purchased the item. Through industrial tourism, I would like to tell you the stories of seven members of Shigeosuke who continue to me. Thank you THANAKORN, SHAWANKORN, the people of the staff, Thank you. _mediainfo.


泰國演員THANAKORN和女演員SHAWANKORN參加了YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR並採訪了電視節目。 我們在巡迴演講中解釋說,不僅要維護和保留傳統上持續的東西,而且還要挑戰新事物。 傳統與創新並存的必要性在所有國家都很常見,我們同情培育產品和改造商店和包裝的創新氣味。 雖然我們有很多行李,但我們很高興不僅演員而且工作人員也購買了這件物品。 通過工業旅遊,我想告訴你們七個成員的故事,這些成員繼續留在我身邊。 謝謝THANAKORN,SHAWANKORN,工作人員,謝謝。



Notice of Article Posting

Akita women's active support We gathered about the working style of our company Yamamo and internal company design on the support net. As our remarks are, our company system is not directed towards anyone like a woman, but it is a result of seeking for the next generation and what fits this climate. There are also parts that we have to change yet, and there are important issues not only our company but also society as a whole must deal with. In any case, we believe that everyone in the community needs to make progress. I would like to see the article by all means._mediainfo


秋田女性的積極支援關於本公司Yamamo的工作風格以及支援網上的內部企業設計匯集了。 正如我們的評論所言,我們的公司係統並不針對像女人這樣的任何人,但這是尋求下一代的結果,以及適合這種氣候的因素。 還有一些我們必須改變的部分,不僅是我們公司還有整個社會必須處理的重要問題。 無論如何,我們相信社區中的每個人都需要取得進展。 我希望通過一切手段看到這篇文章。



"We are not working to raise the female ratio"
TAKAMO & Corp. is a brewery of miso sauce that lasts about 150 years in the area of Yuzawa since its establishment in 1867. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, managing director, said, "I put a scout on the employment regulations with the aim of working for the next generation type." Promotion of full acquisition of maternity leave, childcare leave, annual paid leave, introduction of flex system which can include traveling time in working hours by responding to overseas work or exhibitions, and can handle remote work. Currently, the ratio of female employees exceeds 50%, but it is said that we did not take action to raise female ratio.

About vacation
By making advance application 3 days in advance, we made it a rule that you can also get annual paid vacation in hours. Mr. Takahashi feels that it will lead to improvement of work efficiency from the mental side by submitting documents to the city office and having work styles that go back after hours, such as hospital visits. I tell you that it is more advantageous for a company to acquire it in units of time than to get out of one day due to the schedule of several hours. Also, due to pre-application, employees tend to make plans in advance, tell them that the team planned to think about what kind of movement to follow with the assumption that there are people to rest It was.
It is said that the atmosphere makes it easy for people to take a break freely in the company, and understanding of their hardships during child rearing is also deep. Because it is easier to take a break, if you feel uncomfortable in terms of health, if you go to a hospital without having to endure, I feel that the company side also has the merit of preventing long-term withdrawal in advance. Currently taking rate of holidays is 100%. "I think that it became easier to balance work and home while such an internal system and atmosphere was in place and that the ratio of female employees increased as a result."

高茂合名会社是自1867年成立以來在湯澤地區持續約150年的味噌醬的釀造廠。 董事總經理高橋康司先生說:“我為了下一代產品的工作目的而對僱傭條例進行了調查。” 促進全面收購產假,育兒假,帶薪年假,引入彈性系統,可以包括工作時間的旅行時間,通過回應海外工作或展覽,並且可以處理遠程工作。 目前,女性員工比例超過50%,但據說我們沒有採取行動提高女性比例。

通過提前3天提前申請,我們制定了一項規則,您可以在幾小時內獲得年度帶薪休假。 高橋先生認為,通過向市政府提交文件以及在工作時間之後返回的工作方式(如醫院訪問),可以從精神方面提高工作效率。 我告訴你,一家公司以時間為單位獲取它比由於幾個小時的時間表離開一天更有利。 此外,由於預先申請,員工傾向於提前製定計劃,告訴他們團隊計劃考慮假設有人需要休息時應遵循何種運動 它是。
據說,氣氛讓人們在公司裡自由休息是很容易的,對孩子撫養的困難的理解也很深刻。 因為休息比較容易,如果你在健康方面感覺不舒服,如果你不需要忍受就去醫院,我覺得公司方面也有提前防止長期停藥的優點。 目前休假率為100%。 “我認為,在這樣一個內部系統和氛圍已經到位的情況下,工作和家庭之間的平衡變得更加容易,並且女性員工的比例也隨之甓叩”



Training "Kura-bito"
In order to convey the charm of the brewing industry both in Japan and abroad, "Re-branding" was carried out, and received the Good Design Award of 2013. In direct shop, not only miso · soy sauce, etc. but also sales of apparel and amenity goods, factory tour etc are carried out. These salespersons and tour guides are supposed to be concurrently held by clerks and factory staff, and all employees concurrently hold positions as "training nurseries" who are not exclusive staffs. Although there are many backgrounds of women dealing with seasonings, it seems that coordination such as who is going to respond to customer service by mating, whether male or female will do at any time.

The next deployment
Mr. Takahashi felt a certain response with regard to acquisition of time on a weekly basis, "I still do not have it in 5 days defined in the Labor Standards Law, so I can feel that more days can be acquired on a more hourly basis" is. Regarding child-raising aspect, I feel that we can respond with current institutional design, but it seems that we are concerned about future care for nursing care, "Nursing care is a problem all the people have, just a company We are feeling the limits of dealing with it, so we will work on society as a whole and advance our approach. "

為了傳達日本國內外釀酒業的魅力,進行了“品牌再造”,並獲得2013年度優秀設計獎。 在直接店鋪,不僅是味噌·醬油等,還銷售服裝,美容用品,工廠參觀等。 這些銷售人員和導遊應該由職員和工廠人員同時持有,所有員工同時擔任不是專職人員的“培訓托兒所”。 儘管女性處理調味品的背景有很多,但似乎是誰配合,比如誰會通過交配來響應客戶服務,無論男性還是女性都會隨時做。

高橋先生對每週收購時間感到一定的反應,“我還沒有在”勞動標準法“規定的5天內規定,所以我可以感覺到更多的時間可以按小時計算” 它是。 關於育兒方面,我覺得我們可以用當前的製度設計做出回應,但似乎我們擔心未來護理護理,“護理是所有人都有的問題,只有一家公司 我們正在感受處理它的極限,所以我們將整個社會工作,並推進我們的方法。“

Akita Women's Active Support Net



About Australia Film Maker Promotion

There is a relationship with inbound, and we will be interviewed by the Australian animation production crew last summer. Without prior arrangements and scripts, shooting continued in answer to the questions thrown. Even during shooting, I felt a lot of attention such as how to enter the light and how to hear the sound, I also exchanged opinions with the taste and vision of the title well and chose the words. About taste and vision, I was surprised to see the finished product, as I was doing this kind of explanation. Cutting and editing Japanese traditional industry with the eyes of foreigners is a scene where Japanese people are noticed again. I think it is one truth and it is part of the side of Yamamo. By all means, I would like to take a look. Thank you very much for your crew._mediainfo


與入境有關係,去年夏天我們將接受澳大利亞動畫製作團隊的採訪。 如果沒有事先安排和劇本,射擊會繼續回答所提出的問題。 即使在拍攝過程中,我也會感受到很多關注,比如如何進入燈光以及如何聽到聲音,我也很好地與標題的品味和視覺交換了意見,並選擇了文字。 關於品味和視覺,我很驚訝地看到成品,因為我正在做這種解釋。 用外國人的眼睛剪切和編輯日本傳統產業是日本人再次被注意到的場景。 我認為這是一個事實,它是Yamamo方面的一部分。 無論如何,我想看一看。 非常感謝你的船員。






Relationship Between Taste and Vision

My company started the brewing business from that, Mosuke Takahashi took notice of the grace of water in 1867 when it was inaugurated. It will be a warehouse last year for 150 years. It is Yasushi Takahashi. It is the eleventh year that I succeeded the yamamo miso sauce brewer.

Rice miso is made from rice, soybean and salt, our company uses local Akitakomachi, and for soybeans we manufacture some of our own cultivation field. Because it is an area famous as a rice field, the mixing ratio of rice is twice to three times that of normal miso.

Since it can be eaten for the first time by stimulating the various five senses such as information of the vision by eating, it is one thing that you have to put in a stubborn eye from the appearance as introduction of the entrance.
However, because it is useless in fact, "it is necessary for the shape to express the characteristics of that taste", so if new products are made and innovative tastes are not innovative packages It does not convey. Even if it is transmitted, its depth is different.
So, it is not a talk about whether to pursue only that taste, but since its taste expression and visual expression are closely tied together, I think that I must work to join it well, so I give it a design It is.

Japanese condiments convey Japanese food to the people of the world, making it healthier steadily. I think that there is one place that feels the mission of making people happy.


我的公司從此開始了釀造事業,在1867年開始時,高橋茂助注意到了水的優雅。 去年將成為150年的倉庫。 它是高橋泰。 第十一年,我成功了山藥醬醬機。

大米味噌由大米,大豆和鹽製成,我們公司使用當地的Akitakomachi,而大豆則製造我們自己的一些種植場。 因為它是一個以稻田聞名的地區,米飯的混合比例是普通大醬的兩倍到三倍。

然而,因為實際上它毫無用處,所以“形狀必須表現出這種味道的特徵”,所以如果製造新產品並且創新味道不是創新包裝 它沒有傳達。 即使傳播,其深度也不同。
所以,這不是一個關於是否只追求這種味道的討論,但是因為它的品味表達和視覺表達緊密結合在一起,我認為我必須努力加入它,所以我給它一個設計 它是。

日本調味品將日本食品傳達給世界人民,使其日益穩定。 我認為有一個地方感到讓人們開心的使命。



Notice of Article Posting

The appearance of our Yamamo's event was introduced at the news site TOHOKU 360 dated March 13. With regard to this event, which discusses the sustainability of the region, it is very difficult to summarize the language as it has various contents such as input on sustainability, concrete business in the region, the way of the next generation region, etc. It will be difficult. That is why it is important that you experience on site. Nakano-san of the journal entered the discussion and gathered the contents of the article while various positions were intermingled. In essence thinking about the future of the region, I think that the next step can be found after such a state without order. Please take a look at the article._mediainfo


Yamamo事件的出現於3月13日在新聞網站TOHOKU 360上發布。 關於這個討論該地區可持續性的事件,由於它具有各種內容,如可持續性投入,該地區具體業務,下一代地區的方式等,因此很難總結該語言。 這將是困難的。 這就是為什麼你在現場體驗很重要。 該雜誌的中野先生進入討論,收集文章的內容,同時各種職位相互混合。 從本質上考慮該地區的未來,我認為下一步可以在沒有秩序的狀態下找到。 請看看這篇文章。



"When living things die, they evolve"
Destructibility possibility City / Akita prefecture "New place" born in Yuzawa city

Yuzawa city located at the southernmost tip of Akita prefecture. It is one of the destroyable cities whose population has decreased by about 40% since the peak. In the winter, closed in heavy snow over the height of the stature, now local youth and outside people hold hands and trying to create a new framework to create unique industries, cultures and people's interaction There. The seventh generation of Miso soy sauce brewing company in 151 years founded as a venue says: "Creatures evolve when threatened with extinction and the city is the same." Disappearance possibility I covered what is going on in Yuzawa city, Akita prefecture.
【Nakano Koichi = Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture】


位於秋田縣最南端的湯澤市。 這是可摧毀的城市之一,自巔峰以來人口減少了約40%。 在冬季,在身高的高度封閉的大雪中,現在當地的青少年和外界的人們握手並試圖創造一個新框架,創造獨特的產業,文化和人們的互動那裡。 151年來第七代味噌醬油釀造公司成立的場地說: “生物在面臨滅絕的威脅下發展,而這個城市是一樣的。” 失踪的可能性我報導了秋田縣湯澤市正在發生的事情。



People dream about dreams at the miso soy sauce shop in the city where snow is falling

More than 50 people gathered on the afternoon of February 25, "Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company" located in Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture. The venue for the event entitled "Yuzawa platform · kick-off event" is the building of miso sauce brewing which "Yamamo" of foundation 1867 (3rd year of Keio) was using for a long time. The lamp is lit, and Western music flows from the speaker. Yuzawa-shi of this day is the highest temperature minus 1.7 degrees. Snow cover exceeded 130 cm, with snow falling outside the venue.
The event starts when the coldness is relaxed by the heat of people. Appearance of the room as a stage, soil is the auditorium. Seven men and women living in areas different from Tokyo, Sendai City, Akita City and Yuzawa City got together and talked about the dreams that they would like to realize in this town.
"I want to migrate to Yuzawa and create a mechanism that allows animals and humans to coexist." Yurika Toyodome (32), living and living in Tokyo, whose mother was born in Akita Prefecture, has been studying at universities in the United States to work on wildlife conservation activities, and has worked in the local area with Japanese NPOs.
"I would like to reflect the voice of young people in municipal administration." Mr. Daisuke Takahashi who runs a restaurant in front of Yuzawa station (32) is a U-turn group who returned to Yuzawa after entering the university and finding employment in the metropolitan area. He continued various activities including opening of a restaurant to bring back young people to this town as much as possible, and in order to deliver the voice of young people to the city last year, he won the election for the city council members and won.
This presentation is not necessarily intended to aim for entrepreneurs. It is not a business contest either. It is an attempt to create a new industry, culture and exchange in the town called Yuzawa, mixing local people in Yuzawa City with people from outside. The event was held Yuzawa City and MAKOTO corporation every month since November last year, the fourth time this time. Nonetheless, a lot of people come to visit from Tokyo and Saitama on the opening day. "This space of Yuzawa has become a place of attention from all over Japan in just 4 months, there is no other place like this." Naoki Ogiwara, a facilitator of the venue and an expert on corporate and organizational change, also served as senior official in knowledge management at the World Bank, is surprised.


此演示文稿不一定旨在針對企業家。這也不是商業競賽。這是一個試圖在湯澤鎮創造一個新的產業,文化和交流,混合湯澤市的當地人與外界的人。本次活動從去年11月起每月都是湯澤市和MAKOTO公司,這次是第4次。但是,開幕當天有很多人來自東京和埼玉。 “湯澤的這個空間在短短4個月內成為日本各地關注的焦點,這裡沒有其他地方。”在會場,專家和荻原直紀公司和機構在改革中,也可在世界銀行擔任知識管理高級官員,竟然如此推動者。



"Sense of crisis" pushed Yuzawa's youth

Yuzawa City, which was designated as "a possibly extinct city" without declining population and declining birth rate and aging population. To the local young people, a strong sense of crisis to the future of this city is shared. Meanwhile, the sense of crisis is driving a new challenge for young people. "Animals evolve when they die, the cities are the same." That's what I said, Yasushi Takahashi (38), the seventh generation of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, who became the venue.
Mr. Takahashi traveled all over the world last year to obtain hints for the town development of Yuzawa where population runoff does not stop. After observing the city that was rebuilt despite the collapse crisis such as Detroit and Berlin, Yuzawa needs a place where people inside and outside the region can exchange ideas freely with Yuzawa's future, "platform" Confident. "I want to foster people in Yuzawa by individuals brushing each other and creating a place where they can learn and act on their own initiative." Takahashi calls this concept "fermentation city".
Changes in Yuzawa City have hints. It is an effort of Mr. Nobuyuki Fujii who was dispatched as Deputy Mayor to Yuzawa City from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as vice mayor for two years until March last year. "An elite bureaucrat who came from the University of Tokyo and also experienced studying in the USA came." Fujii-san thought so, but as soon as I arrived, I started interacting with young people in the city. Singing PR songs of the event with lads together with young people hosting local hip hop events, "confrontation" with young people in Nagashima town in Kagoshima prefecture, making videos with high school students ... .... While touching with local young people like friends, they started a new challenge one after another in the town.
What I brought back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the former Deputy Fujii mayor brought to Yuzawa City opened the door of Yuzawa City that it was "closed" when borrowing the words of local young people, I wonder if young people have planted confidence that they can change something. That is connected to this "Yuzawa platform".


