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Akita women's active support We gathered about the working style of our company Yamamo and internal company design on the support net. As our remarks are, our company system is not directed towards anyone like a woman, but it is a result of seeking for the next generation and what fits this climate. There are also parts that we have to change yet, and there are important issues not only our company but also society as a whole must deal with. In any case, we believe that everyone in the community needs to make progress. I would like to see the article by all means._mediainfo


秋田女性的積極支援關於本公司Yamamo的工作風格以及支援網上的內部企業設計匯集了。 正如我們的評論所言,我們的公司係統並不針對像女人這樣的任何人,但這是尋求下一代的結果,以及適合這種氣候的因素。 還有一些我們必須改變的部分,不僅是我們公司還有整個社會必須處理的重要問題。 無論如何,我們相信社區中的每個人都需要取得進展。 我希望通過一切手段看到這篇文章。



"We are not working to raise the female ratio"
TAKAMO & Corp. is a brewery of miso sauce that lasts about 150 years in the area of Yuzawa since its establishment in 1867. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, managing director, said, "I put a scout on the employment regulations with the aim of working for the next generation type." Promotion of full acquisition of maternity leave, childcare leave, annual paid leave, introduction of flex system which can include traveling time in working hours by responding to overseas work or exhibitions, and can handle remote work. Currently, the ratio of female employees exceeds 50%, but it is said that we did not take action to raise female ratio.

About vacation
By making advance application 3 days in advance, we made it a rule that you can also get annual paid vacation in hours. Mr. Takahashi feels that it will lead to improvement of work efficiency from the mental side by submitting documents to the city office and having work styles that go back after hours, such as hospital visits. I tell you that it is more advantageous for a company to acquire it in units of time than to get out of one day due to the schedule of several hours. Also, due to pre-application, employees tend to make plans in advance, tell them that the team planned to think about what kind of movement to follow with the assumption that there are people to rest It was.
It is said that the atmosphere makes it easy for people to take a break freely in the company, and understanding of their hardships during child rearing is also deep. Because it is easier to take a break, if you feel uncomfortable in terms of health, if you go to a hospital without having to endure, I feel that the company side also has the merit of preventing long-term withdrawal in advance. Currently taking rate of holidays is 100%. "I think that it became easier to balance work and home while such an internal system and atmosphere was in place and that the ratio of female employees increased as a result."

高茂合名会社是自1867年成立以來在湯澤地區持續約150年的味噌醬的釀造廠。 董事總經理高橋康司先生說:“我為了下一代產品的工作目的而對僱傭條例進行了調查。” 促進全面收購產假,育兒假,帶薪年假,引入彈性系統,可以包括工作時間的旅行時間,通過回應海外工作或展覽,並且可以處理遠程工作。 目前,女性員工比例超過50%,但據說我們沒有採取行動提高女性比例。

通過提前3天提前申請,我們制定了一項規則,您可以在幾小時內獲得年度帶薪休假。 高橋先生認為,通過向市政府提交文件以及在工作時間之後返回的工作方式(如醫院訪問),可以從精神方面提高工作效率。 我告訴你,一家公司以時間為單位獲取它比由於幾個小時的時間表離開一天更有利。 此外,由於預先申請,員工傾向於提前製定計劃,告訴他們團隊計劃考慮假設有人需要休息時應遵循何種運動 它是。
據說,氣氛讓人們在公司裡自由休息是很容易的,對孩子撫養的困難的理解也很深刻。 因為休息比較容易,如果你在健康方面感覺不舒服,如果你不需要忍受就去醫院,我覺得公司方面也有提前防止長期停藥的優點。 目前休假率為100%。 “我認為,在這樣一個內部系統和氛圍已經到位的情況下,工作和家庭之間的平衡變得更加容易,並且女性員工的比例也隨之甓叩”



Training "Kura-bito"
In order to convey the charm of the brewing industry both in Japan and abroad, "Re-branding" was carried out, and received the Good Design Award of 2013. In direct shop, not only miso · soy sauce, etc. but also sales of apparel and amenity goods, factory tour etc are carried out. These salespersons and tour guides are supposed to be concurrently held by clerks and factory staff, and all employees concurrently hold positions as "training nurseries" who are not exclusive staffs. Although there are many backgrounds of women dealing with seasonings, it seems that coordination such as who is going to respond to customer service by mating, whether male or female will do at any time.

