YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Treatment of Decayed Old Trees

It is not uncommon for the old shrubs to have decaying parts in old shrubs without neglecting management at Yamamo's shrine gardens with lots of old trees. Especially the Momiji near the roof was in danger due to the influence of heavy snow of the year, Yew tree was dangerous due to poor dwarf and invasion of rot fungus. From the photograph of the 4th generation era, in order to leave the planting of the time as much as possible, we carried out these two treatments located in the center even in the garden._GARDENOPENING


老灌木在老灌木叢中腐爛的部分並不常見,而不會忽視Yamamo的神社花園中有大量古樹的管理。 特別是由於受到一年中大雪的影響,屋頂附近的楓處於危險之中,由於矮小的矮人和腐爛的真菌入侵,紅豆杉很危險。 從第4代時代的照片,為了盡可能地留下時間的種植,我們甚至在花園中進行了這兩個處理。


The gardener uses fleas, carefully removes the decayed portion, and paints the antiseptic. Then, in order to prevent peeling off of the artificial bark, paste the lath net to the decayed part. The population bark is painted in the rotten part, treatment is completed. In order to further protect the weakened trunk from snow cover and windstorms, attach the pillars. In the generations, planting which had been as natural as before is also a living thing, I once again thought that if I do not manage and treat it, I can not survive for a long time.

園丁使用跳蚤,小心地去除腐爛的部分,並塗上防腐劑。 然後,為了防止人造樹皮剝落,將板條網粘貼到腐爛部分。 人口樹皮被塗在腐爛的部分,治療完成。 為了進一步保護弱化的樹幹免受積雪和風暴的影響,請安裝支柱。 在幾代人中,種植過去和以前一樣自然也是一種生物,我再一次認為,如果我不管理和治療它,我就無法生存很長時間。


Long-lasting industries are subject to various management and treatment. Someday things that boasted of prosperity in a few generations will change their shape. So if the intention to inherit the spirit remaining in the land is born, the future generations will add their hands. Also, if it creates further development, it will appeal and capture the hearts of people. Repetition of development over several generations is a traditional industry. I hope that the story and beauty of this garden will be conveyed to many people.

長期工業受到各種管理和待遇。 有朝一日,在幾代人中吹噓繁榮的事情將改變他們的形象。 因此,如果繼承遺留在土地上的精神的意圖誕生,後代將會加入他們的手中。 此外,如果它進一步發展,它將吸引和吸引人們的心。 重複幾代人的發展是一個傳統的行業。 我希望這個花園的故事和美麗將傳達給許多人。




There used to be a pine tree on the hill in front of the goddess of the Yamamo Water God. The place is located in the center of the garden, both from the cafeterias welcoming important customers and from the entrance to the new garden, a position with a presence as a symbol. One day the pine trees of the symbol withered, and the stumps remained. Three years ago, when I started the garden again, I cleaned up and I was looking for a symbol tree of a garden to replace pine from that time._GARDENOPENING


Yamamo水上帝的女神面前的小山上曾經有一棵松樹。 這個地方位於花園的中心,無論是自助餐廳歡迎重要的顧客,還是從入口到新花園,這個位置都有一個像徵。 有一天,符號的松樹枯萎了,樹樁仍然留下。 三年前,當我再次開始花園時,我清理了一下,我正在尋找一個花園的象徵樹來代替那時的松樹。


In the garden of Yamamo, the entrance Karin and Itusugi catch their eyes and one of the features is that there are many deep green plantings. I thought that we should combine red weeping maples that weakly delineated with that combination. This maple that has been grafting from grafting for over 20 years will change its taste by pruning. I hope that this tree grows with years and keeps harmonizing with the surrounding old trees.

在Yamamo的花園裡,入口處的花梨和柏樹引人矚目,其中一個特點是有許多深竸的植物。 我認為我們應該結合那些與該組合勾畫得很弱的紅色哭泣的楓樹。 這種從嫁接移植了20年以上的楓樹會通過修剪改變它的味道。 我希望這棵樹能夠長年生長,並與周圍的老樹保持和諧。




Our company Yamamo has repeatedly expanded and renovated for 150 years and has reached to the present. We have continued innovative efforts, but I have been thinking of expressing that spirituality to the appearance. While following the ones that continue from the past, I am hoping to disseminate the way to the next generation strongly. First of all, I would like to express a sense of unity and a profound feeling by painting black, and to express a heterogeneous presence in the area._GARDENOPENING


我們公司Yamamo已經多次擴建和翻新了150多年,到了現在。 我們不斷創新,但一直在思考,表達出靈性。 在跟隨過去的情況下,我希望能夠強力傳播下一代的方式。 首先,我要表達鄂的團結感和深刻的感覺,並表達在這個地區的異質存在。


The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo's efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.

商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。


The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo's efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.

商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。




Zashiki welcoming important customers. From there the garden of Yamamo spreads to the panorama. The tatami room which was provided as the front room is between the corridor and the Buddha and is a selfish space with the function to greet customers in a simple way. This room was also built by renovation several generations ago, once in the corner of the corridor to the stairs going up to the second floor was the place where the hearth was. Based on the feeling of the era of the time, I think that I will change it to a boardroom with a hearth._GARDENOPENING


座敷歡迎重要客戶。 從那裡,山姆的花園傳播到全景。 作為前廳提供的榻榻米室位於走廊和佛像之間,是一個自私的空間,以簡單的方式迎接客戶。 這個房間也是幾代前建造的,一旦在走廊的拐角處,到二樓的樓梯就是爐膛的地方。 根據當時時代的感覺,我想我會把它改成一個帶有爐灶的會議室。


There was a trace of the hearth in the lower part of the floor board which gathered tatami and peeled off. It seems that the sixth generation of our company understood that and understood diversion etc. diversion. Like old renovations, we will reinforce the floorboards firmly. The furnace part which becomes the foundation of the hearth is the one which four adults finally cut out stones which can be lifted. This is the main character of this time.