湯澤市被指定為“可能已滅絕的城市”,人口不斷減少,出生率下降,人口老齡化。對當地年輕人來說,這座城市的未來危機感很強。同時,危機感正在為年輕人帶來新的挑戰。 “動物在死亡時會發展,城市是一樣的。”這就是我說的,第七代“Yamamo味噌醬油釀商”高橋泰(38歲)的場地。
去年,高橋先生去世界各地,為人口徑流不停的湯澤鎮發展提供線索。比如底特律和柏林,被訪問的城市那裡儘管在崩潰的危機打,地方的事情是,閡自由地在該地區的人民的未來交換了意見,並超越是澤需要湯澤後,這是“平台”我深信。 “我希望通過個人互相刷牙培養湯澤人,創造一個可以自主學習和行動的地方。”高橋把這個概念稱為“發酵城市”。
湯澤市的變化有一些暗示。它被派去從內務部和交通部在湯澤一位副市長,而是努力藤井延之先生,去年誰擔任了兩年的副市長,直到三月。 “來自東京大學並且在美國留學的精英官僚人員來了。”藤井三這麼認為,但是一到我就開始和這個城市的年輕人進行互動。唱PR歌曲與當地的街舞賽事組織的年輕人,還是在青少年的“對抗”和鹿兒島縣的腿上,長島町,或高中學生製作的視頻一起事件的圈....在與當地的年輕人如朋友接觸時,他們在鎮上接連發起了新的挑戰。



Yuzawa platform born in "Balance of crisis and hope"

People who move to actions are appearing by being influenced by Yuza Takahashi's "Yuzawa platform" who wants to create a place to "cultivate" people. Miyuki Matsuyama who came from Akita City started activities to push the backs to the surrounding young ladies, saying, "I can do what I want to do more." Mr. Matsuyama is encouraged by the words and activities of Mr. Yasushi Takahashi.
There is no doubt that it is "a sense of crisis" that drives youth in Yuzawa. "Balance of crisis and hope is important," Yasushi Takahashi emphasizes. If despair is too strong it turns to give up, if hope is too strong, no one will take action.
In the new place "Yuzawa platform" born in Yuzawa-shi, what are the ideas and people born, what new local cities where locals and outside people intersect, watch over the end of the event There.


毫無疑問,這是導致湯澤青年的“危機感”。 “危機和希望的平衡是重要的,”高橋泰強調。如果絕望如此強烈,它就會放棄,如果希望太強烈,沒有人會採取行動。




Notice of Article Posting

The efforts of our company Yamamo was introduced in the Nikkei Newspaper dated January 26. The story that industrial sightseeing based on the history and culture of the land becomes original without overlapping with others and that it plays a big role as future Japanese industry is a very important point in talking about industrial tourism . In addition, I thought that it is suggested in the article that contributing to wide area cooperation and local sustainability further. We believe that manufacturing is a necessity for building brands, as well as the creation of services and the maintenance of services in the background. Please take a look at the article._mediainfo


我們公司Yamamo的努力是在1月26日發布的日經報中介紹的。 基於土地的歷史和文化的工業觀光成為原創而不重疊,作為未來的日本產業發揮巨大作用的故事是談論工業觀光的重要的一點。 另外,我認為在文章中提出要進一步促進廣域合作和地方的可持續發展。 我們認為,製造業是品牌建設的必然,在後台創造服務和維護服務。 請看看這篇文章。

東北地方創生気になる現場 秋田・湯沢市の高茂
体験売る蔵見学ツアー 周辺の回遊性向上も視野


Tohoku region creative spot TAKAMO of Akita · Yuzawa city
Experience Selling Collection Tour View of improvement of surrounding migration is also a view

In Akita Prefecture where fermentation culture is popular, wine, miso, soy sauce (soy sauce) is kept in various places. Many are important tourist contents to accept visitors. "Petroleum tourism" is launched on a fee-based tour tour, attracting attention is the brewing source of "Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce", Takumo in the southern part of the prefecture (Yuzawa City). It is an idea that I want to lead to the migration of the Iwasaki area around where the old warehouse remains.
Takamo of 151 years founded a reform line since the seventh generation, Yasushi Takahashi (38) returned to warehouse in 2006. In parallel with reviewing the product design and rebuilding the brand, we took care of the garden of the collection which exceeded 600 square meters. Throwing about 30 million yen, I dug a pond and finished it in a garden that visitors can enjoy in winter.
Following the garden, a part of the warehouse was refurbished, and "Factory Tour" which sells experience rather than things started in August 16th. Set the fee to 1500 yen with the goal of entertainment equivalent to movies. In the reservation system, Tsukasa Takahashi himself will show them over an hour.
Besides traditional natural brewing with 24 wooden trees lined up, it is touched on both sides of tradition and innovation of brewing technology, such as giving a smell similar to banana with bacteria not normally used in miso. More than 300 people have visited so far and discussions will be made after visiting foreign students and entrepreneurs.

東北地區的創意點 秋田·湯澤市高茂
體驗銷售收藏之旅 周邊移民改善的觀點也是一個看法

在發酵文化受歡迎的秋田縣,葡萄酒,味噌,醬油(醬油)被保存在各處。許多重要的旅遊內容接待遊客。 “石油旅遊”開展收費導遊,引人關注的是南部地區(湯澤市)的睫佚“Yamamo味噌醬油”的釀造源頭。我想引導舊倉庫所在的岩崎地區的遷移。
另一方面,傳統的天然釀造方法,用24棵木頭排列起來,既可以觸及釀造技術的傳統和創新的兩個方面,例如與通常不用於味噌的細菌類似的香蕉。 到目前為止已有300多人參觀,訪問外國學生和企業家後將進行討論。

 最近は蔵を舞台に東京や世界で活躍するクリエーターを招いて開放的な議論を交わす「ヤマモ クリエーティブセッション」も回数を重ねている。地域に関わる交流人口を増やす「震源地」になりつつある。

There was also important other than. When I sold a plan to shoot in the warehouse with a local hotel and Japanese clothing, it was popular that "Location is good". It seems to be a case that responds to the newly discovered tourism demand as well as ordinary industrial tourism tour of the brewery tour.
Recently, "Yamamo Creative Session" which invites creators who are active in Tokyo and the world to exchange open discussions on the gallery as a stage has been repeated many times. It is becoming an "epicenter" that increases the community involvement in the area.
The Iwasaki area once flourished as castle towns and lodging towns, with 6 stores of sake, miso and soy sauce. Currently within 5 minutes walking distance from Takamo, old stone grandson shop of miso soy sauce brewing which is known hand crafted remains. If you improve the migration of people who visited in cooperation with the cafe "Momotose" which remodeled the warehouse, etc., it can be expected to improve the appeal and vitality of the area.
In December 2005, Takamo was elected "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" "Regional Future Towing Companies". From now on, I plan to propose a common parking lot that makes use of idle landscaping appearance paint and idle land in the area.
The method of industrial tourism is also spreading throughout the prefecture as an advanced case of Takumo. It is the Akita Bank that supports financing and matching. Three people, including Shigeru, won the award in the "Akinin Industrial Tourism Business Plan Contest" held by the bank in 17 years.
A person in charge of the regional support department of the same school said, "We want to connect industrial tourism support not only to tourism promotion but also to business support of the business, by disseminating industrial tourism in a plane." Takahashi, Managing Director, emphasizes, "Industrial tourism can be implemented by all industries, there is a possibility of entertainment even with a small investment."

除此之外還有其他重要的事情。 當我在當地的酒店和日本的服裝在倉庫出售計劃拍攝的時候,“位置好”受歡迎。 似乎是對新發現的旅遊需求以及啤酒之旅的普通工業旅遊的回應。
最近邀請活躍在東京和世界的創造者在畫廊作為舞台進行公開討論的“Yamamo Creative Session”多次重複。 它正在成為甓端厰尋壼佛膰鎮碗薪“震中”。
岩崎地區曾經作為城鎮和住宿城鎮繁榮起來,有6家清酒,味噌和醬油商店。 目前,從睫步行5分鐘的距離,已知手工製作的味噌醬油釀造的老石孫店仍然存在。 如果改善了與改造倉庫等的咖啡店“Momotose”合作訪問的人的遷移,可以期待提高該地區的魅力和活力。
2005年12月,睫佝鐐為“經濟產業省”“地區未來拖車公司”。 今後,我打算提出一個利用涼峽暮啓刃凧涼崚效賄公共停車場。
工業旅遊的方法也作為睫佚先進案例在全州蔓延。 支持融資和配對的是秋田銀行。 17年來,包括茂榮在內的三人在銀行舉辦的“金陵工業旅遊商業計劃競賽”中獲獎。
銀行區域支持部負責人表示:“我希望通過在飛機上傳播工業旅遊,把工業旅遊的支持不僅僅局限於觀光宣傳,還要支持企業的業務支持。” 董事總經理高橋強調:“工業旅遊可以由所有行業實施,即使投資小也有娛樂的可能性”。


タイのドキュメンタリーテレビ番組「Cheewitdeedee」にて弊社ヤマモを取材していただきました。番組内容は俳優のPunjan Pramaさんが秋田を訪れ、ご本人が体験したことをご自身で写真撮影しながらご紹介していくというものです。Punjanさんは爽やかでありながら気さくな方で一緒に写真を撮ったりとチームスタッフの皆さんと良い雰囲気の中、撮影が行われました。またテレビ番組だけではなく、事前取材やライフスタイルマガジンの" WOM JAPAN "製作など日本とタイの制作チームの双方が機能し、合同で秋田のPRを進めていきました。1月にはタイでこの番組を通じた交流イヴェントが開催され、ヤマモの商品を使ったスープの提供も行われます。

Notification of The Program Broadcasting

We interviewed our company Yamamo at Thai documentary television program "Cheewitdeedee". Punjan Prama of the actor visited Akita for the content of the program and introduce it while photographing himself with what he himself experienced. Mr. Punjan was filming in a good atmosphere with the team staff, taking pictures with people who are refreshing but also friendly. Both Japanese and Thai production teams such as pre-interview and lifestyle magazine "WOM JAPAN" production worked, not only on television programs but also on promoting PR of Akita jointly. The exchange event through this program is held in Thailand in January, and the soup using Yamamo's products is also provided.
We are pleased that our inbound initiative seems to have achieved one result. I hope that traditional industries and accompanying stories will be transmitted as entertainment regardless of country, region, or culture. Thank you very much, Mr. Punjan, the people of the staff. _mediainfo.


我們在泰國紀錄片電視節目“Cheewitdeedee”採訪了我們公司的Yamamo。該演員的Punjan Prama參觀了該節目的內容,並在介紹它的同時用自己的經歷拍攝了自己。 Punjan先生在與團隊工作人員的良好氛圍中拍攝,與令人耳目一新,但也友好的人拍照。除了電視節目之外,日本和泰國的製作團隊也共同合作,如預備訪問和時尚雜誌的“WOM JAPAN”製作,共同推動秋田公關。 1月份在泰國舉辦交流活動,還提供使用Yamamo產品的湯。
我们很高兴我们的入站计划似乎取得了一个成果。我希望传统产业和相关的故事不论是国家,地区,还是文化,都要作为娱乐传播。 Punjan,工作人员非常感谢你。



Notice of Article Posting

An article is posted on the local magazine "Yuzawa-Jin" who communicates appreciation and local feelings. It will be a quarterly magazine issued by Yuzawa City sent to those who have taken taxes. I focus on people living in Yuzawa and focus on people of various genres. For that reason, interviews with Takahashi are the centerpiece of the seventh generation, but not only for Yamamo's products and efforts, but also for factory tours are introduced in detail. I will introduce the content of the article below. Please take a look._mediainfo


一篇文章張貼在當地的雜誌“湯澤人”上,他們傳達了感恩和當地的感受。 這是由澤澤市發給那些已徵稅的季刊。 我專注於生活在湯澤的人,專注於各種流派的人。 因此,與高橋的訪談是第七代的核心部分,不僅對於Yamamo的產品和努力,還對工廠參觀進行了詳細的介紹。 我將介紹以下文章的內容。 請看看



ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 睫亶臾床饉


◎ Local magazine that conveys appreciation and local feelings "Yuzawa people"

"I want to tell the world the value of the brewing industry in Japan, which is a traditional industry."

Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp.
Managing Director
Yasushi Takahashi (37 years old)

It is a long-established store lasting 150 years as a sauce and miso brewer, the seventh generation of the famous race "Mosuke Takahashi". While pursuing the taste that has continued to be loved in the region, we are aiming for a new development to the global market.



Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 / 睫亶臾床饉

這是一個長達150年的醬油和味噌釀造商,著名種族“盒玉仆”的第七代。 在追求在該地區繼續受到愛好的品味的同時,我們也致力於全球市場的新發展。



"Foundation of traditional industrial venture"

From the end of the Tokugawa period, a well-established Miso soy sauce brewer that inherits the famous "Takahashi Mosuke" from generation to generation is in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture. While born in such a family, Takahashi says "When I was young I did not want to succeed at all." However, somewhere in my heart there seemed to be something like "consciousness of sin".
Takahashi entered the Faculty of Design Engineering at Chiba University after graduating from high school. Saying away from home, being stimulated variously, traveling abroad as a backpacker, he said he was absorbed in what he / she wants to do and what he likes. It will have a major impact on the development of new markets in the family business and overseas expansion later.
After graduating from university, I entered the Department of Junior College (short-term brewery course) of Tokyo Agricultural University with a view to succeeding Akita's family business. After joining a major soy sauce maker after studying brewing studies for two years. I studied product development as a society and returned to my parents' house. At that time, 27 years old. Therefore, it will face the reality of my hometown. I say that my parents' site is distressed from what I have learned so far and suffered.




 そこでまず、盒兇気鵑呂任ることから行動を起こし始めました。 “ これまでのやり方や在り方に固執する人たちを説得し、古いものを改革し続けることでしか、前に進めません。苦しみが伴うプロセスだからこそ、それにチャレンジする意義があります。 ”最初は、会社のホームページやパンフレットの制作に取りかかりました。
 “ アウトソーシングせずに、自分でやり始めたのが良かったです。会社のフィロソフィーや大切にしていることは、自分たちの言葉で伝えるべきだと考えています。特に私たちのように、製品が似通っている業界では、尚更その部分が重要になります。ワイナリーのように、自らの趣向と産業をミックスさせ、生き残っていくブランドづくりをしていきたいです。 ”

"Suffering and progress as successor"

"The first year was particularly painful, it was also stressful that the living space and the working space are the same environment.When I think now I think that I should have chosen by myself, but my parents and house owing a lot of things to something Takahashi will look back at the time he was occupied. In the absence of the vision of developing new markets in Tokyo and developing business overseas, he says he has spent the day feeling the gap between the scene and what he has learned until then.
First of all, Mr. Takahashi started taking action from what I can do. "Only by persuading those who adhere to past practices and manner and continuing reforming old things is not going forward because it is a process accompanied by suffering and there is significance to challenge it." At the beginning, We started on making homepage and brochure.
Changing the taste of products and renewing packages was not a sudden thing to do because there are existing customers / fans. On the other hand, if you develop tool for sales promotion, it was decided that it was OK as a company so that it could be done freely. Therefore, assuming sales to overseas, we developed a homepage for foreigners with imaginary design, it says that there was a reaction from the customer.
"It was good that I started doing it myself without outsourcing.I think that the philosophy of the company and what I care about should be conveyed in their own words.In particular when the product In similar industries, that part is more important, I would like to make brands that will mix my tastes and industries like a winery and survive.