The next deployment
Mr. Takahashi felt a certain response with regard to acquisition of time on a weekly basis, "I still do not have it in 5 days defined in the Labor Standards Law, so I can feel that more days can be acquired on a more hourly basis" is. Regarding child-raising aspect, I feel that we can respond with current institutional design, but it seems that we are concerned about future care for nursing care, "Nursing care is a problem all the people have, just a company We are feeling the limits of dealing with it, so we will work on society as a whole and advance our approach. "

為了傳達日本國內外釀酒業的魅力,進行了“品牌再造”,並獲得2013年度優秀設計獎。 在直接店鋪,不僅是味噌·醬油等,還銷售服裝,美容用品,工廠參觀等。 這些銷售人員和導遊應該由職員和工廠人員同時持有,所有員工同時擔任不是專職人員的“培訓托兒所”。 儘管女性處理調味品的背景有很多,但似乎是誰配合,比如誰會通過交配來響應客戶服務,無論男性還是女性都會隨時做。

高橋先生對每週收購時間感到一定的反應,“我還沒有在”勞動標準法“規定的5天內規定,所以我可以感覺到更多的時間可以按小時計算” 它是。 關於育兒方面,我覺得我們可以用當前的製度設計做出回應,但似乎我們擔心未來護理護理,“護理是所有人都有的問題,只有一家公司 我們正在感受處理它的極限,所以我們將整個社會工作,並推進我們的方法。“

Akita Women's Active Support Net


ツーリズムを通じて海外へ日本の魅力を発信する岩本さんと、文化交流を主軸とし食やファッション等のものづくりを海外へ伝える野村さんにお越しいただきました。世界に日本の魅力を伝えるだけではなく、目利きとして日本の各地を周るお二人とはFACTORY TOURの中でも本質衣的な意見交換ができました。従事者やビジネスの観点から存続が難しい伝統文化をいかにして継続的に未来に残していけるのか。または、一定の役割を終えたものとして捉えていくのか。その判断を行わなければいけない時期はリソースの少ないローカルに訪れます。ここに理性的に対処すべく、世界と日本のローカルを文化を基軸に考える必要があるとお二人と意見が一致しました。SNSで発信いただけたことも嬉しく思っています!岩本さん、野村さん、ありがとうございました。

【 YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup −老舗蔵元の知的総合体験− 】
一般:1,500円 学生:1,000円 小中学生:500円 乳幼児:無料 事前予約制

Iwamoto-san, Nomura-san_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

Iwamoto-san who works to transmit Japanese charm overseas through tourism came to Nomura-san who tells overseas production of food and fashion etc, with cultural exchanges as the main axis. In addition to not only conveying the charm of Japan to the world, we were able to exchange opinions essentially in clothing among the FACTORY TOUR with the two of us who are around the rest of Japan as an eye candy. How can you continue to leave the traditional culture that is difficult to survive from the perspective of workers and businesses in the future? Or will you regard it as having finished a certain role? When we have to make that judgment we will visit local with less resources. In order to deal reasonably here, I understood mutual understanding that it is necessary to consider the localities of the world and Japan with culture as the corner. I am also happy that I could communicate with SNS! Iwamoto-san and Nomura-san, thank you._FACTORYTOUR

【YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup - Intellectual Integrated Experience of Old Branch -】
General: 1,500 yen Student: 1,000 yen Elementary and middle school student: 500 yen Infant / child: Free Advance reservation system


以旅遊為目的傳遞日本魅力的岩本先生來到野村,以海外文化交流為主軸,講述海外生產食品和時尚等。不僅告訴日本的魅力世界,日本的各個部分的兩個人周遊作為內行才能FACTORY TOUR之間實質上服裝交換意見。你如何能夠從未來的工人和企業的角度繼續留下難以生存的傳統文化?或者你會認為它已經完成了某個角色?當我們必須做出這樣的判斷時,我們將用較少的資源訪問本地。為了在這里合理處理,我理解了需要以文化為中心考慮世界的地區和日本的相互理解。我也很高興能與SNS溝通!岩本先生和野村先生,謝謝。

【湯姆山工廠旅遊 - 老科智能綜合經驗】
一般:1,500日元學生:1,000日元小學生:500日元嬰幼兒:免費 預訂系統


The most avant-garde soy sauce brewery in Akita.

7th generation soy sauce brewery in Akita.
How they simply do not compromise the quality of every ingredient, how they keep traditional way of brewing, how the brewery position itself within the community, the fact that is is in Akita where the depopulation is the most severe in the world, how they design the packaging the products they manufacture with love, how the 7th head of brewery talks about the stories and history of the brewery, it is all utterly coherent once you step into this quite brewery.
The website is a good read and written in Japanese, English and mandarin, the brewery tour is open for public.