在地板底部有一個爐灶的痕跡聚集了榻榻米並剝落。 看來我們公司的第六代了解到,並且明白了轉移等轉移。 像舊裝修一樣,我們會堅定地加強地板。 成為爐膛基礎的爐子部件是四個成年人最後切割可以提起的石頭。 這是這個時候的主角。


On the floorboards we will use solid pine woods we had and will consist of as much as possible edges and stories as far as possible. The direction of the board is aligned with the corridor, and it is laid so as to be vertical to the customer and horizontal to the family. In the hearth again arranged in the center of the room again, the universal hooks are aligned with the center of the furnace and the illumination is slightly shifted, and the function and balance are adjusted. I do not dare to innocent flooring materials, leaving the intention to undertake, I would like to look forward to that secular change on the other hand.

在地板上,我們將使用我們擁有的堅實的松樹林,並將盡可能多地包括邊緣和故事。 董事會的方向與走廊保持一致,鋪設成垂直於客戶,與家人垂直。 在再次安裝在房間中心的爐床上,通用鉤與爐的中心對準,照明稍微偏移,調節功能和平衡。 我不敢無辜的地板材料,留下意圖,我想期待這個世俗的變化。


There was an indication of the magnitude of the weight supported by the pillar of this room from the ridge in the process of renovation. Considering the heavy snowy area, we set up a column with a large 21cm square because we need another pillar to receive it. Sense of crisis and absurdity in keeping things suddenly come and sometimes give trouble. However, many of the materials and judgments that make up the brand are the things owned by each principal of the times. How can you edit and brush up on it? To such a thing we have challenged Yamamo. We believe we will be able to welcome many customers from this hearth.

這表明在改造過程中,這個房間的支柱由山脊支撐的重量的大小。 鑑於大雪地區,我們建立了一個21厘米廣場的大柱子,因為我們需要另一個支柱來接收它。 感覺到危機和荒謬在保持事情突然來臨,有時會給麻煩。 然而,組成品牌的許多材料和判斷都是每個歷史時期所擁有的材料和判斷。 如何編輯和刷新到現代? 對於這樣的事情我們挑戰了Yamamo。 我們相信,我們可以歡迎來自這個爐灶的許多客戶。



YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Floor Completion of an Unrefined Moromi Warehouse

In the moromi of fermentation aging which has been passing for 150 years, we put a stone in the soil and arrange wooden barrels on it. The warehouse is located in the northernmost of the premises and has played a part by the wisdom of the predecessor to make low temperature fermentation. However, I have bothered me with my care and management. Once the craftsmen have added the wooden barrels together at the work site, it is difficult to put hands in the floor because the height difference is not constant. Initially when I succeeded my family business, I thought that "I will not start on this soil", I thought so, but as soon as accepting domestic and foreign visitors in recent years, I finally decided to floor this all-inclusive storehouse It is._GARDENOPENING




Craftsmen will unite and scrape off the soil for the thickness of the concrete and make a base to the narrow barrel gap. Put a crushed stone to make the soil and concrete familiar there, and put the lath (wire mesh) in the part where strength is necessary. The amount of soil carried was about 5 cubic meters and it was equivalent to 2 trucks.



Once the foundation was completed, we did curing of pumping piping and arranged concrete. Pipe is put in the gap of the barrel, and the craftsmen of the plasterer strokes the surface while pouring the concrete. When a part is completed, the piping is removed and the concrete is flowed to another gap portion. This repeatedly became all concrete between the 24 barrels.



The floor finish of the moromi warehouse had a large amount of work for making the base, and the work schedule by specialized craftsmen was different. As a brewer, I had difficulty maintaining the motivation of craftsmen as a worker and selecting the best dealer under different judgment. For that reason, we spend a lot of time to realize floor hitting, so finally the finished floor finish is finally deeply emotional and we feel that we are seeing a new stage. I would like to see this museum in many people. Thank you very much for everyone involved.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Small Ecosystems and Fish From Overwintering Ponds

An old outside signboard attached to the eaves of the entrance from the early Showa period was found from Last year, we released fish such as carp, goldfish, medaka etc. in the pond to make it a measure of pest control and safe groundwater supply. As fish supplies clean, the more it can survive for a long time, it is necessary to create an environment with moderately microorganisms and bacteria. For that purpose, we realized the coexistence of organisms that start with microorganisms by circulating and mixing the water of a new pond filled with clean groundwater and the existing pond where weeds grow. From this it is understood that creating a Japanese garden not only abstracts the transition of the four seasons rooted in the land and the wind stream but also understands that science knowledge is needed "how to create an internally complete ecosystem" I can do it._GARDENOPENING




The pond in winter was not as a place to live but as a place to melt the heavy snow, the fish in the bottom of the pond seemed to have been successfully overwintering. Although they were small small individuals, they came to melt and gradually revealed their energetic appearance. The movement has become active as the temperature rises, and if we are lucky, they can confirm their appearance from the entrance to the garden. In the Iwasaki area, the mountain river nature remained for a long time, and we have many creatures, but there were grace and gratitude also in the small ecosystem of Yamamo's garden.



We have been the foundation of people 's eating habits as local industries in the region. We also contribute to the community as one of ecosystems, and convey the history, climate and culture of this land. The Iwasaki area where the brewery industry which begins from the blessings of water is thriving. The fourth generation may have superimposed this on the landscaping and garden ecosystems. We are able to notice the feelings and value of our predecessors by starting again in the garden that lasts 100 years.





A year before last year, we conducted a snow melting test that saves snow by storing groundwater in existing ponds, for reasons such as a decrease in snow removal work force due to aging and management of old trees. Although it was a year of heavy snowfall that is not unprecedented in the past, it was able to melt thoroughly. And we established a snow melting pool on the eaves front, aiming to improve snowmelt efficiency by spraying groundwater to the pool._GARDENOPENING




On the other hand, in a new pond, groundwater is discharged into the water and a mechanism is established to melt the snow with the convection. It was time to test the results this year. A snowfall of a considerable amount disappeared in the pond one after another and it was able to function safely. Not only the stock water but also groundwater that attracted attention again melted the snow of the garden tree around the pool and the pond and could show the way of the garden even in winter.