首先,高橋先生從我能做的事開始採取行動。 “只有說服那些堅持過去的做法和做法,繼續改革舊事的人,才不會因為痛苦過程而有所改變,而且是有挑戰的。”一開始,我們開始製作主頁和小冊子。
改變產品的味道和更新包不是突然的事情,因為有現有的客戶/粉絲。另一方面,如果您開發銷售促銷工具,則決定將其作為公司可以自由完成。 因此,假設在海外銷售,我們為想像設計的外國人開發了一個主頁,表示有客戶的反應。
“我自己做的很好,沒有外包。我認為公司的理念和我所關心的應該用自己的話來傳達,特別是如果產品 在類似的行業,這一部分更重要,我想使品牌將混合我的品味和行業,如釀酒廠,並生存下來。


 “ 日本人は、まだ醤油や味噌の魅力を海外で伝えきれていません。「味噌・醤油をつくる」という日本の伝統産業を日本人の手によって、もっと世界に誇れる文化的価値の高いものにできると私は信じています。先人たちの想いと共に、地域の自然・歴史・文化を受け継ぎながら、現在の日本の醸造業は成立しています。それを踏まえ、これから世界と共に生き残っていくのであれば、「自分たちが何者であるか?」という問いに改めて向き合うべき時だと考えています。 ”

"Japan's brewery industry proud of the world"

It began to move from five years ago, overseas deployment. After that, after overseas market research, we redesigned logo marks and packages, and also developed online shops for foreign languages. Its activities were also selected for the "Good Design Award" in 2013. We continue to engage in overseas activities and say that we have caught the world's brewing industry from an objective point of view. And Mr. Takahashi was born a sense of mission.
"The Japanese have not yet been able to tell the charm of soy sauce and miso abroad.The Japanese traditional industry of" making miso and soy sauce "to be more proud cultural value proud of the world by Japanese hands I believe I can. Together with the desires of the predecessors, the inheritance of the local nature, history and culture, the current brewing business in Japan is established. Based on that, if we are going to survive with the world from now on, we think that it is time to face the question "Who are we?"
Among them, Mr. Takahashi thinks that" creating miso and soy sauce "has value in itself, and develops a" factory tour "that sells the experience of a brewery factory. Efforts not only to inherit the tradition of the brewing industry, but to continue innovation. It is a new challenge of a company for 100 years.


從五年前開始,海外部署。 之後,經過海外市場研究,我們重新設計了商標和包裝,並開發了外語網絡商店。 其活動也在2013年被選為“優秀設計獎”。 我們繼續從事海外活動,說我們從客觀的角度來看世界的釀造行業。 盒鏡萓乎太故算般心供 “日本人還沒有能夠說出醬油和味噌在海外的魅力。
日本傳統的製作味噌和醬油的傳統產業,以日本手為世界而驕傲的文化價值觀 我相信我可以。連同前輩的願望,地緣性,歷史文化的傳承,目前在日本的釀造事業已經建立起來了。 基於此,如果我們要從現在開始與世界一起生存,我們認為現在是時候面對“我們是誰? “
其中,盒鏡萓固О戞廟什醬油和醬油“本身俱有價值,並開發出售啤酒廠經驗的”工廠參觀“。 努力不僅繼承釀造行業的傳統,而且繼續創新。 這是公司100年來的新挑戰。


ローカルメディア3紙に記事が掲載されております。いずれも商品だけではなく、体験をパッケージにした“YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”についても取り上げていただいています。弊社ヤマモを古くから知る地元の方々からも、ツアーにご参加いただければと思います。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

Yamamo's products were posted on "BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / Package Design Overviews 34". Miso's package does not have unified standard in the world, I think that we can improve still more. This package is a revolutionary type that can be used repeatedly with a tapper type, yet it can be degassed. We support overseas shipping. By all means, I would like to see the products posted._mediainfo


Yamamo的產品發佈於“BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / 包裝設計概述34”。 味噌的包裝在世界上沒有統一的標準,我認為我們可以提高更多。 這種包裝是一種革命性的類型,可以使用Tapper類型反複使用,但它可以脫氣。 我們支持海運。 總而言之,我想看到產品發布。

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◎take up!

" Tradition and innovation. "
A 150-year-old founder of this year, Miso and soy sauce's old brewery located in Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, "Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewer". Traditional Akita's taste produced by natural brewing using sea chestnut using underflow water of Minasegawa flowing in front of you is domestic and other overseas suppliers who share values ​​with the Yamamo brand It is delivered to the world with partnership with. In the autumn of 2016, Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh successor, held a Yamamo Factory Tour fee-based tour with advance reservation. We introduce the history of Japanese lanterns that have been handed down from generation to generation and over 100 years ago, the history of the Takahashi family as the Iwasaki area and warehouse of the warehouse, tour of soybean field, the raw material that was revived for the first time in about 30 years, etc. Planning has become a topic, visitors from abroad are also increasing. "If we can establish such a tour initiative as a business model and in the future call on the brewer of the surrounding area and make it possible to sightsee the whole area like a tour of a winery such as France, Mr. Takahashi. "We not only sell products, but also experience the landscape and emotions unique to this land, the world view, to have the Japanese fermented seasonings recognized as a cultural presence, thereby creating new brand values, selling tourist spots If we can develop as ", we are willing to work not only to inherit the tradition but also to contribute to local activity. The next holiday is a small town brewery, try using the five senses to experience history and culture.

◎take up!


今年慶祝其成立150週年,它是在歷史悠久的啤酒廠“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造源”的湯澤岩崎醬和醬油。使用皆瀬川流經眼睛前部的底土水,那是在天然釀造使用,除了國內,國外供應商共享Yamamo品牌和價值創造的味道7倉庫傳統秋田它已經與合作夥伴被傳遞到世界。在2016年秋天,我們舉行了7代高橋裕提前接班人唯一保留的付費之旅“Yamamo工廠參觀”。和日式花園,這是大象和超過100年以前建造的,已經從一代傳一代,引進高橋家的歷史岩崎區域和釀酒廠與大象,如大豆田,這是一種原料這是在大約30年復活首次之旅規劃成為一個熱門話題,而且有越來越多來自國外的遊客。 “這種努力的巡演的建立作為一種商業模式,在未來的呼喚各地啤酒廠的區域,形式做的時候,比如可以探索整個地區的酒莊,如法國”,高橋先生。“我們不僅銷售產品,還體驗到這片土地獨特的景觀和情感,世界觀,將日本發酵調味品認定為文化底蘊,從而創造新的品牌價值,銷售旅遊景點 如果我們能發展成為“,我們願意不僅繼承傳統,而且為當地的活動做出貢獻。 下一個假期是一個小鎮啤酒廠,嘗試用五種感官體驗歷史和文化。



「製品を買うだけでなく体験できる場を提供していきたい」と話す7代目の盒饗戮気鵝新しい取り組みとして、蔵元内を見学できる「ヤマモファクトリーツアー」を昨年からスタートした。 ツアーでは、「江戸末期から続くヤマモの創業者は、なぜ湯沢市の岩崎地区に蔵元を作ったのか。」その原点を、秋田三大伝説の一つである「能恵姫伝説」からひもとき、その手掛かりとして敷地内にある回遊式庭園を回り、当時に思いをはせる。さらに、150年の歴史を感じる蔵内を巡り伝統的な醸造工程をたどる。ツアーの最後は自社製品でつくった温かなスープとともに、みそ、しょうゆをガーデンカフェで試食。製品の詳細のみならず、創業から現在に至るまでの、1世紀半にわたる壮大な物語をじかに体験できる。 「弊社を取り巻く人々や土地に刻まれてきたルーツを尊重しながら、現代の視点を取り入れて、次世代に つないでいきたい」と盒兇気鵝


" Experience the history of 150 years "

"We would like to provide a place where you can experience not only to buy products," says Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, 7th generation. As a new initiative, we started "Yamamo Factory Tour" which we can see inside Kuramoto last year. On the tour, "Why did the founder of Yamamo that continued from the end of the Edo period make a brewery in the Iwasaki district of Yuzawa City?" The origin was taken from "Eikami Densetsu" which is one of the three major legends of the Akita, As a clue to that, I went around a grand garage in the premises and I thought at that time. Furthermore, it goes through the traditional brewing process around the warehouse where you feel the history of 150 years. At the end of the tour, we cook miso and soy sauce at the garden cafe, with a warm soup made with our own products. You can experience not only the details of the product, but also the magnificent story of the century and a half from the foundation to the present. "I will respect the roots engraved on the people surrounding our company and the land, and incorporate the modern viewpoint, I want to connect to the next generation," Mr. Takahashi said.



第七代高橋大山說,“我想提供,您可以體驗不僅購買產品的地方。”作為一個新的舉措,我們去年在Kuramoto看到了“Yamamo Factory Tour”。巡演,“Yamamo創始人隨後從江戶時代後期是,為什麼作出啤酒廠湯澤的岩崎區。”它的起源,從爆破是秋田三大傳奇“NoMegumihime傳奇”之一,作為一個線索,我在這個房間裡去了一個豪華的車庫,當時我想。此外,它經歷了傳統的釀造過程,圍繞著您感受150年曆史的倉庫。在遊覽結束時,我們在花園咖啡廳裡煮醬油和醬油,用我們自己的產品製作溫暖的湯。不僅沒有產品的詳細信息,從成立之初到現在,它可以直接體驗到壯觀的故事,在一個半世紀。 “在尊重已刻入人民和我們公司周圍的土地,納入來看現代點的根源,我想連接到下一代,”高橋山說。




◎Akita Town Information

" Tradition that young principal runs × Taste of modern times "

About 150 years ago, a long-established brewer who makes miso · soy sauce making. Traditional techniques such as koji to adjust taste and sweetness from thorough temperature control are now indispensable to the local dining table. Mr. Takahashi, a young generation, devised a product of a highly-designable package with affordable capacity, leaving the traditional taste intact, "let's spread the flavor and products of Yamamo to outside the prefecture and overseas." There is no doubt about the development of new products. We also accept factory tours if we want people in general to experience the work of Kuramoto.


" 年輕主宰的傳統×現代口味 "

大約150年前,一個悠久的釀造商製作醬油醬油。 傳統的技巧,如曲子調整口味和甜度,徹底的溫度控制現在是當地餐桌必不可少的。 最年輕的高橋先生設計出了一款價格實惠的高品質產品,讓傳統的口感完好無缺,“讓我們將山藥的味道和產品傳遍國外。 對新產品的開發毫無疑問。 如果我們想要一般人來體驗倉木的工作,我們也接受工廠參觀。


「BEST OF PACKAGEGING IN JAPAN 2017 / パッケージデザイン総覧34」にヤマモの商品が掲載されました。味噌のパッケージは世界で統一された規格がなく、まだまだ改善の余地があるものと考えています。今回のパッケージはタッパータイプで繰り返し使うことができ、尚且つガス抜きができるという革新的なものです。海外輸送にも対応しています。ぜひ、掲載商品をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

Yamamo's products were posted on "BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / Package Design Overviews 34". Miso's package does not have unified standard in the world, I think that we can improve still more. This package is a revolutionary type that can be used repeatedly with a tapper type, yet it can be degassed. We support overseas shipping. By all means, I would like to see the products posted._mediainfo


Yamamo的產品發佈於“BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / 包裝設計概述34”。 味噌的包裝在世界上沒有統一的標準,我認為我們可以提高更多。 這種包裝是一種革命性的類型,可以使用Tapper類型反複使用,但它可以脫氣。 我們支持海運。 總而言之,我想看到產品發布。

_Creative Director / Yasushi Takahashi
_Art Director / Yasushi Takahashi
_Designer / Yasushi Takahashi





Includes the latest package design of a wide variety of package items
The package has been reevaluated as the communication medium most familiar to the consumers. "Package design comprehensive" contains 1,062 new designs (255 subsidiaries) of a wide variety of package products in a single volume in an all color. Please also make use of creators, product development personnel of manufacturers, students who are studying design.

European translation accompanying A4 size / 540 pages
【Category of products listed】Cosmetics · Beauty · Toiletries, Confectionery · Food, Pharmaceuticals · Healthcare, Beverages · Alcoholic drinks, Electric appliances, Daily necessities · miscellaneous goods · others
  [Publication information] Product name, Manufacturer · Sales company name, Container / material company, Designer name, Package material


該包已被重新評估為消費者最熟悉的通信媒體。 “包裝設計綜合”包含1,062個新設計(255個子公司)的各種包裝產品在一個單一的顏色。 還請利用創作者,製造商的產品開發人員,正在學習設計的學生。

歐洲翻譯A4尺寸/ 540頁
【產品類別】化妝品·美容·化妝品, 糖果·食品, 藥品·醫療保健, 飲料·酒精飲料, 電器用品, 日用品·雜貨·其他
  [出版信息]產品名稱, 製造商·銷售公司名稱, 集裝箱/材料公司, 設計師名稱, 包裝材



Notice of Article Posting

A dialogue between former professor Sawaguchi and the seventh generation · Takahashi was posted on "Japan VE (Valie Engineering) Association magazine". When I talked with Mr. Sawaguchi in the former event, I realized the idea of speaking from the traditional industry the science of "unprofitable" by spiritual confrontation. On the day of the talks, the story continued while informing the factory and the garden, many empathy was found at the required points, I felt incompetence and affinity of the long-lasting industry and culture. It will be a long sentence, but I am transcribing the whole sentence. We will continue talking about such areas as what will be needed for the next generation. Please take a look._mediainfo








◎Japan VE Association magazine "Value Competency" 2017 Summer Edition

【Beginning Interview】
Deliver the value of the "tradition" from the local to the world

Representative of Value Innovation Research Institute
Waseda University invited researcher · cum attendant
Manabu Sawaguchi

Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company · 7th generation
TAKAMO & Corp. Managing Director
Yasushi Takahashi

Akita Prefecture, southeastern, is Yuzawa in contact with Yamagata and Miyagi, winter is a heavy snowfall that few meters of snow piled up, in the surrounding area of ​​Minase river to collect snowmelt been brewing source, such as sake and miso and soy sauce is provided for a long time It was. In this land continues from 1867 there is a "Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company".
People its seventh generation, Yasushi Takahashi is, dig the value of long-established has been stuck to the natural brewing brewery is conceal, by re-defined in the context leading to the modern (re-branding), which we achieve both of the tradition of inheritance and innovation It has attracted attention as. In addition to being responsible for tradition-based "making" as a warehouse, we also work on product development that excels in design, and also actively towards the world not only in Japan but also on the culture, history and values ​​of the land at their origin . These efforts have been highly evaluated, which also won the Good Design Award 2013.
Sakaguchi CVS, who is an expert in VE · TRIZ who is working on a new model of traditional industry and strives for efforts to connect the local and the world and recently conducts research on fusion of these with "unfriendly" It approached.