蔵の読み応えバッツバツのウェブサイトもすごいし、見学は誰でも行けますので是非。 初めて行った秋田 いいところ。




About Australia Film Maker Promotion

There is a relationship with inbound, and we will be interviewed by the Australian animation production crew last summer. Without prior arrangements and scripts, shooting continued in answer to the questions thrown. Even during shooting, I felt a lot of attention such as how to enter the light and how to hear the sound, I also exchanged opinions with the taste and vision of the title well and chose the words. About taste and vision, I was surprised to see the finished product, as I was doing this kind of explanation. Cutting and editing Japanese traditional industry with the eyes of foreigners is a scene where Japanese people are noticed again. I think it is one truth and it is part of the side of Yamamo. By all means, I would like to take a look. Thank you very much for your crew._mediainfo


與入境有關係,去年夏天我們將接受澳大利亞動畫製作團隊的採訪。 如果沒有事先安排和劇本,射擊會繼續回答所提出的問題。 即使在拍攝過程中,我也會感受到很多關注,比如如何進入燈光以及如何聽到聲音,我也很好地與標題的品味和視覺交換了意見,並選擇了文字。 關於品味和視覺,我很驚訝地看到成品,因為我正在做這種解釋。 用外國人的眼睛剪切和編輯日本傳統產業是日本人再次被注意到的場景。 我認為這是一個事實,它是Yamamo方面的一部分。 無論如何,我想看一看。 非常感謝你的船員。






Relationship Between Taste and Vision

My company started the brewing business from that, Mosuke Takahashi took notice of the grace of water in 1867 when it was inaugurated. It will be a warehouse last year for 150 years. It is Yasushi Takahashi. It is the eleventh year that I succeeded the yamamo miso sauce brewer.

Rice miso is made from rice, soybean and salt, our company uses local Akitakomachi, and for soybeans we manufacture some of our own cultivation field. Because it is an area famous as a rice field, the mixing ratio of rice is twice to three times that of normal miso.

Since it can be eaten for the first time by stimulating the various five senses such as information of the vision by eating, it is one thing that you have to put in a stubborn eye from the appearance as introduction of the entrance.
However, because it is useless in fact, "it is necessary for the shape to express the characteristics of that taste", so if new products are made and innovative tastes are not innovative packages It does not convey. Even if it is transmitted, its depth is different.
So, it is not a talk about whether to pursue only that taste, but since its taste expression and visual expression are closely tied together, I think that I must work to join it well, so I give it a design It is.

Japanese condiments convey Japanese food to the people of the world, making it healthier steadily. I think that there is one place that feels the mission of making people happy.


我的公司從此開始了釀造事業,在1867年開始時,高橋茂助注意到了水的優雅。 去年將成為150年的倉庫。 它是高橋泰。 第十一年,我成功了山藥醬醬機。

大米味噌由大米,大豆和鹽製成,我們公司使用當地的Akitakomachi,而大豆則製造我們自己的一些種植場。 因為它是一個以稻田聞名的地區,米飯的混合比例是普通大醬的兩倍到三倍。

然而,因為實際上它毫無用處,所以“形狀必須表現出這種味道的特徵”,所以如果製造新產品並且創新味道不是創新包裝 它沒有傳達。 即使傳播,其深度也不同。
所以,這不是一個關於是否只追求這種味道的討論,但是因為它的品味表達和視覺表達緊密結合在一起,我認為我必須努力加入它,所以我給它一個設計 它是。

日本調味品將日本食品傳達給世界人民,使其日益穩定。 我認為有一個地方感到讓人們開心的使命。



Notice of the holiday in Golden Week in 2018

Yamamo's Golden Week holiday in 2018 is from April 29 (Sun) and 30 (Mon), 3 (Thu) to 6 (Sun). It is open from May 7th (Mon). Even during holidays, we respond to inquiries by phone or those who will come directly to this place, but we do not ship items. Also, as it is expected that the shipment of goods will be crowded, you may get a little time. Please note.