Revitalizing the heavy snowy zone is very difficult due to the severe living environment in winter and it will be the ground which is not easily chosen. We are hoping for the technology with natural energy there, making it a tourism resource. Efforts are in the middle, I want to go towards the goals and advance while interwoven between old and new. The first generation turned to the water as an industry, the fourth generation gave thanks to the garden, snow melting was done at the sixth and seventh generations. The 150-year-old stories about Mosuke Takahashi and water will continue.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Successive Generations and Inner Signboard

An old outside signboard attached to the eaves of the entrance from the early Showa period was found from the warehouse. This was removed in accordance with the renovation work of the outer wall in the middle of Showa, and the roof attached to the outer signboard was reused in the gate of the garden. The large external signboard kept sleeping for about 40 years while losing a place to be newly attached, and as a result of giving out a lot of wisdom by this renovation, I found a predetermined position in the ovary of the shrine._GARDENOPENING




In the back of the Shinto shrine, there was a principal like the fourth generation, and we managed the customers and employees. Only in this position, the old signboard which passed the years is suitable, and from now on will welcome customers as an inner signboard. The surrounding area will be moved once again to the prizes such as the galleries that we had so far, leaving Yamamo's achievements to the next generation.



I can feel the history of the pilot's accumulation and the course of years and bring out what Takahashi family and Yamamo have valued as brands. Although it is a contemporary remodeling, I would like to invite you widely as the main sign of modernity as the owner of the modern age, in order to have the same spirit as the generous owner in this space of this colonnade, and a shrine with a shrine like Inari.





There were five stone lanterns in the garden of Yamamo, illuminating the journey way. Besides three "Standing Lantern" as categories, there are "Mountain Lantern" and "Yukimi Lantern". The mountain lantern that illuminates the road from the hill in front of the water god fell down in the Great East Japan Earthquake and the rounded fire bag broke. The Yukimi lantern that illuminates the center of the garden widely broke the legs of the three sides over the course of years, and made natural stone as a foot, but then it tilted. In this garden we decided to rebuild the fallen mountain lantern and Yukimi lantern._GARDENOPENING




The mountain lantern made of natural stone is on the hill, and when aligning the angle of the pillar, it was a way to tilt slightly to the mountain side of the slope from the beginning. Place a newly made firebag from natural stone on it and see the balance such as direction. Leave the horizontal to match the slight inclination of the mountain side, and scrape extra parts. Place the fire bag again, lift the large-sized shade of natural stone, and install it with balance again. The pillar which stood on the ground for about 5 years was that the color of the soil shifted and gradually returned color with the age. Natural stone lantern revived in front of the shrine of the water god and revealed their presence.



UsThe Yukimi lantern is one in which the crests of "Kagetsuta in the circle" are entered in the three sides of the shade. It was oriented to match the feet of the three sides. The feet of the natural stone replaced with the legs of the three sides was in a state where it can not be autonomous because of problems on the foundation. Remove the Houjyu, the shade and the fire bag, and spread the crushed stone under the feet. Three adults finally take the horizontal moving feet and stabilize them. After that, I will stack the members in order and look at the balance. In the middle of the garden, I was able to firmly self-support the Yukimi lantern as it is along the feet of Hiba.



For many years, I was looking at the garden where stone lanterns are not properly located. When the stone lantern bridge is rebuilt, when walking along the way toward the entrance from the entrance, I feel the interest in the presence and appearance of the lanterns in the scene. The enjoyment will increase in the landscape when the sun is lit and the light is lit. Also, in addition to carpenters and gardeners, I was able to see other craftsmen, in touch with stone shops. Since the stone's work is a work that can be seen for a long time, there was a unique time flow in commitment and thought. The garden takes a lot of hands, it is built, and it remains until now. I do not forget the heart of the making hand and the impression of those who walk for the first time, I think that I should continue handling it.





Garden of Yamamo continued from the 4th generation of the era more than 100 years the state has seen in ancient photos. Our garden was a stepping stone is laid on the ground of soil and grass. At the time, guide you through the important customers in the house the center of the raised parlor, had you use the garden. They are facing the pond out of the veranda, reach the water God. New garden usual route we make of modern, are intended for people with a thirst for knowledge interested in the industry and the history of the Takahashi family of land. While following the teachings of a long time in order that, added to the new thinking, you will need to re-define anew garden._GARDENOPENING




Stepping stone that was removed once the installation of snow melting pool is not only used in the cobbled out of the gate, was spread on a small hill of the usual route toward the pond from the edge of the tatami room. And it was in place to stop when facing the center of the pond. Its spread the Tamaryuu between stepping stones, was to become familiar with the existing atmosphere of the plant has elapsed aging.



Usual route that does not assume an unspecified number of admission are many soil and moss, there is a quaint by secular progress. We also while leaving the flavor, you look for the ease of walking. In addition, you will also need the care that does not damage the roots of the planting of old more than a century from the tree planting. In view of the above, as it is the existing usual route of the back of the pond, usual route to the newly created chose to be to spread gravel.



Usual route around the new pond is close to the waterfront, so that does not flow in the rain, and the gravel of the order of the size of the nail. Also Yamamo of the garden is to represent the grace of the temple there is water in the god of water, usually as gravel material chose Nachi stone to become dark blue color, when wet and black. This makes the two look a garden in the presence or absence of water. Calm dark water surrounding that jumping of Kakei and Tsukubai, you can admire beautiful green moss that grows faintly. On the other hand, rain garden sank deeper tone of the ground, green water flow and planting looks better. View from a new entrance garden, next to the tint of the deep stone floors, now that there is an atmosphere of 100 years of history, water and planting.





Since the change in the patrol path is caused by the provision of the snow melting pool to the edge of the eaves, it became that surplus is stepping stone that was used for the stroll garden of Yamamo. This garden was created by taking advantage of the stone of the land more than 100 years ago. So we aim to garden that followed the these stones. The cobbled provided on the attractions of the garden, will mark the significance of using again in history and contemporary garden by stone._GARDENOPENING




The berm of the garden entrance of the eaves, we provided the cobbled Oga stone. The berm pond and Kakei, Tsukubai, such as the pillars of Yukisasae, there are a number of fixtures products. Space organic curves, such as natural stone is large, it will match the flavor of the pattern in the turbulent tension by skilled craftsmen. Then trimmed laying crushed stone, laid the thickness more than 10cm of Oga stone, joint will continue to choose so as not to monotonous rhythm evenly.