”Return to "Roots" to make a change”

Takahashi:Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company was founded in Keioi 3 (1867) where the Great Government was held. The location called Yuzawa Iwasaki is a castle tower of Iwasaki castle in the Kamakura period, and then prosper as a lodging town. In the Minasegawa where it flows by soba, water transport industry and wholesale business are thriving for a long time, and the characteristics of the land called clean water and rice fields Utilizing sake, miso · soy sauce has been widely brewed. The first generation · Mosuke Takahashi established business in this area, I am the seventh generation who lives 150 years later.
However, I myself did not intend to take over my family business. I longed for an architect, I learned architecture at the university and, when I was on holiday, I had a bag and traveled in various countries, I was living freely. Eventually, it was time to think about employment, swayed between my dream and succession of my family business, and finally choosing the latter I re-entered at Tokyo University of Agriculture, after a major oil maker, at the age of 27 in Akita I'm back. However, in the first year I suffered from the gap between ideal and reality by grasping various things such as local, long-established store, and family business negatively.
The turning point was that I made my own pamphlet. I could not be satisfied with the design proposal of the vendor, believing in my own sensibility and making better things became a trigger, after that I changed all things myself.
However, even at the beginning, there was no way of thinking at the beginning. That's why I turned my eyes to "roots". While local brewers are going out of business, learn about the reason why the business has continued for 150 years, learn about the history from foundation to modern day, the culture including local climate and food, the thoughts of people , I built up the axis of thought.




 何より、昔から何も変わらないと捉えていた味噌や醬油造りが、実は先代や蔵人たちが連綿と紡いできた革新の上に成り立っていることを知りました。伝統産業でありながら、多分にベンチャースピリットにあふれていたのです。こうした気づきから生まれたのが、「Life is Voyage〜人生は航海である」という企業理念です。

”Traditional industries based on innovation”

Sawaguchi: What is the awareness I got there?
Takahashi: For example, while exploring about stock water, we met "Legend of Ryujin and Noehime" from Muromachi period, and we founded a company established in the Japanese garden in our premises I realized that the forerunners continued to appreciate the blessing of the water. In addition, the fourth generation, Hakushiro who is also the founder of Chungxing, went throughout the country to sell miso and oil and later enriched her life through traveling.
More than anything, I have learned that miso and soy sauce brewed which I regarded as not changing from long ago is actually based on the innovations cotton and spinning by the past and the Kuran. Despite being a traditional industry, I was probably overflowing with venture spirit. What came born from this awareness is the corporate philosophy of "Life is Voyage".
Sawaguchi: However, although seasonings such as kerosene and miso may be fine-tuned according to the needs of the times, basically "a taste unchanged from the past" is required, that is, the user does not want change There is a feature. Amid such contradictory conditions, how did you proceed with innovation?
Takahashi: Little by little, over time. Basically most of our customers are people from the region who have been using for a long time. In Akita long in winter, a large amount of salt was used for preserved meals, but on the other hand, the proportion of stroke was high, and products of salty lower prices were made early from the beginning. In addition to "reduced salt", the classic products cherish the old taste so that our identity such as "sweetness" preferred by the land pattern is not hanging.
On the other hand, I thought that I could make use of my own power was "overseas." Based on the question "How will local local manufacturing in the world be evaluated in the world" starting from the question of participating in various national exhibitions, undertaking a new product development under severe points there, packaging design, capacity, brand I also sought how to tell. In addition, through various blogs and online shops in three languages ​​in the UK, Japan, we have disseminated the various values ​​we have cherished to the world.
Furthermore, thinking that a real experience is also important in the way of communicating value, we set up a shop in the historic building of Kuramoto, and actually experienced the presence and atmosphere of local manufacturing, wrapped in scent of soy sauce and miso "Factory Tour" began. In addition, we also carried out renovation of the Japanese garden by ourselves, we also incorporated it in factory tours, and experienced the nature and culture of the north country which is the background of the product. These efforts became noteworthy in various places, and domestic and foreign partners who can sympathize with our manufacturing are increasing little by little.


最重要的是,味噌和醬油的建築,已被視為沒有什麼從舊時代的變化是,其實前任和啤酒生產商,我們了解到,它是建立在創新,這已經脫離不間斷。然而傳統產業,這是充滿了冒險精神也許。從這種意識誕生是企業理念“Life is Voyage〜人生是一個旅程。”
高橋:一點一點隨著時間的推移,它是。大多數主要的客戶是在社區表示願意繼續使用很長一段時間的人。雖然冬季已經在漫長的秋田使用了大量的鹽來醃製食物,而另一方面,中風的比例高,它已月初鹽少量產品。除了“低鹽”,以免被如選擇土地格局我們的身份模糊的“甜頭”,規範項目珍惜老式的味道。 在另一方面,我認為能夠利用自己的力量是“海外”。從這個問題開始“如何在日本本土世界製造業正在評估”,參加了此次展會各國,存在強烈的指出了新產品開發的努力,同時接收,包裝設計,容量,品牌也有人探討諸如如何分辨。此外,如通過英日在三國語言的博客和在線商店,我們對各種各樣的價值已在世界上被重視被送往。



”Inefficiency and Improvement”

Sawaguchi: I am currently conducting research on "unfriendly" through the VE Association of Japan, together with specialized VE and TRIZ. This thinks about various utilities (inconvenience gains) that make you feel lost in the inconvenience, but I think that it is inconvenient for nature and old-fashioned manufacturing in northern countries.
Takahashi: "Unprofitable" is very linked to what I have been thinking, and I am very interested. For example, sometimes snow accumulates to the height of the eaves in this area, people will not be able to do anything, and we must devote ourselves to unproductive work such as snow plowing and snow melting for a long time. There are certainly merits, but as a place to live it is not reasonable. However, people in northern countries have accepted this absurd nature and have lived.
Also, considering sales and efficiency, it is reasonable to mechanize and mass-produce. However, we have continued to make time-consuming and time-consuming seemingly irrational ways. I feel that there is a hint leading to the next era in affirmation of such inconsistency, irrationality / absurdity, and the attitude to work creativity from there.
For example, it seems to have opened a Japanese garden. As a result of redefining what was conventionally considered as old and negative as positive and transforming the definition, it is pleasing to overseas visitors and now has a big role in conveying our brands.
Alternatively, there are techniques that are often caught as negative in heavy snowy areas, on the one hand storage and aging of agricultural crops under the snow, storage in the snow, and ripening in the snow. We believe that if we can change the negative elements positively by changing the way of thinking and thinking of things, we can generate a lot of values that we have never had before.
Sawaguchi: For example, in the Showa era, the value of the "Yamamo" brand might have been lost if it was swept in the direction of mass production and mass consumption, introducing a reasonable production method. It may have been criticized as not being able to ride in the current time at the time, but as it was done without losing it, we can make use as the greatest strength now.
Takahashi: There are not only good things to say about tradition alone, but there are also many things that can be painstaking to maintain. However, because there are huge materials left by my father who was the predecessor, I can devise ingenuity there, and I am very grateful in that sense.
Sawaguchi: That may also be said as "inconvenience benefits".





”I want to raise the cultural standing position of miso and soy sauce”

Sawaguchi: As I listen to the story, I feel that I have continued improvements and innovations while looking at things that change according to the times, those that do not change. What about "improvement" on the site?
Takahashi: First, as I started the tour tour, I am talking to a craftworker who newly adopts, "I want you to make a new collection of figures like actors who are active in the stage called Kuramoto." In the sake brewery traditionally accepted outside people such as a tour and focused on Duji, but there are few opportunities for focusing on people and places in Miso / Oil Storage. In recent years there are also problems of insufficient workers, so I would like to improve the image and work way for jobs.
In particular, since the warehouse has little contact with the outside including the ultimate customer, in the last few years we have brought the warehouses to various events and encouraging change in the inside. For example, in March 2016, Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi head office exhibited new products and exhibited our history, corporate philosophy and product creation. Have conversation with customers, buyers, etc at these places to have new awareness, discovery, or need found out. I would like to continue providing various experiences to Kuran in the future.
Having contacts with overseas people through tours will also lead to new awareness. For example, in Europe there are cultures that differ in production characteristics and winery characteristics like wine and enjoy the difference between them. In Japan, there are sauces and miso brewers nationwide, but it is a commodity of "Natural" in everyday life, and because it is often consumed only in that area, like "Japanese sake" it is called "enjoy the difference" Culture is not so rooted. I believe there is still room and margin to explore in these places.
For overseas people, thinking that it is also a point of overseas development to propose suggestions that can be put on their food culture as it does not reach "use" only by providing traditional Japanese local taste It is. For example, we propose to offer items such as garlic, basil, sage, capsicum and rice cracker oil "Kogareko" together with meat dishes, pasta, fries and so on.
Sawaguchi: How are the products being newly handled as seventh generation deployed?
Takahashi: In this regard, we are proposing a unified concept and design that can appeal to all directions without distinguishing between domestic and overseas. Goods that are placed in a small bottle that got the Good Design Award are not supposed to be sold at supermarkets.
Originally designed to think about proposing a lifestyle on an extended line of meals, I would like to sell it in a place different from the image of traditional miso and oil, such as shops of antique furniture. Although miso and oil oils have been directed only to practicality, it seems like they can choose according to the taste of the room, such as "If there is oil of these designs in the place where you live a new life" I want to make it a product.
I want to raise comprehensively the cultural standing position of miso and oil. By doing so, I think that the value of miso and oil will be expanding more.
Sawaguch: Such innovative proposals are also on the extension line of innovation that has been continuous with the brewery's "roots". Basically, there is local manufacturing, and differentiation is aimed at by sharpening it. Furthermore, by improving the way to show and how to communicate, we intend to strengthen our brand value and totally raise cultural standpoint. It is wonderful.




 彼は、人類がお酒を手放す可能性があるけれど、お酒を造り続ける。私も、人類が塩分を手放す可能性があるけれど、味噌や醬油を造り続ける。「手放す」という価値の大転換が起こっても必要とされるブランドであり続けるためには、どうすればいいのか? そんな問いについて議論しています。

”Changes in technology and traditional industry”

Takahashi: Although the story will make a significant leap forward, I believe that "there is a possibility that mankind will let go of salinity" in the future. Humanity is starting to give up smoking and neither may let go of alcohol. Actually, the representative of Akita's long-established brewery "Shinsei" is the same generation and I am closely related to him, but he often talks about such a story.
He has the possibility that mankind will give away alcohol, but he continues to make sake. I also have the possibility that mankind will give up salinity, but I continue to make miso and oil. How can we continue to be a required brand even if a major change in value of "let go" happens? We are discussing such questions.
In the past, the cycle in which innovation occurred was long, and I think that there was not much to imagine "the destination of change". However, in the near future, advanced AI will be developed, which may result in 'super food' which can feel salty even with zero salt content ',' super drink that you can experience sickness without alcohol '. Before reaching a health-conscious destination, it is possible to send a signal that tastes such as ramen or steak directly to the brain while taking nutrition completely controlled liquid, possibility to supplement the image of "eat" virtually There is also. If so, the meaning of seasonings and alcohol no longer exists.
Sawaguchi: It may be okay with it physically, but it seems psychologically unattainable. Speaking of "convenience profit", it may be said that "convenience harm" brought about by too much convenience can be said. We get various values ​​through food, but from now on we have to think about the influence of technology evolution on food culture.
Takahashi: On the other hand, in the modern era, technology has evolved, the speed of improvement is much faster than 100 years ago, "The things that can be done in the age when I am alive" is increasing.
Sawaguchi: By bringing in various technologies, it seems that cases where users are unintentionally used by the user and cases where new values are born from there will be increased.
Takahashi: I believe that there are many such possibilities for miso and oil. In the future, as we increase contacts with diverse people, new ways of using it in accordance with modern Japanese food culture or overseas food culture are newly found in addition to how to use according to the conventional context It should go on.
Sawaguchi: A person who sticks to traditional Japanese food may say "Such usage is strange", but originally the food culture should have changed according to the times.
Takahashi: Looking back on the history, while keeping the thoughts of the core and philosophy important, traditional and cultural things continue to change in accordance with the age, the visible part continues to change, and the spread of diversity and values I was also born. If we forbid the change, there will be only a decline and extinction beyond that. Learn the background of value and how to change it according to the present age. Or will you make a decision not to change? I think that you can not grasp the essence of things such as tradition and culture unless you consider the time axis with points rather than points.





”Humans are made use of in continuity”

Takahashi: The thing that I think recently is that "humans are being utilized in continuity". For example, stocks of miso and oilseeds that have been used for 100 years, or Japanese gardens have been maintained for generations. I am surprised that I have often left such things in the snowy natural environment, but I also want to leave myself in the next generation now.
In addition, our oil and miso has been utilized for a long time in the regional food culture. In that sense, it can be said that we have maintained and continued the relationship with the user every era. I believe that myself is making use of various continuity centered on these people's feelings.
Even though companies think that it is the same, even if you think about your value without knowing your own roots and identity, you can not grasp the essence. Where are we coming from and where are we going? I think that you can think about the future only by standing at the past.
Sawaguchi: Everyday, even though it seems to repeat the same thing every year, the times are changing from moment to moment. We can not keep making better products unless we always use imagination and creativity. I felt that Mr. Takahashi's strength is that both sides have imagination that can respond quickly to change, creativity to create value from there, and both.
Takahashi: In the future, as the era of full-scale AI comes, human imagination and creativity should be more closely up. Traditional industry has been shaped by the continuation of the creative activities of the predecessor, but I can not go forward just by thinking it as old-fashioned, outdated.
If you realize that a number of traditional industrialists across the country "If you change your own idea, you can meet new possibilities", Japan should become a country that can deliver numerous values ​​to the world. To open up such a future, someone must drive a wedge. I would like to become that "someone".


高橋:我覺得最近好,事實證明“人類保持連續性活著”。例如,它是什麼100 miso-醬油充電已經使用了多年來或日式花園已維持了幾代人的倉庫。在雪深的自然環境,它會讓你驚訝,一直很好地離開這個只有這些,但我自己也想通過現在留給下一代。

澤口 学

盒 泰

Manabu Sawaguchi
Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mathematical Engineering, Completed Doctoral Program in Waseda University Graduate School of Science and Technology. After working for a mechanical trading company, he entered the Industrial Efficiency University Value Management Center in 1985 and is a professor of the same school business administration. Waseda University Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering Professor of Management Design, after working as a visiting professor. Concurrently serves as vice president of NPO Japan TRIZ Association. For many years, we have developed a practical next-generation business strategy and value creation design methodology for manufacturing companies' R & D and design departments. Specialty is VE, TRIZ, etc. In his book is "Introduction to Japanese style manufacturing engineering ~ Innovation creation type VE / TRIZ", "Creative risk management by reverse thinking" (both Doyukan).

Yasushi Takahashi
Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company · seventh generation. TAKAMO & Corp. is a joint-venture company and managing director. After graduating from Chiba University School of Design Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Junior College Department of Brewing, after training at a major brewery company, it will be the seventh generation of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, which is a family business in 2006. The innovative management that he worked on was valued as a good example of traditional industrial revival and received the Good Design Award of 2013. We have utilized the experience of traveling all over the world as a backpacker, cultural perspective through architecture, fashion, music, etc. in various fields such as management, branding, product development, package design.