Yamame黃金周在平成30日的假期是從4月29日(星期日)和30日(星期一),3(星期四)到6日(星期日)。 它從5月7日(星期一)開放。 即使在節假日期間,我們也會通過電話或直接來到這個地方的人進行諮詢,但我們不會發送物品。 另外,由於預計貨物的裝運會很擁擠,你可能會花一點時間。 請承認。




Mexico has poor security by the mafia and criminal organization and needs to be protected by location and time. It is necessary to watch out for which moving means to use and it is difficult to make a decision without having a career in that country. Entering Central America, the price of Hoover was half of the taxi. Since mutual evaluation is directly linked to the next job, half safety is guaranteed and price negotiation is not necessary. Sharing economy intensely enters into a place where formation of moral is difficult and encourages its formation. In a globalized society, revolutionary technology also changes its country in a different way.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.4_MEXICO_2017.04.29-30

墨西哥郤厥鯱柁蛤畫反ヅ安全性很差,需要受到地點和時間的保護。 有必要留意使用哪種移動手段,如果沒有在該國的職業生涯,很難作出決定。 進入中美洲,胡佛的價格是出租車的一半。 由於相互評價與下一份工作直接相關,因此中期安全性得到保證,價格談判不是必需的。 分享經濟激烈地進入道形成困難的地方,鼓勵其形成。 在全球化的社會中,革命性技術也以不同的方式改變了其國家。



A part of Mexico City has creative compartments. It crumbled down in the Mexican earthquake, but a creative young man entered due to the liberal attitude of the landlord. There was art and investment one after another, raising the land price and forming a cultural section. Respect for the landlord was great, and some cafes used the name of the landowner as the store name.

墨西哥城的一部分擁有創意車廂。 它在墨西哥地震中崩潰,但由於地主的自由主義態度,一個有創造力的年輕人進入了地球。 藝術和投資層出不窮,抬高了地價,形成了文化部分。 尊重地主是偉大的,有些咖啡館使用土地所有者的名字作為商店名稱。


A certain number of Japanese landlords used to be familiar with the culture, have tolerance and contributed to the indigenous culture. They were called great masters and left their will to future generations. Japan will pursue economic development and pursue new wealth, Japan will have to return to culture and tolerance once again.

有一定數量的日本地主曾經熟悉這種文化,擁有醉董な属挧榲敲顕出出貢獻。 他們被稱為偉大的主人,並將他們的遺囑留給子孫後代。 日本將追求經濟發展和追求新的財富,日本將不得不再次回到文化和醉董


A city that hurriedly entered the itinerary, Pachuca. A city with the oldest football club in Mexico with a population of 250,000. On the other hand, the palmitas district of this city existed as a poverty area on a harsh slope. The government changed the consciousness with the power of art, and improved the security. I also felt the future where the city gets better as the smiling face of the children who passed the soccer ball to strangers.

一個匆忙進入行程的城市,帕丘卡。 一個擁有25萬人口的墨西哥最古老的足球俱樂部城市。 另一方面,這個城市的棕櫚樹地區在嚴酷的斜坡上作為貧困地區存在。 政府用藝術的力量改變了意識,提高了安全性。 我也感受到未來城市變得越來越好,因為通過足球給陌生人的孩子們的笑容也是如此。





Our company Yamamo has repeatedly expanded and renovated for 150 years and has reached to the present. We have continued innovative efforts, but I have been thinking of expressing that spirituality to the appearance. While following the ones that continue from the past, I am hoping to disseminate the way to the next generation strongly. First of all, I would like to express a sense of unity and a profound feeling by painting black, and to express a heterogeneous presence in the area._GARDENOPENING


我們公司Yamamo已經多次擴建和翻新了150多年,到了現在。 我們不斷創新,但一直在思考,表達出靈性。 在跟隨過去的情況下,我希望能夠強力傳播下一代的方式。 首先,我要表達鄂的團結感和深刻的感覺,並表達在這個地區的異質存在。


The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo's efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.

商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。


The brand mark by the shop name that was painted on sunshine by painting became more impressive. The appearance started on the face of the Yamamo brand and it has not reached a satisfactory degree of completion yet, but the gap between the innovative spirit and the appearance at the present stage can be filled largely. We will continue to keep agreement between Yamamo's efforts and expression of appearance. I hope you will watch over the way we are progressing.