Joint between the stone and the stone is careful not too thin, filled with soil, put the moss that grows around the berm, and prepares as cobbled moss joint. Before the current garden entrance part renovation is a secluded part of the garden, there is a moderate moisture, it was moss grows place to fence. Taking advantage of the environment, by making the frequently watering, will continue to green and black of the berm in harmony with nature over a long time.



Roof garden of the gates, the fourth generation of the time, something that has been attached to the large signboard of the mansion. Predecessors was the gate of the garden by diverting it. Large gate with a strong presence is one of the attractions of the garden, it was to be associated the cobblestone for favor. Create a cobblestone frame with built-stone of the horizontal and vertical, which has been used as the basis of the old warehouse, there to put in the soil, we will spread the stepping stones.



Between the big stepping stone cobblestone gates, put the extent of the size of the stone in which had been used in the garden, was a stone pavement that expression by the various existing stone. Not to be outdone on the size of the gate, the presence of the stone pavement with a frugal a taste, mix with front of the building more than 100 years, without discomfort even in the modern work the garden, now that provide additional value to the garden.
Former garden area of the soil there were many, the grace of the water by two of the pond, by the two cobbled by the existing stone, has produced a new balance. We are made again garden in modern judgment, but this utilization of the stone has been interpreted as a later special significance, we hope to go in addition to write a new story in the history of Yamamo.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Eaves of the Garden Entrance

From the point of view of snow melting, so that the winter snow fall in a pond, we issued the eaves in the center of a new pond. This open top of the garden entrance is covered with eaves, garden of landscape will be a long panorama next. Also member of the eaves, we used the old materials that were once used to Takahashi house. The girders 7 meter-of old materials to support the both ends in the pillars of the old materials of 12 cm square. We have decided to install a new member of the pillars of 9cm angle in the center as a winter of snow support to it._GARDENOPENING


但從融雪的點,從而使冬季降雪在池塘,我們發出屋簷在一個新的池塘的中心。這種開放式的花園入口的山頂上覆蓋著屋簷,景觀園林將是下一個很長的全景。另外,屋簷的一員,我們用曾經被用來高橋家的舊材料。 7舊材料米的大樑,支持12厘米見方的舊材料的支柱兩端。我們已決定安裝9厘米角度的支柱的新成員在該中心作為它承雪一個冬天。


Pillar of support is close to Kakei and Karin of wood to supply the charged water, it affects the flow line of the garden. Also, when viewed from a long distance, it will be able to divide the view of the garden to the vertical. This pillar is located in the pillars of the structure on the, winter of support, but it is a very a strong presence pillar. Here was the octagonal corners cut off. It is thin and sharp in the garden entrance center. The shadow becomes a gradient, you get the look.



To Translate the history of the renovation that was taking advantage of the quince tree in the shape of the eaves, and ingenuity to the roof around the stem. Gardener taking into account the growth and appearance of Karin is a symbol tree, fused the carpenters and sheet metal machining technology, and the representation. As a result, it is similar to the design of the octagonal pillars adjacent to the quince, up gouge the roof in the shape of a half of an octagon, eaves was in the form to fend off the stem of Karin.



Indoor garden entrance after the eaves came out, light is limited, the tone of the ceiling and the wall fell, had a profound impression. Pillars stand in Toriumi stone of the edge of the pond is close to the waterfront, it exudes the architectural interesting. Garden eaves of Yamamo is, making full use of many craftsmen industry, now that interwoven nature of the story and stone, water and trees that follows from the past to skillfully.

室內花園後門口的屋簷出來了,光限制,天花板的色調和柏林牆倒塌,產生了深刻的印象。支柱站在池塘邊的石鳥海是靠近海濱,散發著建築有趣。 Yamamo花園簷,充分利用眾多工匠行業,現在交織從過去巧妙地下面的故事,石,水和樹木自然。


So far of those taking advantage of the existing building is renovated part, there was a part, such as going to parry what is in as of aikido if said. Work out this time of the eaves, unlike the past, we have now and those that actively representation that you have to cherish. Work to create the eaves is a new work. However, we are using the aging elapsed member at those as much as possible of the Takahashi family. And we aim to existence, such as it was in there from 100 years ago. That's what is the roots that have been carved into the people and the land. And there living today who is that going to mix the history and cultural values in modern eyes, is born brand identity of Yamamo. While such long-lasting in the work we feel the "coolness".




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_The Grace of Minase River, the Flow of the Garden and the Bridge

The "Kakei" natural bamboo to provide a charged water Yamamo is subsoil water of Minase river provided on the garden entrance, we will drop the water to "Tsukubai". Sound that poured into the feed water is "Tsukubai" gives a taste to the garden, you can feel the richness of Sakae-cho of Yamamo closest to the river in the Iwasaki region. This from the richness of the water, founder Mosuke is heading the industry of the land, the fourth generation-Hikoshiro has put the thought in the garden of the god of water._GARDENOPENING




Finished the provision of charged water, the next step is to continue to promote the development of the creek that enters the flow from the new pond. Also used the Toriumi stone that was used in the pond on the edge of the stream, we will continue to continuous design. In the garden with a water flow, the spout of water is referred to as a "Takiguchi", and the garden of the point of interest. In the root of the newly provided gardens, new location put flows in the creek from the pond "Takiguchi" next to, you can create a new attraction in the garden of Yamamo.



For such flows to the usual route, we laid three a landscape of the stepping stones that has moved from under the eaves, and the bridge of the brook. Along the creek, gradually toward the bridge, we will put a gentle climb slope. Among walk continuously stepping stones, eyes increases, born is a change in the views of the garden. Can flow connecting the pond, we have there emerged the framework of the garden from a new entrance by placing a stone. This is because the "Japanese route" made in a horizontal layer to the fourth generation of the era, is intended to mix the "Western Route" facing vertically until temple of the god of water of purpose.


YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECTは、新たな水の流れとそれに付随したルートを作成し、新旧和洋を織り交ぜたハイブリッドな庭園を目指しています。ヤマモの庭園は本来、近親者以外踏み入れない私的な庭として四代目が作庭したものでした。時代背景を映した歴史的なルートはそのままに、現代に広く皆様に開放するルートを私たち六・七代目の時代に設計し、混ぜ合わせたものがこの度の庭園となります。時代は違えど、作庭の根幹にあるものが水の恵みであり、歴代続く私たちは、土地に合った恵みを大切に用い、製品として表現をしていきたいと考えております。創業者・高橋茂助から続く高橋家の物語を現代まで引き継ぎ、これからも継承していきます。私から公、過去から未来へと向かう庭園の取り組みは、まだまだ続いていきます。

Japanese garden is to express the faith and the nature of the benefit by using a stone and water, natural fixtures products from ancient times. We followed the ones following the current inherited from the past, there were mixed the modern sense, we would like to offer to everyone as a high-quality service. YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT is to create a new water flow and associated routes to it, we aim to hybrid garden mix of old and new Japanese and Western. Its foundation lies in what is a blessing of water, carefully used in accordance with the land, I want to the representation as a product.

日本庭园是表达信仰和利益的用石头和水,自古天然灯具产品性质。其次,我们从过去继承下来的电流下的那些,还有涨跌互现现代意义上,我们想提供给大家作为一个高品质的服务。YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT是创建一个新的水流和相关的路线吧,我们的目标是新旧日本和西方的混合搭配的花园。它的基础在于什么是水福,按照土地小心使用,我想表示作为一个产品。



YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Flat Garden Stone and Planting of the Curve

Because of stable snow melting of a new garden entrance, it will provide a pond. The left side of karin as the entrance of the symbol tree, there is a cypress on the right-hand side. To dodge their roots decide the shape of the pond. The new pond from the relationship between the existing pond has created a deep pool with a blue chokai stone. Among the pond at the time of melting snow of winter, and water discharge the groundwater, it has been designed so that convection occurs._GARDENOPENING




The feet of karin established a "tsukubai" had been attached to the parlor, and to have a new meaning that poured into the garden. Groundwater flow is charged water from here, enter the new pond, flows through the creek, will accumulate to an existing pond. From the garden entrance of Yamamo, you will be able to watch the flow of the water.



The large crane, and move a large garden stone. Adjusted in such a manner that a flat surface on the top, you create a rhythm in more than one stone. We will continue to follow the balance of the garden stone and the planting of the existing pond. Hill with a stump of pine that was cut down last year, and uprooting on this occasion, we wait for the next symbol tree is provided.



Yamamo of the garden is a continuation of the garden of the curve of shorn a flat garden stone planting. Of the modeling has appeared remarkably will be the existing garden center of the pond. That look to migration it has become a visited. It signed a flow line from the new garden entrance to this series of flows. New advance directions in visits, to woven layer structure of the original garden, put the structure of perspective, will continue to dramatic.
From the photograph third generation wife Tok is located in the center, it will ask the state at the time. Many green planting, there is a presence also clearly stepping stone. The current garden followed from the garden is made more than 100 years, grows moss to fixtures of stone by the secular progress, planting the rest to strategic locations, the stepping stone we are familiar takes soil. What leverage, what you going to follow in this state. It will depress future in the important area. In this way we incorporate the two structures of tradition and innovation, the fusion of old and new Japanese and Western, we would like to create the next-generation of the garden.


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「DISCOVERKAMENOCHO Vol.4 服部滋樹氏登場!」のパネリストとして七代目・高橋が登壇します。蔵人として造りをしながらもヤマモブランドのリブランディングを行う経営者の立場からお話できればと思います。ぜひ、ご参加ください。


今回のDISCOVERKAMENOCHOは服部滋樹さん来秋!トークイベント「ものをつくる その先を考える」です。

【場 所】秋田市南通亀の町ヤマキウ倉庫
【日 時】 2016 年 5 月 7 日(土)18:00〜20:00 
【参加費】 1,500 円(ワンドリンク付き)
    終了後 交流会参加費 1,500 円ドリンク別

服部滋樹|HATTORI Shigeki

[ Postscript ]

The seventh generation Takahashi as a panelist of "DISCOVERKAMENOCHO Vol.4 Mr. Shigeki Hattori appearance!" Will be on stage. I think that if you can talk from management's position to carry out the Yamamo brand of re-branding, while the build as brewers. By all means, please join us.

"DISCOVERKAMENOCHO Vol.4 Mr. Shigeki Hattori appearance!"

This time of DISCOVERKAMENOCHO Shigeki's next autumn Hattori! Talk Event "Given its destination to make things".
Design and production of original furniture, from sales, shop design, to the home renovation, people's lives, not only carried out a manufacturing those involved in all food, clothing and shelter, and sometimes to participate in the performance along with the artist, what to creative units that have a wide range of activities of beyond description in the company or a word you're "graf". The founder of the One, We podium to Shigeki Hattori to serve as representative, I think to the development by cooperating with this little continued since its founding, we will tell the philosophy as a "graf".
This lecture you want come to many people involved in manufacturing. After the completion is scheduled also exchange meeting to talk with people directly instructor.

[Place] Akita Minamidorikameno cho Yamakiu warehouse
[Day when] May 7, 2016 (Sat) 18:00 to 20:00
    ※ after the end of exchange meeting held
[Entry fee] 1,500 yen (with one drink)
    After the completion of exchange meeting participation fee 1,500 yen drink another
    ※ both consumption tax

Born in 1970 Osaka born. "Graf" representative, creative director, designer. Interior shop, through the design company work, founding the "graf" with friends who met in the interior shop in 1998. Architecture, such as the design and involved in the interior, such as branding direction maker. In recent years it has also demonstrated its ability to social activities, such as regional revitalization. Kyoto University of Art and Design Faculty of Arts, Department of Information Design Professor.