澤口 學
工程的慶應義塾大學教授,數學專業畢業,學的早稻田大學研究生院與工程博士項目畢業生。通過貿易公司的機械系統的工作,於1985年在價值管理中心的產業效率大學招聘,工商管理教授同一所學校教授。創新科學與工程管理設計教授,早稻田大學研究生院通過客座教授義不容辭的責任。NPO日本TRIZ協會兼任副總裁。多年來,實用的新一代商業戰略為目標的R&D·生產企業的設計部門,開發價值創造設計的一種方法。它專門從事VE,如TRIZ。本書包括“日本式製造工程初學創新創意型VE/ TRIZ,”通過逆轉的想法“(均為Doyu館)”創造性的風險管理。

盒 泰


東北経済産業局「サービス生産性向上取組事例集」にてヤマモの取り組みをご紹介いただいております。日本における産業観光の取り組みは、言葉が先行しておりますが実装している産業は多くありません。お客様を産業の現場に迎え入れることは設備だけではなく、掃除や社風、社員教育など会社すべての環境を整えることが必要です。弊社もまだまだ十分な環境と言うことはできませんが、それも含め、成長していく姿を体感していただければと思います。YAMAMO FACTORY TOURのご参加、お待ちしております。

Notification of Articles Published

We are introducing Yamamo's efforts at Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "Service Productivity Improvement Case Study Collection". Although the words precede industrial tourism efforts in Japan, there are not many industries that are implemented. It is necessary to welcome customers to the field of industries not only for facilities but also for all companies' environments such as cleaning, corporate culture and employee education. Although we can not say enough environment yet, I think that you can experience the growing appearance including that. We are waiting for participation of the YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR. _mediainfo.


在經濟,貿易和工業局東北“服務生產力改進計劃的案例研究”我很高興地介紹Yamamo努力。日本工業旅遊的努力,行業詞,但我們前面的實施並不多。歡迎廣大客戶在工業領域,不僅設備,清洗和企業文化,有必要調整公司所有的環境,比如員工培訓。我們甚至不能說,仍足以環境,但它也包括在內,我認為,如果有可能體驗到成長的外觀。YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR的參與,我們期待著。

Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "Collection of case study on service productivity improvement"

「ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元」の屋号で事業を展開する1867年創業の老舗蔵元である。同社は、代々受け継が れてきた蔵や100年以上前に造園された日本庭園を回る見学ツアーを行っている。 人口が減少し、県内需要が減り続ける現代において、伝統の産業を次の世代に残すため、ヨーロッパ等で盛ん なファクトリーツアーにヒントを得て、2016年秋からツアーを開始した。ツアーでは、伝統産業としての味 噌醤油醸造の紹介のみならず、同社の所在する岩崎地域や、蔵元としての高橋家の歴史も紹介しながら、約1時 間をかけて蔵や庭園、大豆畑を見学する。商品単体ではなく「体験を売る」ことで、国内外に蔵全体を文化とし て売り込み、世界的な認知度向上を目指している。 将来的には、このような見学ツアーの取組をビジネスモデルとして確立し、周辺の蔵元にも呼びかけてフラン スのワイナリー巡りのように、地域全体を観光地として売り出していきたい、とのこと。

Improvement of added value of products by industrial tourism efforts taking advantage of the traditional and historical heritage successively inherited
It is a long-established brewery founded in 1867 that develops business under the name "Yamamo Miso sauce brewer". The company conducts an observation tour around the Japanese garden which has been handed down from generation to generation and landscaped over 100 years ago. In the modern era where the population decreases and the demand in the prefecture keeps decreasing, in order to leave the traditional industry in the next generation, I got inspiration from the factory tour which is popular in Europe etc. and started the tour from the fall of 2016. The tour not only introduces the taste of Soy Sauce Brewery as a traditional industry but also introduces the history of the Iwasaki area where the company is located and the history of the Takahashi family as a warehouse and takes about 1 hour to take care of garbage, gardens, soybean fields I will observe. By selling "experiences" instead of items alone, we aim to improve global recognition by promoting the entire collection as a culture both in Japan and overseas. In the future, I would like to establish such a tour tour effort as a business model, call on neighboring brewers to sell the whole area as a tourist spot, like a round of winery in France.



「個性が光る!小さな会社のブランディングブック」にヤマモのパンフレットが掲載されました。“デザインと編集力で会社の魅力を存分に伝えることに成功した冊子、約100点を掲載しています”と書籍の冒頭にあるように、弊社に培われてきた産業と精神をいかにして世界に伝えていくかを考え制作したものです。海外展開直前の5年前から使用しており、当時、コンセプトを“Life is Voyage”にすることや12回折りの形状に勇気を持って取り組みました。その決断が評価いただけたと考えると、どこか救われたような気がします。ぜひ、弊社パンフレットや掲載記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

A brochure of Yamamo was posted on "Branding Book of a Small Company" Shining Personality. As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, "Booklet that succeeded in communicating the charm of the company with design and editing power to the full, about 100 points are posted", how to do the industry and spirit cultivated in our company I thought about how to tell it to the world. I have been using it since five years before the overseas deployment and worked with the courage to the shape of the concept "Life is Voyage" and 12 diffraction. I am very pleased to think that it was able to evaluate that decision, some kind. By all means, I would like to see our brochure and posted articles._mediainfo



150年続く老舗の7代目が自らデザインしたパンフレット。味噌醬油の新しい世界観と可能性を打ち出したいとするコンセプトは‟Life is Voyage”。旅の出会いのように調味料も多様な食文化と結びついて人々の食生活を豊かにする。海外の人にもその理念を感覚的に伝えるものとなっている。

A sense of size and compact shape that can be carried on a journey, a view of the world of Japanese with a vertically long design reminiscent of scrolls
Pamphlet designed by himself / herself as the seventh generation of a long-established store lasting 150 years. "Life is Voyage" is a concept that aims to propose a new world view and possibilities of Miso Oil Oil As seasonings also travel like meetings, seasonings are linked to diverse food culture to enrich people's diet. It is also to convey that idea sensuously.



ヤマモの海外展開は2011年の震災前から「私たちのものづくりを世界がどう評価するのか」という自身の問いかけからヴィジョンを掲げ、小さな蔵元が世界へと飛び出したことからはじまりました。アジア、アメリカ、ヨーロッパと渡航を繰り返すうちにローカルとグローバル、和の調味料の果たす使命を感じていくようになりました。現在では「ローカルの伝統産業の現場を世界にどのように伝えていくのか」というところに力を注いでおります。昨年行った自社でのイヴェント、YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSIONの様子も取材をしていただきました。番組では、海外展開や体験型蔵元を目指す作庭と改築など、一連の取り組みをご紹介いただきます。ぜひご視聴いただきたいと思います。

[日時] 2017年1月24日(火)18:15〜 ABS秋田放送 “news every” 特集

Notification of The Program Broadcasting

Yamamo's overseas expansion began with the question of "How the world evaluates our manufacturing" from before the 2011 earthquake and it started with a small brewery jumping out into the world from his own question. As I traveled to Asia, America and Europe repeatedly, I felt the mission of local, global and Japanese seasonings. Currently we are concentrating on "how to communicate the local traditional industry site to the world". We also interviewed YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSION of our event at our company last year. In the program, we will introduce a series of initiatives such as overseas development and aiming for experienced brewery as a garden and renovation. I would like to have a look by all means. _mediainfo.

[TIME] 24, Jan. 2017 (Thu) 18: 15 ~ ABS Akita Broadcasting "news every" Feature


Yamamo的海外擴張已經從設置問題的眼光從自己的2011年地震前稱為“我們這個世界是否是做評估製造的東西”,小型啤酒廠從開始跳出來的世界。亞洲,美國,現在要感到滿足本地和全球的,反复的旅行和歐洲之後的總和的調味料的使命。我們專注於一個叫“難道我們告訴世界上的本地傳統產業的網站怎麼樣”就是現在。內部YAMAMO CREATIVE SESSION李基水泥,這是去年進行的國家我們也有覆蓋。在節目中,如裝修和園林開發,旨在海外發展和動手釀酒廠,我們將推出一系列舉措。我們希望你的手錶通過各種手段。

[日期]2017年1月24日(星期ニ)18:15〜 ABS秋田放送 "news every" 特點

from Dusseldorf_10. Oct. 2015


今年の6月に秋田放送で放送された番組「FRONTIER あくなき挑戦者たち」の年末特番の取材依頼がありました。過去に登場した人物複数名に再び焦点を当てるというもので、七代目・高橋の取り組みを対談形式でご紹介いただきます。番組制作の後藤さんの企画の文面を以下に記載します。取材を受けた私たちだけではなく、多くの現場を見た製作人の想いを汲み取りながら、番組をご覧いただければ幸いです。

「FRONTIER 年末スペシャル 〜挑戦のその先へ〜」

[日時] 2016年12月30日(金)9:55〜10:25 ABS秋田放送

Notification of The Program Broadcasting

There was a yearly special interview report of programs "FRONTIER Challengers" broadcasted in Akita Broadcasting in June of this year. We will focus on several people who appeared in the past again, and introduce the initiative of the seventh generation · Takahashi in a dialogue form. I will write down the plan of Mr. Goto's project of production below. It would be greatly appreciated if you could watch the program while drawing on the thoughts of the producers who saw many sites, not just those who got interviewed. _mediainfo.

"FRONTIER Year-End Special - Beyond the Challenge"
The purpose of the program of frontier is "those who continue trying challenging without repeating trial and error". It is not only the part which becomes "the nucleus of the challenge" that felt as a frontier as a person who covers the interview but also the front side of the interview, the frontier of that person by having a glimpse of the usual everyday of the interviewees I noticed that it looked deeper. By taking a form of interview this time, we will spot more people, draw out the charm of that person, understand the meaning of our frontier as well as our empathy with deeper sympathy for viewers when we talk about frontier with the words of the person I think that I will be able to do it.

[TIME] 30th December 2016 (Fri) 9: 55 ~ 10: 25 ABS Akita Broadcasting



“FRONTIER - 前一年年底特殊挑戰“

[日期]2016年12月30日(星期五)9:55至10:25 ABS秋田放送

FRONTIER あくなき挑戦者たち
FRONTIER Relentless challengers



Information of articles published

In the Kahoku newsletter dated November 29, I got an article about the work of Yamamo. It is introduced as a brewery that provides intellectual experiences as a new service, as in the heading "Look, taste, learn at a brewery". After publication, we received inquiries mainly about other prefectures, and the article was also reprinted not only in the Kahoku newsletter but also in Yahoo! News. I feel the significance of this approach to the magnitude of the echo. I hope to improve the position of cultural standing in the world by comprehensively experiencing the culture of miso and soy sauce at the brewery._mediainfo




*Yamamo's homepage "TOUR" content is under construction, but we are doing factory tours on site. I'd like to make a reservation in advance by phone or e-mail. Thank you.


「見て味わって学ぶ蔵に」 秋田の蔵元がツアー
"To a brewery where you can taste and learn" A brewery tours in Akita
“看到品嚐和學習啤酒廠” 啤酒廠秋田旅遊


「BEST OF PACKAGEGING IN JAPAN 2016 / パッケージデザイン総覧33」にヤマモの商品が掲載されました。商品掲載のお声掛けいただき、その際にこれから発売する新商品をご紹介し、未発売商品の掲載に至りました。和の調味料の新しい使い方や世界に貢献できるところを追求し、産業を前進させるべく生み出した商品です。商品の安定供給、発売まではもう少々お時間をいただきますが、きっと新しい道筋をつくることができると思います。ぜひ、掲載商品をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Information of articles published

Product Yamamo was published in the "BEST OF PACKAGEGING IN JAPAN 2016 / package design overview 33". We apologize for the voice of goods posted, to introduce new products that you will release at that time, has led to the publication of unreleased products. We seek to contribute to the new use and the world of the seasoning of the sum. And this is a product that was produced in order to advance the industry. Stable supply of goods, we'll have a little longer your time until the release, but I think you can surely create a new path. By all means, we would like seeing the products listed._mediainfo


產品Yamamo發表在“BEST PACKAGEGING在日本2016/封裝設計概述33”。我們張貼貨物的聲音道歉,推出新的產品,你會在那個時候釋放,導致未發布產品的發布。我們力求以促進新的用途和金額的調味料的世界。這是是為了推動行業生產的產品。貨源供應穩定,我們將有更長一點的時間,直到釋放,但我想你一定能創造一個新的路徑。通過一切手段,我們希望看到列出的產品。

*“YAMAMO VOYAGE TRUNK”という商品に弊社の哲学“Life is Voyage「人生は航海である」”を形に落とし込んだものです。こちらの商品の安定供給、発売まではもう少々お時間をいただきますが、きっと新しい道筋をつくることができると思います。来春の改築後、弊社ショップスペースにて受注販売をする予定です。私たちヤマモは和の調味料の新しい可能性を模索し続けていきます。

*In the product "YAMAMO VOYAGE TRUNK" our philosophy "Life is Voyage". In the form of stable supply of this product, we will have some more time to market, I think that we are sure to be able to create a new path.We are planning to sell orders at our shop space after renovation next spring We will continue to search for new possibilities of Japanese seasoning.

*“YAMAMO VOYAGE TRUNK”來那是什麼投進形狀我們的理念“Life is Voyage「人生之旅」”的產物。這種穩定的貨源,我們將有更長一點的時間,直到釋放,但我想你一定能創造一個新的路徑。裝修的明年春季預定後是在我們的商店銷售的空間秩序。我們Yamamo仍將繼續探索和的調味料的新的可能性。



「げつきん420 “曜日レギュラーおすすめ ご飯のお供”」

【日時】 2016年10月11日(火)16:20〜16:50 秋田テレビ

Information of The Program Broadcasting

Akita television broadcast in the "Getsukin 420" we will pick up the nikumiso of Yamamo. Tuesday we will introduce as recommended products of Hisasugi Kana's regular. Where Hisasugi san tried to eat found in a refrigerator at a friend's house, was impressed by the taste, it seems to have led to the introduction of a companion of the novice. In Yamamo has found value in the long-term aging of the seasoning of the sum, it is believed to expand the possibilities of the Japanese. I think that if you can introduce the flavor and aroma of the three years ripening rice miso to many people._mediainfo

Getsukin 420 "Day of the week regular Recommended _Fit to rice"

Novice of the season. If there is even this, the recommendation is the day of the week regular a companion of rice that delicious new rice is eaten anything cups. Product introduction, of course, to introduce a companion of delicious rice while Incorporating well as manufacturing process.
[Date] 2016 October 11 (Tuesday) 16:20 to 16:50 Akita TV




[日時] 2016年10月11日(星期二)16:20至16:50秋田電視



Information that our products were published

Akita Prefecture regional information magazine in the renovation feature of "Monthly Andnow" I was in the article the products of our company Yamamo. To find the evolution and the new value of seasoning industry of the sum, not only commodity group that has been repackaged, we also touched on the garden and the reconstruction efforts, we have to introduce as an industry responsible for the region. I was the eagerly interviewed in Kazuno's reporters. Thank you very much. Movement with an eye to the new era in the prefecture we become active. By all means, I think that if you look at the magazine._mediainfo.