商店名稱上的品牌標誌被繪在陽光下畫得更加令人印象深刻。 外觀開始成為Yamamo品牌面貌尚未達到令人滿意的程度,但創新精神與現狀之間的差距可能在很大程度上被掩蓋。 我們將繼續保持Yamamo的努力和表現。 我希望你能看看我們正在進步的方式。



Notice of Article Posting

The appearance of our Yamamo's event was introduced at the news site TOHOKU 360 dated March 13. With regard to this event, which discusses the sustainability of the region, it is very difficult to summarize the language as it has various contents such as input on sustainability, concrete business in the region, the way of the next generation region, etc. It will be difficult. That is why it is important that you experience on site. Nakano-san of the journal entered the discussion and gathered the contents of the article while various positions were intermingled. In essence thinking about the future of the region, I think that the next step can be found after such a state without order. Please take a look at the article._mediainfo


Yamamo事件的出現於3月13日在新聞網站TOHOKU 360上發布。 關於這個討論該地區可持續性的事件,由於它具有各種內容,如可持續性投入,該地區具體業務,下一代地區的方式等,因此很難總結該語言。 這將是困難的。 這就是為什麼你在現場體驗很重要。 該雜誌的中野先生進入討論,收集文章的內容,同時各種職位相互混合。 從本質上考慮該地區的未來,我認為下一步可以在沒有秩序的狀態下找到。 請看看這篇文章。



"When living things die, they evolve"
Destructibility possibility City / Akita prefecture "New place" born in Yuzawa city

Yuzawa city located at the southernmost tip of Akita prefecture. It is one of the destroyable cities whose population has decreased by about 40% since the peak. In the winter, closed in heavy snow over the height of the stature, now local youth and outside people hold hands and trying to create a new framework to create unique industries, cultures and people's interaction There. The seventh generation of Miso soy sauce brewing company in 151 years founded as a venue says: "Creatures evolve when threatened with extinction and the city is the same." Disappearance possibility I covered what is going on in Yuzawa city, Akita prefecture.
【Nakano Koichi = Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture】


位於秋田縣最南端的湯澤市。 這是可摧毀的城市之一,自巔峰以來人口減少了約40%。 在冬季,在身高的高度封閉的大雪中,現在當地的青少年和外界的人們握手並試圖創造一個新框架,創造獨特的產業,文化和人們的互動那裡。 151年來第七代味噌醬油釀造公司成立的場地說: “生物在面臨滅絕的威脅下發展,而這個城市是一樣的。” 失踪的可能性我報導了秋田縣湯澤市正在發生的事情。



People dream about dreams at the miso soy sauce shop in the city where snow is falling

More than 50 people gathered on the afternoon of February 25, "Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company" located in Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture. The venue for the event entitled "Yuzawa platform · kick-off event" is the building of miso sauce brewing which "Yamamo" of foundation 1867 (3rd year of Keio) was using for a long time. The lamp is lit, and Western music flows from the speaker. Yuzawa-shi of this day is the highest temperature minus 1.7 degrees. Snow cover exceeded 130 cm, with snow falling outside the venue.
The event starts when the coldness is relaxed by the heat of people. Appearance of the room as a stage, soil is the auditorium. Seven men and women living in areas different from Tokyo, Sendai City, Akita City and Yuzawa City got together and talked about the dreams that they would like to realize in this town.
"I want to migrate to Yuzawa and create a mechanism that allows animals and humans to coexist." Yurika Toyodome (32), living and living in Tokyo, whose mother was born in Akita Prefecture, has been studying at universities in the United States to work on wildlife conservation activities, and has worked in the local area with Japanese NPOs.
"I would like to reflect the voice of young people in municipal administration." Mr. Daisuke Takahashi who runs a restaurant in front of Yuzawa station (32) is a U-turn group who returned to Yuzawa after entering the university and finding employment in the metropolitan area. He continued various activities including opening of a restaurant to bring back young people to this town as much as possible, and in order to deliver the voice of young people to the city last year, he won the election for the city council members and won.
This presentation is not necessarily intended to aim for entrepreneurs. It is not a business contest either. It is an attempt to create a new industry, culture and exchange in the town called Yuzawa, mixing local people in Yuzawa City with people from outside. The event was held Yuzawa City and MAKOTO corporation every month since November last year, the fourth time this time. Nonetheless, a lot of people come to visit from Tokyo and Saitama on the opening day. "This space of Yuzawa has become a place of attention from all over Japan in just 4 months, there is no other place like this." Naoki Ogiwara, a facilitator of the venue and an expert on corporate and organizational change, also served as senior official in knowledge management at the World Bank, is surprised.