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服部滋樹|HATTORI Shigeki
出生於1970年大阪誕生。 “格拉夫”的代表,創意總監,設計師。室內裝飾店,通過設計公司上班,轉攻“格拉夫”與誰在室內鋪在1998年遇到了朋友。建築,如設計和參與內部,如品牌方向機。近年來,它也展示了它的社會活動,如區域振興的能力。藝術的京都大學藝術設計學院,信息設計系教授。





Leaving a minimum of beams and columns, we will continue to simple and strong structure. Yamamo of the building and listen to the story to master carpenter, the number result of generations over repeated renovation, things that the beams and columns that do not function are present. It is each time the judgment of what would by far that the leave in the field, and then explore the form to leave to the next generation. Alcove of the position that has been thought to be from ancient times, was what was created by the renovation after. Part of the continuous columns is rot, came out also places that must be reinforced. In addition, there was also a beam that can not be returned to the completely original by many years of distortion._GARDENOPENING




Strength and design, examined from various viewpoints, such as history, we will determine the shape. From strength, better still original position, foundation also solid. Thick forced pillar in the reinforcement so that it can consciousness as a mainstay, and to have a meaning as a presence. Deflected beam will continue to carved the history of the building as a taste of secular progress.



Position of such a selection continued for fixed pillars was almost those subside to the position of the beginning of the building. Followed by those from generation to generation, the thought of the founder who launched it was found that it strong again. Traditional industries will honor such a will, we will change the shape to then connect baton.



Simple structure also strongly, also makes it easier fixtures after. That complicated the effort it will also be difficult to identify after also. While master carpenter is intended is renovated property also of the 400 years before that worked once, it seems to have been a surprisingly simple structure. It is important to continue the addition of hand by the value of that era. But it is complicated as long as it ignores the context of history, sustainability will decrease. It becomes necessary experience to read the context. Master carpenter is now 76 years old. "That pillar did not escape if it is not me." We once again realize the importance of the moment of decision. We are also secular in cultural as well, are you living in a turning point that forced the decision.

結構簡單也強烈,也更容易固定裝置後。該複雜的努力,也將是困難也後鑑別。當木匠師傅打算是裝修酒店還400年之前的工作一次,它似乎是一個令人驚訝的簡單結構。它繼續加入手由那個時代的值是重要的。但它是只要它忽略歷史的情況下變得複雜,可持續性將減小。它成為必要的經驗看上下文。木匠大師現在是76歲。 “如果不是我的支柱沒有逃脫。”我們再次認識到決策時刻的重要性。我們也是文化世俗,以及,你生活中的強制決定的一個轉折點。

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時間:4月23日 18:00−20:00
場所:湯沢酒造会館 秋田県湯沢市前森1丁目1−26

湯沢市には著名な建築家、白井晟一が設計した全国的にも有名なモダニズム建築があります。しかし現在、利活用がほとんどない状況となっており、取り壊し解体の話も浮上しております。秋田湯沢の歴史からも重要な建築物であり、保存・維持させるためには現代のニーズにマッチした有効活用方法を模索しなければなりません。 今回は白井建築の一つである酒造会館を会場に、湯沢にある歴史的に重要な建築物を活用し、次代へ継承していくために何が必要か。現状考えられる問題点や対策を基に事業を推し進めていく必要があります。外部協力者の3名をお招きし、トークセッションを実施致します。

  白井 原太 氏

・株式会社See Visions
  代表取締役 東海林 諭宣 氏

・ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 高茂合名会社
  七代目 高橋 泰 氏

1,000円 飲食チケット2枚付き



[ Postscript ]

The seventh generation Takahashi as a panelist of "Yuzawa town connecting with renovation" is on stage. For modernist architecture of Seiichi Shirai "Yuzawa brewing hall", from the point of view of the generations what follows, I want to talk about prospects and its value. Please feel free to join us.

"Yuzawa Town Connecting with Renovation"

Time : April 23, 18:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Place : Yuzawa brewing hall, Akita Prefecture Yuzawa Maemori 1-chome, 1-26

Prominent architect in Yuzawa, also in nationwide that Seiichi Shirai has designed the famous modernist architecture. But now, has become a little situation utilization, it also emerged talk of demolition dismantling. Is an important building from the history of the Akita Yuzawa, you must seek the effective utilization way that matches the needs of the modern in order to preserve and maintain. The venue of the brewing hall, which is one of the Shirai building this time, to take advantage of the historically important buildings in Yuzawa, what is needed in order to continue to inheritance to the next generation. We need to promote a business on the basis of the problems and measures that are considered status quo. We invited three members of the external collaborators, will conduct a talk session.

・Seiichi Shirai Building Research Institute (Atelier No.5)
  Genta Shirai

・See Visions
  CEO Akihiro Shoji

・Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp.
  The Seventh Generation Yasushi Takahashi

[Entry fee]
1,000 yen Food and drink ticket with two.
Ticket exchange : Akita sake (Takatome sake store select), Yamamo Apetizer plate (Yamamo new product tasting), beer, soft drinks, we have various other available.
*If you wish to add it takes additional costs.

[Parking Lot]
You can use the old Yuzawa Central Hospital.

[Contact Us]
Yuzawa Junior Chamber Secretariat

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・股份有限公司See Visions
  代表董事 東海林 諭宣 氏

・YAMAMO味噌醤油醸造商 / 高茂合名会社
  七代目 高橋 泰 氏

1,000日元 食品和飲料票有兩個






Order to provide a new garden entrance near the entrance of the brewery, began the part of the demolition of the house. We will continue to dismantle the boutiques and Buddhist altar room adjacent to the entrance. Also it is certain of sense to repair the distortion of the foundation and beams of the member due to the passage of many years, which has withstood the heavy snowfall. This building is now the current floor plan repeatedly renovated renovation from its inception up to now. The building also has come when changing the form._GARDENOPENING




Each room also has a lot of feelings, we have both the time to accept a large number of customers. However, when considering the worry of sliding doors and snow does not open, not impassable to avoid this time of drastic renovation. We will give the relationship a new value to the old commercial building Japanese garden. Hinted the history of the 149-year follow Takahashi house from its foundation, we would like to in the location to be invited to widely.



After the move was evidence and reinforcement of beams and columns can be seen through the dismantling. Building last more than 100 years, you can see that has been configured in a stacked of judgment of that era. What better life even in the era, industry, thought to the future, we have been working at the discretion of the brewery. It was evaluated in the current generation, and the re-construction. We took over from the past, we will continue to make a decision while exploring sustainability.