Information of articles published

Seventh generation of Takahashi talk in Sakigake Akita newspaper was published on June 24. This is the last article of the popular series, which was taken up in the prefecture of young Akita "Wind of Sprout". Appeared in the past young with each other was the planning that talk in different industries. In the conversation, I talked about the future of the Akita. "Even population decline is followed on the number, if the density of interesting people and things dark prefecture, or not than being felt rich in the perceived". Facing the coming future, many of the young force we take action. We would appreciate your reading._mediainfo


七代先驅報秋田高橋談話發表於6月24日。這是受歡迎的系列,它溶解在年輕的秋田“風之嫌的”縣內的最後一篇文章。在過去的年輕人彼此出現的是,在不同的行業說話的規劃。在交談中,我談到了秋田的未來。 “即使人口減少之後的號碼,如果有趣的人和事暗縣的密度,或不超過感受到豐富的感知”。面對不久的將來,許多年輕的隊伍,我們採取行動。非常感謝您的閱讀。

Akita Sakigake Newspaper|Wind of Sprout

[ 追記 ]


「uzz.cafeトークイベント -純秋田産デザインの夜-」

荻谷有花(学生)× 高橋泰(ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元7代目)× 後藤仁(デザイナー)

【場 所】新屋表町通り 川口邸
【日 時】2016年7月10日(日)18:00〜20:00

[ Postscript ]

Seventh generation Takahashi as a panelist of "uzz.cafe Talk event" night of pure Akita production design "" is on stage. Introduction to the "You are try to show the entire brewing as entertainment," one way, I think that if you can talk from the point of view of their own traditional industries. By all means, please join us.

"Uzz.cafe Talk event -Night of pure Akita production design-"

To two people who work in Akita, captured how the local Akita, whether at work, what kind of have a field development, such as outlaw specific way of working, we will think about the way of working of the local.
Ogiya Yuka (student) × Yasushi Takahashi (Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company 7th) × Hitoshi Goto (designer)

[Place] Arayaomote the town street Kawaguchi House
[Day when] July 10, 2016 (Sun) 18:00 to 20:00
[Entry fee] 500 yen (with one drink)

[ 後記 ]


"Uzz.cafe講座活動 -純秋田生產設計之夜-"

荻谷有花(學生)×高橋泰(Yamamo味噌醬油釀造源 七代目)×後藤仁(設計師)


6月14日、秋田放送で放送された番組「FRONTIER あくなき挑戦者たち」がWEBで公開されております。製作の後藤様と打ち合わせを重ね、七代目・高橋の取り組みを総合的にご紹介していただきました。グローバル化していく社会の中でローカルで家業を継ぐこと。日本の伝統産業が世界の中でどのようにして進化していくことができるのか。渦中の中に居ながら、日々の模索は続いていきます。リンク先の番組をご覧いただければと思います。

Information of program broadcast

June 14, was broadcast program in Akita Broadcasting System "FRONTIER relentless challengers" will have been published in the WEB. Overlaid Goto like the meeting of production, we have to comprehensively introduce seven generation Takahashi efforts. To take over the family business in the local in the society to continue to globalization. Whether it is possible to traditional industries of Japan is going to evolve and how in the world. While staying in the vortex, every day of exploring will continue subsequently. I think if you look at the link destination of the program._mediainfo.



FRONTIER あくなき挑戦者たち
FRONTIER Relentless challengers







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聖霊女子短期大学 生活文化科健康栄養専攻

秋田大学教育文化学部 地域文化学科・地域社会コース

[ Postscript ]

Announcement of the lecture podium

Seirei Women's Junior College, Life and Culture Department of Health and Nutrition Department
2016 June 6, and the seventh generation Takahashi from 1 pm is on stage. We will talk about "the role of the food industry". In the future, I think that if it is your help of everyone responsible for the society as a food expert.

Akita University Education Faculty, Local culture department and the local community course
2016 June 6, will give a talk and panel discussion as an external lecturer at from 4 pm. We will talk about regional activation. Also as a company to cooperate in the same department is recommending "regional collaboration project seminar", I think that if you can to the fruitful exchange of opinions.



[ 後記 ]


圣灵女子短期大学 健康与营养系的生活和文化部门

秋田大学教育学部 当地文化部门和当地社区的过程


I have received the two universities student total of 135 persons of the report that I am allowed to talk. Which reports are also a lot amount of writing, I felt a rewarding and joy. Professors and students, university officials of everyone, thank you.




Seirei Women's Junior College | Newsletter | Learn about the role of the food industry
聖靈女子短期大學 | 通訊 | 了解食品工業中的作用




Information that our products were published

Article in Sakigake Akita newspaper was published. I have interviewed finely carefully, it will be posted in all three times. I was depending on the coverage to convey the heart of the movement and the way of the people who will lead the family business and local industry. I believe that traditional industries venture my company. Re staring at anything that comes from ancient times, and put the wind of culture. And the pursuit of beauty and love spinning people. Life to spend with such things I think that those rich and human. We also introduce to suit WEB article. All three times, I think that you see._mediainfo.




Or the first time is what is my own, I am in the article in my digest the activities of the past. Background and overseas deployment of up to take over the family business, such as the award of the Good Design Award 2013 by the re-branding has been introduced. I have captured what the family business, you can see that I began to change and work experience.




I we have summarized conflict from in the footsteps family business. Recently, I have more opportunity to receive consultation from the direction of the plan to take over the family business. I also have a hang on decision in the presence of seniors in the same circumstances. It is a movement of very big heart is the person, I also believe that if it is possible to become so.



What long-established and brand will remain in the current continues to cultural evolution. Pay history to what the human race has been left up to now, birth to new value, we seek to richness. From the standpoint of traditional industries, I would like to live dedicate my body to its culture and spirituality. Challenge and evolution of the brand, now for our Yamamo, I think that if you can read.




“s'eee MAMA&BABY Vol.5”にヤマモの300ml GIFT SETを掲載していただきました。「素敵な内祝いカタログ」の中でご紹介されております。私たちの商品が皆さまのお祝い事に使われることを本当に嬉しく思っております。 調味料が新しい生活の一部となれることが、私たちの務めであるとも考えます。ヤマモはこれからも様々な生活のシーンをお手伝いしていきます。ぜひ、誌面をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Information that our products were published

"S'eee MAMA & BABY Vol.5" 300ml GIFT SET of Yamamo are published in. We are pleased to introduce in a "nice family celebration Catalog".We are really pleased that our products are used in celebrations. That seasoning can become part of a new life, I think also is our ministry. Yamamo we will now also help the scene of various life. By all means, we would like seeing the magazine._mediainfo.


“S'eee MAMA&BABY5卷”300毫升礼品Yamamo集发表研究。我们很高兴地介绍了“很好的家庭庆祝活动目录”。我们很高兴地看到,我们的产品在庆祝活动中使用。该调味即可成为一种新的生活的一部分,我想也是我们的事工。 Yamamo我们现在也有利于各种生活场景。通过一切手段,我们希望看到的杂志。

モデル鈴木えみが編集長を務めるガールズマガジン“s'eee”。自らの妊娠・出産をテーマにデジタルマガジンとして刊行された、Vol.5 “s'eee MAMA&BABY”が新たに撮り下ろしや最新インタビューなどが大幅に加わって、BOOK版として登場しました。

[ About s'eee ]
Girl magazine model Suzuki Emi chaired the editor-in-chief "s'eee". Their pregnancy and childbirth was published on the theme as a digital magazine, Vol.5 "s'eee MAMA & BABY" and is applied to significantly take down and the latest interview in the new, and has emerged as the BOOK version.

女孩杂志模特铃木惠美担任主编,总编辑“s'eee”。他们的怀孕和分娩发表了主题为数字杂志,5卷“s'eee MAMA&BABY”,并应用到显著取下来,并在最新的采访,在新的,并已成为书版。



Information that our work was published

It was posted in Kahoku Shinpo of December 29 at the end of last year the work of our Yamamo. I have the following the family business, we have to introduce the place to expand overseas business.
Handa of reporter is the person who was interviewed several decades Akita Prefecture, southern region. He did those who were familiar with the local history and culture. Also it is possible to exchange views about the history and culture of Iwasaki region, our own and the city of roots is a descendant also believes anew precious thing. By all means, we would like seeing the article._mediainfo.





Information that our work was published

Our Yamamo efforts will have been published in the Sakigake economy section of the newspaper of December 5. Overseas expansion and other industries and initiatives, elected to overseas Christmas gift. I was sought a new form of traditional industries in the footsteps from the family business.One foot in Akita, look ahead and the other foot in the world. And we have worked to bring such feelings. About nine years have passed, we have realized the importance of that to tell the neighbors.
In order to bring the richness in Akita, it must be to first understand their value to the person next to the house. When the garden of Yamamo opened in the area, I heard a lot of voices and that want to see the garden from local people. Globalization, even in technology has advanced modern, it is not a big wave unless deliver voice neighbor.
Be asked to the article in the most trusted media of Sakigake newspaper is in Akita will think that there is such a meaning. That I am aware of widely world the taste and food culture of the region, the same thing to convey the value to a neighbor at the same time. We want to continue to promote efforts both to the axis. Focusing on overseas expansion, we have the big article in the economy field. By all means, we would like seeing in Akita everyone is a neighbor._mediainfo.




イギリスのグローバルマガジン、MONOCLEのクリスマスギフトにSHIRODASHI 300mlを選んでいただきました。イギリス本国まで商品を送り、プロジェクトチームの撮影により掲載に至りました。"Stuff in your stocking Global" 「持っておきたい世界の食品」。ヤマモの製品がこちらのPantryの24製品の中にご紹介され、非常に嬉しく思います。このようなかたちで世界の国々に私たちをお伝えできること、一同、喜びを感じております。

Information that our work was published

We have chosen SHIRODASHI 300ml in the global magazine of MONOCLE Christmas gift of the UK. We are up to the UK home sends the goods, the project team has been published by shooting. "Stuff in your stocking Global" Our products are introduce in the 24 product of Pantry, I am very pleased. That you can tell us in the world of countries in this way, we have felt the joy.
Traditional industries of Japan has evolved, we have sought a means to remain until the next generation. We want to tell that it can be originated the concept of Yamamo, Japanese seasonings support the cultural life of people around the world.We would like seeing the magazine to everyone._mediainfo.


我曾经在英国MONOCLE购买圣诞节礼物的全球杂志选择SHIRODASHI300毫升。我们到英国家庭发送货物,项目组已经公布拍摄。"Stuff in your stocking Global" 和“我想有全世界的粮食。”我们的产品引进茶水的24产品,我们感到非常高兴。那你可以告诉我们这样的国家的世界里,我们已经感受到了快乐。



[ About MONOCLE ]

MONOCLE is, in the print media recession of the world becomes the topic, we launched as an international monthly magazine in 2007. MONOCLE is headquartered in London, UK, the international situation, we have delivered business, culture, design, each issue around a hospitality 300 pages close monthly magazine the year No. 10, in the world more than 65 countries of readers, including Japan. Interviews and shooting in addition to the headquarters, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, Istanbul, we made Singapore bureau and in their own hands combined correspondent journalists of the world,. Magazine in English only, has been selling the same magazine in the world rather than regional edition.
Since its first issue, Soldier of the world, including Japan government, urban planning professionals, researchers, businessmen, fashion Maison, architect, entrepreneur, manufacturing workers and automotive, aviation, hotel, covered in our company such as the hospitality industry always we have continued to be reading, everyone else growth in eye-popping people in situation of the world to be. At present, the 24-hour broadcast of the online radio, broadcast their own movie report to shoot production by hand online, we are active in the world as a multi-media.


MONOCLE是,在世界上的平面媒体衰退成为话题,我们推出了在2007年的国际月刊。 MONOCLE总部设在英国伦敦的国际形势下,我们已经交付的商业,文化,设计,每期围绕一个招待300页关闭月刊年第10号,在全球读者超过65个国家,包括日本。采访和拍摄,除了总部,东京,香港,纽约,多伦多,伊斯坦布尔,我们做了新加坡局,在自己的手中结合世界通讯员记者,。杂志只有英文,一直畅销同一杂志的世界,而不是地区性版本。




Information that our work was published

"YUKIDOKE" of Yamamo will have been introduce to the December issue of CREA.Of this project was carried out a questionnaire interview about the magazine main generation of women, it was that introduced in the magazine a souvenir of recommended local for each prefecture. Yamamo products rise to the recommendation, it is now carry you if you introduced in the magazine. It is not limited to our products, products that are selected in this magazine are full of charm. Please look at the nice product groups around the country._mediainfo.


Yamamo的“解冻”将一直介绍CREA的12月问题。这个项目进行了有关该杂志主要一代女性的问卷调查,是在杂志上介绍了当地推荐为每个县的纪念品。 Yamamo产品上升到了建议,现在是把你,如果你在该杂志推出。它并不局限于我们的产品,也将在这本杂志选中的产品都充满了魅力。请看看全国各地的漂亮的产品群。




The contents of an article of Yamamo to this was to be summarized in a lump. You can take a look from "MEDIA" content of the website TOP. We, we have made efforts in accordance with honest to the sense of as the occasional times and breweries. When you try to put together in this way, the walk will feel like seen objectively. We went to dreams and goals, we certainly advance the walk. We would appreciate everyone of your instructions and your support. I think if you can now also watch over Yamamo activities.





「料理通信 11月号」にヤマモの「雪解け」がご紹介されております。“発酵王国の伝承と革新”のキャッチコピーのもと、弊社ヤマモは秋田の革新的な味噌としてご紹介されております。クラシックに伝統的なつくりを踏襲しつつ、糀菌の生育温度帯や酵母環境を整えることで、これまでにない風味を醸し出すようにしております。造りを革新的と評価していただけたこと、大変嬉しく思います。詳細は記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Information that our work was published

YUKIDOKE" of Yamamo will have been introduce to the "RYORITSUSHIN November issue." This is the article of the catch copy of "fermentation kingdom of tradition and innovation". We are pleased to introduce as an innovative miso of Akita. While following the traditional make to classic, we have to strike a innovative flavor by adjusting a growth temperature zone and yeast environment of Kojikin. That was able to evaluate and innovative the build, I think very pleased. Details would like seeing the article. _mediainfo.




「nice things. 11月号」にヤマモの「あま塩しょうゆ」と「焦香」の2商品がご紹介されております。“食をデザインする料理が楽しくなる調味料”にて特集されています。ローカルや新しいフードカルチャーが引き起こす現代社会の変化を日に日に実感しております。ヤマモの商品が皆さまの食卓でご活躍できればと思います。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Information that our work was published

We are pleased to introduce "AMASHIO" and "KOGAREKO" is in the "nice things. November issue." It is featured in the "cooking to design food fun seasoning". It is day by day to feel the changes in the modern society that local and new food culture causes. Yamamo products I think if your success at the table of everyone. I would like seeing the article to everyone. _mediainfo. 


我們很高興地介紹“甜蜜的鹽醤油”和“焦香”是“好東西。十一月的問題。”它的特點是在“烹飪設計的食品調料的樂趣”。這是日益感受到變化的現代社會,在當地新飲食文化的原因。 Yamamo產品我認為,如果你的成功在每個人的桌子上。我想看到的文章給大家。



Announcement of the 2014 fiscal year were charged "KOGAREKO" sold out

Stock "KOGAREKO" of 2014 fiscal year production was no longer. In order to teach the current year by processing will now be harvested herbs, we would like you wait for a while. The customer needs to apologize for the inconvenience, the more of your understanding, thank you.




「nice things. 9月号」にヤマモの「雪解け」がご紹介されており、秋田のローカルフードとして特集されています。現代における健康を考え塩分を40%カットし、そのまま食べてもおいしい塩味とし甘味や旨味を凝縮した「雪解け」味噌。雪国の強みである低温のアルコール発酵を促し、諸味蔵で香りを大切にしながらも、味わいは洗練されて都会的な雰囲気を醸し出すようにしています。当蔵は雪国地域の特色を製品に活かしながら、現代にもおいしく健康で在るような革新的なものづくりを目指しております。ぜひ、ご覧いただきたいと思います。

Information that our work was published

"YUKIDOKE" of YAMAMO will have been introduced to the "nice things. September issue." It has been featured as a local food of Akita. Considering the health in modern, while holding salt to 7%, was condensed sweetness and umami "YUKIDOKE". I encourage the low temperature of the alcoholic fermentation is the strength of the snow country. Fermented with mash elephants, even while to cherish the aroma, the taste is refined we have to urban. While taking advantage of the features of the snowy country region to the product, we aim to deliciously healthy innovative manufacturing modern as well. We certainly would like seeing to everyone. _mediainfo.