此演示文稿不一定旨在針對企業家。這也不是商業競賽。這是一個試圖在湯澤鎮創造一個新的產業,文化和交流,混合湯澤市的當地人與外界的人。本次活動從去年11月起每月都是湯澤市和MAKOTO公司,這次是第4次。但是,開幕當天有很多人來自東京和埼玉。 “湯澤的這個空間在短短4個月內成為日本各地關注的焦點,這裡沒有其他地方。”在會場,專家和荻原直紀公司和機構在改革中,也可在世界銀行擔任知識管理高級官員,竟然如此推動者。



"Sense of crisis" pushed Yuzawa's youth

Yuzawa City, which was designated as "a possibly extinct city" without declining population and declining birth rate and aging population. To the local young people, a strong sense of crisis to the future of this city is shared. Meanwhile, the sense of crisis is driving a new challenge for young people. "Animals evolve when they die, the cities are the same." That's what I said, Yasushi Takahashi (38), the seventh generation of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company, who became the venue.
Mr. Takahashi traveled all over the world last year to obtain hints for the town development of Yuzawa where population runoff does not stop. After observing the city that was rebuilt despite the collapse crisis such as Detroit and Berlin, Yuzawa needs a place where people inside and outside the region can exchange ideas freely with Yuzawa's future, "platform" Confident. "I want to foster people in Yuzawa by individuals brushing each other and creating a place where they can learn and act on their own initiative." Takahashi calls this concept "fermentation city".
Changes in Yuzawa City have hints. It is an effort of Mr. Nobuyuki Fujii who was dispatched as Deputy Mayor to Yuzawa City from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as vice mayor for two years until March last year. "An elite bureaucrat who came from the University of Tokyo and also experienced studying in the USA came." Fujii-san thought so, but as soon as I arrived, I started interacting with young people in the city. Singing PR songs of the event with lads together with young people hosting local hip hop events, "confrontation" with young people in Nagashima town in Kagoshima prefecture, making videos with high school students ... .... While touching with local young people like friends, they started a new challenge one after another in the town.
What I brought back to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the former Deputy Fujii mayor brought to Yuzawa City opened the door of Yuzawa City that it was "closed" when borrowing the words of local young people, I wonder if young people have planted confidence that they can change something. That is connected to this "Yuzawa platform".


湯澤市被指定為“可能已滅絕的城市”,人口不斷減少,出生率下降,人口老齡化。對當地年輕人來說,這座城市的未來危機感很強。同時,危機感正在為年輕人帶來新的挑戰。 “動物在死亡時會發展,城市是一樣的。”這就是我說的,第七代“Yamamo味噌醬油釀商”高橋泰(38歲)的場地。
去年,高橋先生去世界各地,為人口徑流不停的湯澤鎮發展提供線索。比如底特律和柏林,被訪問的城市那裡儘管在崩潰的危機打,地方的事情是,閡自由地在該地區的人民的未來交換了意見,並超越是澤需要湯澤後,這是“平台”我深信。 “我希望通過個人互相刷牙培養湯澤人,創造一個可以自主學習和行動的地方。”高橋把這個概念稱為“發酵城市”。
湯澤市的變化有一些暗示。它被派去從內務部和交通部在湯澤一位副市長,而是努力藤井延之先生,去年誰擔任了兩年的副市長,直到三月。 “來自東京大學並且在美國留學的精英官僚人員來了。”藤井三這麼認為,但是一到我就開始和這個城市的年輕人進行互動。唱PR歌曲與當地的街舞賽事組織的年輕人,還是在青少年的“對抗”和鹿兒島縣的腿上,長島町,或高中學生製作的視頻一起事件的圈....在與當地的年輕人如朋友接觸時,他們在鎮上接連發起了新的挑戰。



Yuzawa platform born in "Balance of crisis and hope"

People who move to actions are appearing by being influenced by Yuza Takahashi's "Yuzawa platform" who wants to create a place to "cultivate" people. Miyuki Matsuyama who came from Akita City started activities to push the backs to the surrounding young ladies, saying, "I can do what I want to do more." Mr. Matsuyama is encouraged by the words and activities of Mr. Yasushi Takahashi.
There is no doubt that it is "a sense of crisis" that drives youth in Yuzawa. "Balance of crisis and hope is important," Yasushi Takahashi emphasizes. If despair is too strong it turns to give up, if hope is too strong, no one will take action.
In the new place "Yuzawa platform" born in Yuzawa-shi, what are the ideas and people born, what new local cities where locals and outside people intersect, watch over the end of the event There.


毫無疑問,這是導致湯澤青年的“危機感”。 “危機和希望的平衡是重要的,”高橋泰強調。如果絕望如此強烈,它就會放棄,如果希望太強烈,沒有人會採取行動。


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