By the time the dirt floor of the soil came out, the smell of the soil had been hung over. Many people are living on this earth floor, we came to the table in a few decades. Part of the tree is rotten, distortion on the beam had occurred in its influence. We will firmly architectural assembled from the ground. It is that we assemble the land of the industry once again, I felt something similar to it. I would like to start from this location.





Last year, snow melting by watering to the groundwater pool using the garden center of the pond was found to be effective. Based on the results, providing a concrete snow melting pool to a lot of snowfall under the eaves, so that you can put thawed snow falling snow and snow removal from the roof. Raise the snow melting capacity fitted with a water spray nozzle to the pool top. This allows you to significantly reduce the snow measures. This order to improve the appearance of the pool, after this time the snow is gone, and place the gravel and stones to become familiar with the garden of the sum._GARDENOPENING




In order to ensure a sufficient amount of water to the watering of the underground water, new wells were required. Only snow melting and dug up to about 40m asked the subsoil water of Kurikoma system also suitable for brewing without. It is a lot you do not know if the ground or water vein is not dug, from the same vein as the tradition groundwater there is a risk to let wither an existing well. There was also the moment to fidget in such a situation, without affecting the existing well, I was able to get an excellent water vein. Water of the grace of Minase river, the connoisseur of the founder Mosuke Takahashi of land, has a thank again.

為了確保水足量至地下水的澆水,要求新井。只有融雪,並挖出40M左右問栗駒系統的底土水也適合釀造無。這是很多你不知道,如果地面或水面靜脈不挖,從同樣作為傳統的地下水是有風險的,讓枯萎現有良好。還有在這種情況下坐立不安,不影響現有井的那一刻,我是能夠得到一個優秀的水脈。 皆瀬川,創始人土地高橋茂助的鑑賞家,恩惠的水又有感謝。


Originally, it was going to work the snow melting pool is also in the vicinity of the entrance to the garden. However, by providing a "pond" equipped with a snow-melting ability without impairing the landscape, we decided to solve the problem. This is the garden of Yamamo will be two of the pond is present, it can be a variety of tricks as the garden of the sum. Simply not only comb the snow, we were able to create a fun in the future of the garden of the efforts. As well as this new pond snow melting pool, after the snow has disappeared, and the nature and familiar finish of vegetation.



Tree of vintage quince that flourish under the eaves from the old, will leave as the entrance of the symbol tree. Arranged "Tsukubai" at the feet of this quince, and the starting point of the water entering the flow to the garden. To discharge the groundwater drawn from a new well in the water of the pond, prompting the convection of the high water temperature. This winter, even taking off the snow of the roof continued from the entrance of the palms together in this pond is now assumed that the function fully as snow melting pool. Yamamo is to obtain a wealth of underground water by the new well, put the light in the garden that was closed by heavy snowfall by snow melting of a new pond. The two ponds is a feature of the garden, to entertain the visitors, that garden experience feel the richness and history of the water of the land. We are through the garden of the efforts, we think about the original experience of Iwasaki region.

卡琳復古從舊的屋簷下蓬勃發展之樹,將離開作為符號樹的入口。排列“蹲”在腳本木瓜,並進入流向園水的起點。要釋放從一口新井在池塘中的水抽地下水,促使水溫高的對流。這個冬天,即使考慮了屋頂的積雪從手掌的入口在這個池塘一起繼續現在假定功能充分地融雪池。 Yamamo是新井,獲得了豐富的地下水,把光,是由一個新的池塘融雪閉幕大雪花園。這兩個池塘是園林的特色,招待來訪客人,那這花園的體驗感受土地的水的豐富性和歷史。我們是通過努力的花園,我們想想岩崎地區的原始經驗。




To open the garden of Yamamo, it sets the new route, and provided entrance. It will faces the garden from the select shop is the current entrance next to the room. For this purpose it is necessary to devise the roof and eaves, must resolve the winter snow and snow removal problems. A simple snow melting equipment that were tested last year is a thing of the quality that can withstand heavy snowfall, to proceed with the work in order to be installed under the eaves facing the garden._GARDENOPENING




The garden has a "Tsukubai" and "lanterns" for the tea ceremony, the water god of the approach to a shrine is located is "stepping stones" or "bridge". As we proceed with the work, you will need a movement of the part. Also, considering the degree of road width, and remove the logging and tree stump which finished life. To prepare for the future of snowfall, various under preparation, such as heavy equipment of the carry-in began.



For Yamamo garden is not the magnitude of the gate that large of heavy machinery is put in, go to work in a small heavy machinery and manpower. "Stepping stone" is moving at a bar, the excavated soil and stump carries to the outside of the garden in the unicycle. "Tsukubai" and "lantern" is moved by lifting a large crane that was installed outside the garden. Workers more than 10 people, it became a large-scale work.

对于Yamamo花园是没有门的,大型重型机械放在幅度,走在一个小重型机械和人力的工作。 “敲门砖”正朝着一个吧,挖出的土,并残端携带在独轮车花园外。 “T蹲”和“灯笼”被解除被外面的花园安装了大型起重机移动。职工10余人,成为一个大型的工作。


It is difficult to modern times to maintain the old garden. That's why I think I attract the human mind. Architect, carpenter, gardener, determines the things by a number of expert eyes, historic things I will continue to move into the future. Leaving the garden sum fourth generation is made, and to be able to also be enjoyed snow in heavy snow areas. Beyond the generations, that you will tell the history of Takahashi house and Iwasaki region. Facing the achievement of that goal, we want to continue to promote efforts.





Every year, according to the celebration of Iwasaki Hachiman Shrine, and then pruning the garden. In the local Iwasaki region many people came that way. In the garden of Yamamo, do the work gardeners about one week if it is longer. In that case, there is a garden that must be cut down by the annual heavy snow and insect damage. Unfortunately, we have out such trees this year._GARDENOPENING




The takeover of the past, is not an easy thing to keep hold the view that you see now. Also it will be able to know it from the maintenance of the garden. We not only leave the brewing industry, you will be able to enjoy the garden fourth generation is made. And be so able to leave as a place to tell the history of the region, we believe to be the mission of Yamamo.



Is pruning the garden, it is lights the fire in lanterns, and the decorations. We every time there is a festival, think the views of the future. After finishing the Hachiman Shrine festival, Yamamo aims to open garden, to proceed with the walk again. This winter, we will be able to look with confidence in the garden of snow, it aims to place making that is open and warm.