YAMAMO的“解冻”将相继出台了“nice things. 九月的问题”。它已被作为特色秋田县的当地美食。考虑在现代的健康,同时保持盐至7%,为稠的甜味和鲜味“解冻”。我鼓励酒精发酵的温度低是雪国的实力。发酵醪与大象,即使珍惜的香气,味道细化,我们必须在城市。同时利用白雪皑皑的国家地区的产品的功能优势,我们的目标是美味健康的创新型现代制造业,以及。我们当然希望看到的每一个人。



Information that our work was published

Yamamo to "bring out the charm of the region! Renewal design" will have been introduced. In a very firm structure, our company we have focuses on product packaging and brochures. Number of pages are many 217 and the case, it felt to have been nationwide coverage. Distinctive local industry of Japan, should take advantage of the unique strengths in each of the road. I think it is presenting a new richness of Japanese industry. Renewal design is a methodology that intuitively convey the things that have been followed in the past. Therefore, the birth of the sympathy of the people of a lot, I thought it was assumed that many people enjoy. We certainly would like seeing to everyone. _mediainfo.





News of lecture going on the platform

The seventh generation of Takahashi goes on the "good design mark" utilizing method special lecture held in Fukushima-ken and Iwate-ken. There was also request directly from a local enterprise with both prefectures, and this plan was achieved. Overseas work and a good design award could bring about results. I had a lot of persons guide. And we experienced small success, bewilderment and collapse. I think when I can tell you continuation of this small affair. If there is a chance, I would like to ask you to come to the meeting place. mediainfo.


在在福島縣和岩手縣被召開的「日本優秀設計商標」利用法特別演講會第七代的高橋登上講壇。與兩縣,從當地企業直接有委託,這個企劃也實現了。海外的工作和good design獎都能出結果。請很多的各位指導領受了。又我們經驗了小成功和困惑和挫折。我傳達這個小事情的連續如果可能想。如果我有機會,想到會場光臨領受。

会場:コラッセふくしま 福島県福島市三河南町1番20号 http://www.corasse.com/access

会場:岩手県工業技術センター 岩手県盛岡市北飯岡2-4-25 http://www2.pref.iwate.jp/~kiri/

● A good design award application briefing session in fiscal year 2015
Time: April 21 Tuesday 14:00 starting /16:00 end
Place: Number 1, Mikawaminamimachi, Fukushima-shi, Fukushima of stripe KORASSE wipes up  Number 20  http://www.corasse.com/access
Contents: The gist which is a good design award in fiscal year 2015 and the explanation of an application procedure
The seventh generation of Yasushi Takahashi special lecture of a Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company
Sponsorship: Foundation Japanese design promotion association of public interests
Target: The enterprise which considers an application, official facilities, a group, a designer and NPO corporation to a good design award.
Entrance fee: No charge and preliminary application system
Application destination: "Company's name" "attendant name" "the phone number telephone number/mail address" is written clearly. Apply to (info@g-mark.org) for a Japanese design promotion association by mail.

● A good design award application briefing session in fiscal year 2015
Time: April 22 Wednesday 13:30 starting /15:30 end
Place: Iwate-ken industrial technologies center  Morioka-shi, Iwate northern Iioka 2-4-25 
Contents: The gist which is a good design award in fiscal year 2015 and the explanation of an application procedure
The seventh generation of Yasushi Takahashi special lecture of a Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company
Sponsorship: Foundation Japanese design promotion association of public interests
Target: The enterprise which considers an application, official facilities, a group, a designer and NPO corporation to a good design award.
Entrance fee: No charge and preliminary application system
Application destination: "Company's name" "attendant name" "the phone number telephone number/mail address" is written clearly. Apply to (info@g-mark.org) for a Japanese design promotion association by mail.

●2015年度good design獎應募說明會
會場:korasse福島 福島縣福島市三河南町1號20號 http://www.corasse.com/access
內容:2015年度good design獎的宗旨·應募次序等的說明
對象:研究向good design獎的應募的企業,公共機關和團體,設計師,NPO法人等

●2015年度good design獎應募說明會
會場:岩手縣工業技術中心岩手縣盛岡市北飯岡2-4-25 http://www2.pref.iwate.jp/~kiri/
內容:2015年度good design獎的宗旨·應募次序等的說明
對象:研究向good design獎的應募的企業,公共機關和團體,設計師,NPO法人等



News of article carrying of YAMAMO

"Of living, it's polite nicely." an article of YAMAMO appears on it over 2 pages in the curatorship media made a theme and "kinarino". I'm glad that you could introduce because I also include goods as well as the former match. Traditional industry would like to pursue the true form for the next generation. Thank you very much for carrying of an article. _mediainfo.




Tradition is defended and it keeps evolving. Long-established store in Akita "Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company" | Kinarino
 | Kinarino
保持傳統,持續進化。秋田的老舖子「Yamamo醬醬油釀造商」 | Kinarino

〈 追記〉

2040 “70万人社会”と向き合う 〜秋田の未来を考える元年〜。こちらの番組のフェローとして七代目・高橋が出演します。これから約一年間、伝統産業の立場からこの課題について考えていきたいと思います。 第一回目がNHK秋田、4月3日午後7時30分〜55分に放送されます。是非、ご覧いただきたいと思います。

〈 postscript 〉

The first year it's confronted with 2040 "700,000 person society"-when Akita's future is considered-. Seventh generation, Takahashi appear as Faeroe of this program. About one year would like to think about this problem from the view point of traditional industry now. The first time is broadcast by Akita of NHK at 7:30pm April 3-55 minutes. By all means, I would like to ask you to see it.

〈 補記 〉

考慮2040 與“70萬人社會”相對的 〜秋田的未來的元年〜。作為這個節目的表演者第七代·高橋演出。我今後約一年,想從傳統產業的立場考慮關於這個課題。 第第一回NHK秋田,4月3日下午7點30分〜55分被廣播。我無論如何,想看。

2040 “70万人社会”と向き合う 〜秋田の未来を考える元年〜
The first year it's confronted with 2040 "700,000 person society"-when Akita's future is considered-
考慮2040 與“70萬人社會”相對的 〜秋田的未來的元年〜


2度目の出店となる復興デザインマルシェ。今年は事前に商品を予約していただいたり、知っていますよ!とお声掛けをいただいたり、前回よりもお客様とのコミュニケーションがより深いものであったと思います。実際に使用しているキャリーケースを利用したディスプレイにご興味をいただく方も多く、旅と調味料が生活を豊かにするという"Life is Voyage”の理念も、いくらか表現ができたのかなと思いました。またスタッフの配置は、古くからの友人たちの助けによって成し得たものでありました。店舗に不思議な一体感が出ていたように思います。何だか楽しい出店となりました。お越しいただいた皆様、ありがとうございました。

FUKKO DESIGN MARCHE 2015 branch has been finished

We made the 2nd time of branch FUKKO DESIGN MARCHE. I had a customer reserve goods beforehand this year. "I know your company!" and, I received the voice account. I think communication with a customer was deeper than last time. You had interest in the display for which the carry case I'm using actually was used. I thought the concept of "Life is Voyage" that the life is made abundant in travel and the seasoning could be expressed. My friends from the old days were a staff. I think a store sense of togetherness has gone out. It was a fun branch what it was. Thank you very much.


我們對復興設計馬歇分號了第2度。今年請在顧客上(裡)事前預約了商品。「知道你的公司!」領受了聲音架。我想比上次與顧客的交流更深都。請在我利用實際使用的旅行箱的顯示器上(裡)有了興趣。我想表現完成了據說旅行和調料豐富生活的"Life is Voyage"的概念。再來自以前的朋友們成為了職員。想店舖一體感出來了。成為了總覺得快樂的分號。謝謝。

〈 追記〉

秋田県男女共同参画情報誌「La Vita」様に記事を掲載していただきました。“片足を秋田に、もう片足は世界に”。このフレーズで分かり易くこれまでの活動を綴っていただけたこと、本当に嬉しく思います。表紙がオフの格好で誌面がオンの格好という構成の仕方も、取材を受ける側でありながら、興味深くありました。機会がありましたら、お手に取っていただければと思います。

〈 postscript 〉

Akita-ken gender equality information publication "La Vita", as, you carried an article. "Of one leg, for Akita, already, for one leg, in the world". I'm glad that you could write the former activity clearly by these sentences. A cover was the off figure and on paper was the construction as the on figure. Though this was the side where I'm interviewed, it was interesting. If there is a chance, I think when you'd read. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉

請在秋田縣男女共同參與信息雜誌「La Vita」先生刊載了報道。“給秋田單腳,已經單腳向世界”。對用這個文章易懂地可以訂綴到現在為止的活動的真的感到高興。封面是關斷合適雜誌上開的樣子這個構成。在我受到採訪的一側雖然有,但是很有興趣地有這個。如果我有機會,想如果可以讀。

FOODEX JAPAN 2015 の出展を終えて


Submitting of FOODEX JAPAN 2015 has been finished

10 years have passed since I got away from every day when I lived in Tokyo. I thought Tokyo judged from such look was also long. When the leaving location is also changed while the time is changed quickly. I couldn't take former metropolitan Tokyo as

結束了FOODEX JAPAN 2015出展


FOODEX JAPANは国内最大級の食品見本市。そのため、これまで最もお声掛けの多い展示会だった。国内の展示会は初めてのものとなり、ご迷惑をお掛けした部分があったかもしれない。それでも、ヤマモの取り組みを理解してくださる方々に多数お会いすることができ、本当に嬉しく思った。海外に取り組み3年、ここにきて国内の取引ができたことは自分にとっていいものとなった。

FOODEX JAPAN is a food trade fair of the domestic maximum level. Therefore it was an exhibition with the most voice account up to now. A domestic exhibition was a first one, and maybe there was a part where I caused you trouble. Still it was possible to meet the person who understands a match of YAMAMO a lot, and I was glad. Domestic dealings worked on foreign countries and came here in 3, and were something which may be taken for itself to be done.

FOODEX JAPAN是國內最大級的食品商品展覽會。是為此,到現在為止最聲音架多的展示會。國內的展示會說不定有給您添第一次的東西旁邊,麻煩的部分。儘管如此,大量能遇到理解Yamamo的工作的各位,真的感到高興。專心致力海外3年,來這裡國內的能交易的成為了對自己來說好東西。


The person of a buyer who met at a voyage destination in each country and Mr. company's submitting person who accompanied overseas have come. Though it was a domestic exhibition, they seemed to have condensed the human relations by the former overseas match. The edge of a person and a person is wonderful. A person of the same will has come from the way with he's on good terms from the past, too. The further expanse which continues from its relation was astonishing. I met persons in the same trade of the same generation. I looked up to the courage as their big decision. There is a similar part for a problem of setting traditional industry. I think a problem so by which reason you advance the countermeasure by an individual. I have the courage in the form that I render a decision and plow.
The first domestic exhibition is going to know compilation of overseas dealings and the company's existence. A domestic and abroad wall was decided to the appropriate future when I cry already, and thought it was when it was developed.


〈 追記 〉

d design trabel 大分 にてヤマモの記事が掲載されております。d47 MUSEUM の黒江美穂さんに記事を投稿していただきました。文面に有りますよう、ヤマモがこれまで織り成してきた味から、「あま塩しょうゆ」をお餅に合わせていただくことは、非常に嬉しい組み合わせと思いました。ありがとうございました。また、よろしくお願いいたします。

〈 postscript 〉

An article of YAMAMO appears on it in d design trabel Oita. I had Ms. Miho Kuroe of d47 MUSEUM contribute an article. YAMAMO thought to add "AMASHIO SHOYU" to rice cake from the taste continued up to now as very wonderful combination so that it was in contents of a letter. Thank you very much. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉

d design trabel 大分 Yamamo的報道被刊登。請對d47 MUSEUM 的邱照穗先生報道投稿了。字面有的那樣,從Yamamo到現在為止繼續的味,在年糕上(裡)共計領受「稍帶鹹味醤油」的,考慮非常高興的組合。謝謝。


2月21日に行われる秋田南高校のプログラム、“国際探究「企業講座」―海外戦略を視野に入れた企業に学ぼう―” にて七代目・高橋と海外事業部の鈴木が登壇します。経営者と新入社員の目線でこれまでの取組みをお話できればと思います。これからの未来をつくる一年生、学年の皆様の前でのお話は、恐縮するところがございますが、未知の大地への想いや新しい時代に生きる道しるべとなるようなものを感じていただければと思います。(*講演は秋田南高校一年生の学年の皆様限定となります)

Information that seventh generation,  Takahashi go on an event

Seventh generation, Takahashi and Suzuki of an overseas division take the platform in a program of the Akita-minami high school performed on February 21 and the-" from which they'll learn an investigation "enterprise lecture"-an overseas strategy in the enterprise which could come in sight "internationally. I think when you can talk about the former match with a proprietor by new employee's look. There is a place grateful for a story in front of the first grader who makes the future future and everybody of the grade, but I think when you'd feel the one which becomes feelings to the unknown earth and the guide through which I live the new time. (*Everybody of the grade of the first grader of Akita-minami high school will be limitation for a lecture.)



〈 追記〉


〈 postscript 〉

Activity of YAMAMO introduced in an overseas development case of a prefecture enterprise on Akita Sakigake newspaper dated February 17. We began real work overseas, and were 3 years, but the chance to work overseas increased. I think there are a lot of problems on which local traditional industry should work aiming at the next time. A foot is put on the place and it faces to the front tightly, and I'd like to walk. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉



「body+」3月号、日本生まれのGOOD FOOD&ITEMの記事でヤマモの【雪解け】がご紹介されております。春になりますと、熟成一年目を迎える香り高い季節となります。ぜひご賞味いただきたいと思います。誌面の写真や世界観が弊社と通じるところが有り、非常に嬉しく思います。編集部の皆様、ありがとうございました。


Information that our work was published 

"Yukidoke" in YAMAMO is introducing by an article of "body+" March issue. A special story of GOOD FOOD&ITEM born in Japan. When spring comes, it'll be the aromatic season when maturity for the first year is met. I would like to ask you to enjoy by all means. There is a place where a picture of the on paper and a worldview connect with us, and I'm glad. Thank you very much for everybody of an editorial staff. _mediainfo.



「body+」3月號,用日本出生的GOOD FOOD&ITEM的報道Yamamo的【雪融】被介紹。到春天的話,成為迎接成熟第一年的香味兒高(貴)的季節。我想無論如何承蒙品嚐。有雜誌上的照片和世界觀與敝社貫穿的地方,感到非常高興。編輯部的大家,謝謝。

〈 追記 〉

先日の求人「七代目・高橋茂助による次世代型杜氏集団の設立と募集 / 発酵技術×文化芸術×旅」 に多数お問い合わせをいただいております。海外の方のお問い合わせも複数あり、その反響に驚いております。このたび数名の採用は決めましたが、ヤマモの次世代型杜氏集団の門戸は、いつでも開いておこうと思います。ご興味がある方は、七代目・高橋までお気軽にお問い合せくださいませ。

〈 postscript 〉

I have a question a lot in the other day's vacancy "the next generation type brewer by seventh generation Mosuke Takahashi, establishment of a group and recruitment / fermented technology x cultural art x travel". A question to the foreign countries, more than one, I have that and am surprised at the response. Adoption of several people has been decided this time, but I think I'll open the door of the next generation type brewer of sake group of YAMAMO anytime. A person with interest even inquire seventh generation, Takahashi any time, please.

〈 補記 〉


DESIGN BUSSAN 2014公式図録掲載のお知らせ

DESIGN BUSSAN 2014公式図録にヤマモが掲載されております。伝統産業を様々な視点で再評価し、次世代へと残していくことは非常に大切なことで、私たちもこの取組みに賛同します。ヤマモの商品が日本文化を未来へと継承する一助となれればと思います。また、担当者の黒江さんとは活発に意見交換させていただきました。これからもよろしくお願いします。ありがとうございました。

Information of DESIGN BUSSAN 2014 formal pictorial record printing

Yamamo is appeared on DESIGN BUSSAN 2014.Smokestack industries are reappraised by various viewpoints, leaving the next generation is very important and we also consent to this measure. I think if the goods of Yamamo get used with an aid which inherits Japanese culture to the future. Moreover, I was allowed to carry out exchange of opinions actively to a person in charge, Kuroe. I need your help well from now on. Thank you. _mediainfo

DESIGN BUSSAN 2014正式圖錄刊載的告知

在DESIGN BUSSAN 2014正式图录Yamamo被刊登。在各种各样的视点再估价传统产业,向下一代留下由于非常重要事,我们也赞同这个工作。我想如果Yamamo的商品熟向未来继承日本文化的一点儿帮助。还有,请与担当者邱樟萓験跃地让我交换了意见。今后也请多关照。谢谢。

〈 追記 〉






パネリスト:株式会社川口屋 取締役 川口雅也氏
高茂合名会社 常務取締役 高橋泰氏
郷土料理いしかわ 代表 石川次夫氏

〈 postscript 〉

Takahashi of the seventh generation participates as a panelist of an Akita food-related business operator symposium & exchange meeting.

[Akita food-related business operator symposium & exchange meeting]

Fri., November 21
The hall: iyataka(6-1-13, Naka-dori, Akita-shi)

While low birthrate and longevity and the decrease in population in Akita progress, symposium is held for food industry related types of industry, such as a food-manufacturing-industry company, retail and wholesale, circulation, and a producer, as an opportunity to consider a strategy as a food-related business operator who gazed at the outside-of-the-prefecture market.

[Panel discussion] (15:40 - 17:00)
Theme:"cultivation of market of district food industry"
(participating no-charge [ and ] capacity: 120 persons)

Theme:"-- outside-of-the-prefecture cultivation of market -- what -- necessity or"
Adviser: Kenta Kurokawa
Panelist: Kawaguchi Store   Director  Masaya Kawaguchi
TAKAMO&Corp. Managing director  Yasushi Takahashi
Local-culinary-specialties Ishikawa   Representation  Tsugio Ishikawa

〈 補記 〉





momotoseでのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" momotose


Information of handling by momotose_"feature" momotose

Yamamo products are now in momotose, located in Iwasaki, Yuzawa. The owner of momotose reformed the old Japanese style storage, Kura, and make it to the store has café, interior shop and event space. People enjoying go and come to momotose and Yamamo. We believe local should be a sightseeing spot as same as cities. I hope that we cooperate and make more people came to Iwasaki.

momotose在的处理的告知_"feature" momotose

在在与Yamamo一样的岩崎地区的momotose的使用方法开始了。是重建现代适应来自以前的仓库,咖啡和室内装饰店铺,设置event space的店铺。以momotose和Yamamo往返的顾客也发信多,该地域的魅力的意义,多地有同感的部分。能怎么传达去地域文化?我想如果能汇集去行走。

〈 追記 〉


〈 postscript 〉

7th generation Takahashi was featured  on Asahi News Paper "my turning point." He talked the biggining of his career as the 7th, from the conflict after inheriting trade, to current projects. What should remain and  improve  for generation to genaration is very hard to distingish. However, I believe it is what people should do. The reporter Hayashi spend long time to understand my idea and concept. Thank you so much. I hope you read the article is you have a chance. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉




Family celebration_Mr. and Mrs. Murakami

Wishing your family a lifetime of happiness and laughter! ARIGATO!



〈 追記 〉


〈 postscript 〉

7th Generation Takahashi was featured on “Kotoba no Shozo”, Yomiuri News Paper. The article is not only about his career but also new inspiration he has gained from the trip to NY. Thank you to Ms. Tsuda who interviewed and wrote the article with her passion. We hope you enjoy it, too. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉


Kotoba no Shozo “Brushing up skills of employees’ and instruments lead a brand name"
言詞的肖像 "公司職員和工具的擦亮向(到)品牌力相連"



初夏のNew York Cityより

七代目 高橋泰

My company aims at a global company.

It has been 7 years since I came back to Akita. Today, I determined to take down Yamamo from my father not only the title as the 7th but also DNA of the company such as its ideal and belief. I discussed with my staff and people around the company about how the business should be over and over again. I want all my staff to live better lives. For make it real, we have started to build up new institutional design. We will show you new Yamamo from now on. Even though I am outside of Japan, I felt that my decision should be shared with our customers. So please be looking forward to seeing our revolution. 

Best regards, 

New York City of early summer
June 13, 2014

Yasushi Takahashi The 7th Generation of Mosuke Takahashi
TAKAMO & Corp.
Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company




第七代傳人 高橋泰

インターン生もとい海外事業部、鈴木 晴日よりメッセージ

私が就活生に伝えたい事は「本気で何がしたいのか考えろ、視野を狭めるな」という事です。たくさんの方に言われていると思いますが 、どうしてその会社がいいのかよく考えてください。そして県内の民間企業の事を知ってください。もしかして、理由もなく選択肢から排除していませんか?ものすごくもったいない事をしているかもしれません。「経営者のすぐそばで彼らの思いを感じる事ができ、自分のスキルアップができる」それがおもしろいと思うのなら、秋田の企業を視野に入れるべきではないか、と思います。  

Message from Internship_Haruhi Suzuki

It has been 1 month since I have started internship in Yamamo. My business card says “overseas division”. Co-workers treat me as a member of the company. I had quite a few chances to talk with business owners in Akita. Then I realized that the biggest issue they face is the successor problem.
I think company needs to provide environment for new comers on some level in order to maintain business. The environment, which students could live by themselves should be provided. What I meant to say is not about money but some sort of support such as renting room and sharing food. As I am new in Yuzawa, Akita, where Yamamo locates, the existence of a community I can rely on is very encouraging.
Some business owners say that students choose company by its terms. However, the kind of students is not constitutive.Company wants people who willing to pursue its philosophy and ideal. To meet ideal people company needs to have conversation over and over again. People would be moved if business owners in Akita keep carrying down their situation. I am the one who was moved and started internship. Please keep sending message.
I was doing job hunting until March. While I was doing it I did not have chance to see business person in Akita. Only few companies make presentation in the university and information that I could reach was very limited. I am working Yamamo as an internship now, but I was thinking going outside of Akita for work. This is because I thought it is natural. Akita does not have place to work. I believe that I was not the only one thought that way. 
Message to students who are job hunting from me is “Think what you really want to do, do not limit potential to meet perfect matching company.” Many people say to you but you really need to think why you attract to the company. And please understand situation in which companies in Akita are facing. 
If you eliminate small businesses from your choices, it is so wasteful. You can learn from managers next to you. If you think this is interesting, you definitely should check business in Akita.



〈 追記 〉

「VERY 6月号」にてヤマモの商品が取り上げられております。クリーミーごま味噌ドレッシングのレシピに「雪解け」がご紹介されております。その他のレシピもおいしそうなものばかりです。ぜひ書店にてお買い求めいただきたいと思います。

〈 postscript 〉
Yukidoke is featured on Very July edition. Our product is used as an ingredient of creamy sesame-miso dressing. Other recipes looks delicious too. You should get one at book store. _mediainfo

〈 補記 〉

「VERY 六月号」雪融被介绍。被奶油芝麻酱调味汁的菜谱使用。只有其他的菜谱看起来也好吃东西。无论如何书店考虑请购买,謝謝。



Information that our work was published 

Also in Akita, the spring warm day continues. A fiscal year is also changed and a new occurrence and work are also trying to start. I would like to progress to the new feeling reformed completely straight honestly. I announce you the report published at the point time. _mediainfo.




I had the report of a [Yukidoke] written with the magazine "SAKURA" of the Shogakukan issue. It is really delightful to have obtained evaluation by word-of-mouth communication. I think if the taste of Yamamo can aid a warm family's table from now on. Please look at space for details. 


外国人向けの日本国内観光地としてヤマモを取り上げていただいております。これまで、外国人留学生や海外ジャーナリストの受け入れも行ってきました。 ジェトロのウェブサイトを通じて、国内外に広くご説明の機会をいただければと思います。蔵見学につきましても、気兼ねなくお問い合せください。

Yamamo has had you take up as a foreigner-oriented tourist resort in Japan. We have also so far performed acceptance of a foreign student and an overseas journalist. I hope to receive the opportunity of explanation widely in in and outside through the website of JETRO. Please ask without constraint also about warehouse inspection. 

承蒙作為適合外國人的日本國內旅遊地沒收Yamamo。到現在為止,我們外國人留學生和海外記者的接納也去了一下。 我想如果通過JETRO的網站,向(到)國內外�・廣地能得到說明的機會。藏見學附有也,氣不兼請詢問。



Information of Good Design Award yearbook printing

The work in and outside the country expressed to the shop name of Yamamo was published at the Good Design Award yearbook in the 2013 fiscal year. We are glad that there is logo mark of our company in many award companies. We obtained the prize not only in a product but in the whole measure. We think that we have to tell this intelligibly to you. In the world, it is hoped brewing of Japan continues from now on! _mediainfo.

Good Design Award获奖年鉴刊载的告知

被Yamamo的商号表示的国内外的工作,在2013年度的Good Design Award获奖年鉴被刊登了。我们在很多的获奖企业中有敝社的标志标志的高兴。我们不仅仅是产品还有,以工作全部领受了奖。我们考虑这个必须易懂地传达在(到)大家。在世界中,请求着今后日本的酿造持续!



Information that our work was published

Work of our company Yamamo turned into a newspaper article. I feel actually at overseas and local work. It is that there is a limit by the power of one company or individual. For example, even if it tells culture overseas, Japanese culture is not fully transmitted only with a seasoning. If "everyday life of Japanese culture = Japan" is not transmitted, they cannot understand a real Japanese's heart. The world changes because Japanese people speak and live in the world. I got to know it. Since we are Japanese, we are the same teams in the world. It is important that many people share will aiming at the next stage. Our new way will be found. When we are told activity and its will by you, we are very glad. We expect the time when this work can return to Japan or the world. The way of Yamamo continues. _mediainfo




毎日新聞_平成25年11月25日 p24


Mainichi Newspapers_November 25, 2013 p24

After Yasushi Takahashi who is the seventh generation of Yamamo inherited trade, the work by the present turned into a newspaper article. Especially the work to overseas attracts attention. The photograph is putting in order and comparing the soy sauce of a 1.8L bottle and a 300-ml bottle. The Kobayashi journalist covered me eagerly. And I also considered individual talk as her. I hope to be mutually alike and to develop. Thank you.

每日新闻_2013年11月25日 p24



みなみ広場_平成25年12月8日 第23号 p1


Minami Hiroba _8. Deciember. 2013 vol.23 p1

In "Minami Hiroba", it became a newspaper article about Yamamo having won the good design award. Our company was used as this newspaper in the 2nd printing. Work of not only a product but the company was awarded. Therefore, the explanation to you is needed. The report explains the contents of an award carefully by quoting examination criticism. The Sugawara journalist was pleased with having been awarded by the extension from the last coverage.
I need your help well from now on.

南广场_2013年12月8日 第23號 p1

关于「南广场」Yamamo获奖good design奖成为了报纸报道。敝社被这个报纸刊载了第2度。不仅仅是产品还有公司的工作获奖了。因此给各位的说明变成必要。由于报道引用审查评论谨慎认真地说明着获奖内容。菅原记者对用来自上次的采访的延长获奖感到高兴。今后也请多关照。

〈 追記 〉


【講演】デザインプレゼンテーション 「変わるデザイン。変わるビジネス!」
【日時】12月18日(水) 13:30〜16:00
【会場】県庁第二庁舎8階 大会議室 
(パネリスト:有限会社サイカツ建設、casane tsumugu、有限会社柴田慶信商店、ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元)
(コーディネーター:秋田公立美術大学教授 五十嵐 潤)


A design presentation will be performed on Wednesday still more next week. Please come to the hall.

[Lecture] Design presentation  "The changing design. Changing business! "
[Time] Wed., December 18 13:30 - 16:00
[Place] The eighth floor of the second government building of a prefectural office   Main conference room
(Panelist: Limited company Saikatsu construction, casane tsumugu, Yoshinobu Shibata Store, Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company)
(Coordinator: Akita public Tatsumi way college professor   Jun Igarashi)

〈 补记 


【講演】設計演示 「變的設計。變的商務!」
(討論成員:有限公司Saikatsu建設,casane tsumugu,有限公司柴田慶信商店, yamamo醤醤油釀造商)
(協調程序:秋田公立美術大學教授 五十嵐潤)



Information that our work was published

Takashima of the seventh generation is working in the local town. Yamamo began overseas business. These two tasks turned into a report. We are brewing using the nature of the area. Therefore, I consider that both of two tasks, the area and a company, are important. Although it was accidental, you introduced both of activities to the same opportunity. Please look at the report of two activities. _mediainfo.



さらなり_2013年8月10日発行 vol.2 p12-21


Saranari _10. August. 2013 vol.2 p12-21

The first activity that receives to my town was from overly individual relation. Whenever I work, I have changed thinking and behavior to the public thing. By the theme "democratization of town planning", we did exchange of opinions to the organization in connection with a town. I think that various organizations should work mutually. And the place in which we ourselves live thought that what is necessary was just to become better.

Saranari_2013年8月10日發行 vol.2 p12-21


みなみ広場_平成25年8月11日 第11号 p1


Minami Hiroba _11. August. 2013 vol.11 p1

In the newspaper article, I received introduction in detail not only about the work for the past several years but the present work. Expansion of succession and tradition of culture, and a market is important. It does not come out so much and the appeal to a successor or the latest generation is important. I think these days that a young manager has a special role and the method of dispatch. I think that such a mechanism in which one friend after another who lives in the same area is involved in, and is arranged is required.

南广场_2013年8月11日 第11號 p1




Information of publishing newspaper

The article was published in the corner Kahoku Shinpo on October 4 the other day and "Let's tie with food". Keiko Chiba who presided over "Atelier of Wind"* by the connection of Ms. ayaco of "Hitotubu-dou"* covered. She was a person who was steady with the natural style. We told a lot of talks like event, Goyoukiki Mosuke Caffe*, and my current work etc. I was able to confirm own sense again through coverage. Moreover, I think that what should be done is understood a little.
Ms. Chiba covers originally in "Let's tie with food", and the charm in the region is told. Hereafter, I will pay attention to this as a reader. I wish to express my gratitude to Ms. Chiba for making the article. _mediainfo.

After I hold the cafe event, I meet various people. It is really welcome. Moreover, I have been especially indebted to Genta Shirai* of the grandchild of Seiichi Shirai and Satomi Fujiwara of the brewing hall clerical work. My best regards in the future.




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