Six people's of Mosuke has made industry so far from the Edo Period. They have worked as a bellwether in land. So, there would be much grounds at the heart. There are much gods in these land and building. The gods of the harvest who have that in a household altar of YAMAMO. Mr. river-god located in a garden. There is also a household altar in each in seven storehouses. YAMAMO has been protected by many gods._GARDENOPENING




We have decided to open a garden and do remodeling reconstruction under the thought that we'd like to connect traditional industry with the next generation. That you should pray to the gods of the harvest of a household altar for it, I have worried too much. This year which is increasingly, the coming chance and that case have come. Before fiscal year changes, I have decided to go and worship at Kyoto Fushimi-inari-taisha.



God of YAMAMO doesn't know whether he are the gods of the harvest gathered which time. But it's a happy thing that I could bring that home. Seventh generations of Mosuke Takahashi considers of founder's feeling. I grope after its shape today. It's felt that feelings of 6 people's of Mosuke are also taken by that up to now.



I may not be able to make business like the former ancestor. But it's unshapely in order to do that but an effort is being made. I hoped and informed the gods of the harvest without hiding the feeling. The environment that traditional industry in an area is surrounded is severe. But I'd like to make the way I chose and walked by myself something good somehow or other. Again, I prayed to the gods of the harvest in Kyoto Fushimi for the belief manifestation honestly.





Snow won’t stop falling. Layers of snow cover the ground again and again. We need to snow off from the roof. The pond in back garden has amazing ability to melt snow. Staff members and family smile with happy surprise. Ground water blessed not only for brewery but also people who live in snowy region._GARDENOPENING


秋田比往年都成為了積雪多的年初。Yamamo急急忙忙飄雪的風著。去年末使之復活的池超過預想融雪能力高(貴),公司職員和家族對那個效果也感到吃驚。那是投入在selection shop上(裡)懸掛的大屋頂的雪的大半一晚融嗎做事也能的那樣。地下水的恩惠減輕了不僅僅是釀造還有,住在多雪的地方的負擔。


Drawn groundwater waters a pond and also makes snow who could throw melt from the upper part. When the distance is excessive to the surface of the water, the temperature of the water you watered falls, it's thrown from about 50 cm of height from a surface of the water. When the water level will be the fixed height, water is drawn by a pump, and it flows to the drain where an outer wall in a garden is circled. The snow removal ability around the outer wall rose with increase of this drainage.
This a series of equipment was introduced experimentally and it's removed once in spring. This snow melting function is mounted again to the next winter so that a view in a garden isn't damaged. It was still far by completion in a garden, but it was possible to succeed in a snow melting test using groundwater for the time being.



ヤマモの庭園は四代目高橋茂助・彦四郎が作庭をし100年以上、現在まで護り続けてきました。内蔵で保管された写真には、彦四郎が妻の“あき”と寄り添う姿も収められております。時は流れ五代目茂助・毅一郎のとき、田畑をより豊かに耕すため水路が変わり、中央の池は潤いを失くしました。また近年の大雪で、幾本かの木が倒れてしまいました。五代目、六代目が豪雪と闘いながらも何とか存続させたこの庭を、七代目の私はそれに堪えうる機能を有したものに再び作庭したいと思います。彦四郎の時代に熟慮された私的な空間から、土地の歴史ある財産として皆様に開かれたものへ。醸造の背景にある雪国の四季。皆瀬川と春の雪解けがもたらす豊かな水資源。借景にはじまる景色の層が織り成す日本庭園。これらの体験を通じ、彦四郎の想い、侘び寂びを承継し、次の世代へと伝えていきたいと思います。ヤマモの“開かれた庭園を目指して”-YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT-を見守っていただければと思います。

七代目 高橋泰


The 4th Generation of Mosuke Takahashi, Hikoshiro did landscape, and in more than 100, I was keeping protecting a garden in YAMAMO up to now. The form that Hikoshiro nestles close to wife's "space" was also put in a picture. Time passes and the pond where The 4th Generation, Kiichiro is the center at  withers up, and the trees have died of recent years' heavy snow. Landscape would like to make The 7th Generation, Yasushi of this garden The 5th Generation and The 6th Generation, Yoshihiko made continue while fighting against a heavy snow me of an eye again to an opened garden with the snow melting functions which can stand up to a heavy snow. Four seasons in the snowy district in the background of brew and experience of a Japanese garden of the layer structure. In the official one which was opened by everybody from the private garden considered Hikoshiro's time. Hikoshiro's, I'd like to think, succeed to taste for the simple and quiet grace with age BI and tell to the next generation. Please take care of "-YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT-aiming at a "opened garden in YAMAMO._GARDENOPENING

Yasushi Takahashi The 7th Generation of Mosuke Takahashi
TAKAMO & Corp.
Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company


Yamamo的庭園第四代高橋茂助·彥四郎把作品庭園做成100年以上,到現在護ri持續。彥四郎與妻子的"空隙"挨近的身姿也被收到照片。時候流逝,第五代茂助·毅一郎的時候中央的池枯萎,樹木因近幾年的大雪倒下。第五代,想向有第七代的我能承受大雪的融雪功能第六代與大雪一邊搏鬥一邊使之繼續存在的這個庭園的,被打開的庭園再次作品庭園做。釀造的背景有的多雪的地方的四季和層結構的日本庭園的體驗。彥四郎的時代被考慮的從私人的庭園,被大家開平方的公家的向東西。我承襲彥四郎的感情,過孤寂生活變蒼老,想向下面的世代傳達。請多關照Yamamo的“以被打開的庭園作為目標”-YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT-。

第七代傳人 高橋泰


First I stick the groundwater pulled from a factory on a pond, mount a hot groundwater pool and make the snow melting function last. The efficiency of snow shoveling is improved by throwing snow on a roof here. The renaissance of this pond is going to be accomplished for function mounting, but this is the part which is a floral pattern in a garden a fountain matches and becomes a face of a project formerly. We'd like to give a beacon of garden revival from the renaissance of the pond in the winter which came unexpectedly.





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