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My heartiest congratulations to you both. ARIGATO.




*In Yamamo, we offer the garden and built and a sofa seat as the location and the rental space of the shooting. You can use the history and industry and the nature of the interweaving space to the production of the event. Please contact us.





Garden of Yamamo continued from the 4th generation of the era more than 100 years the state has seen in ancient photos. Our garden was a stepping stone is laid on the ground of soil and grass. At the time, guide you through the important customers in the house the center of the raised parlor, had you use the garden. They are facing the pond out of the veranda, reach the water God. New garden usual route we make of modern, are intended for people with a thirst for knowledge interested in the industry and the history of the Takahashi family of land. While following the teachings of a long time in order that, added to the new thinking, you will need to re-define anew garden._GARDENOPENING




Stepping stone that was removed once the installation of snow melting pool is not only used in the cobbled out of the gate, was spread on a small hill of the usual route toward the pond from the edge of the tatami room. And it was in place to stop when facing the center of the pond. Its spread the Tamaryuu between stepping stones, was to become familiar with the existing atmosphere of the plant has elapsed aging.



Usual route that does not assume an unspecified number of admission are many soil and moss, there is a quaint by secular progress. We also while leaving the flavor, you look for the ease of walking. In addition, you will also need the care that does not damage the roots of the planting of old more than a century from the tree planting. In view of the above, as it is the existing usual route of the back of the pond, usual route to the newly created chose to be to spread gravel.



Usual route around the new pond is close to the waterfront, so that does not flow in the rain, and the gravel of the order of the size of the nail. Also Yamamo of the garden is to represent the grace of the temple there is water in the god of water, usually as gravel material chose Nachi stone to become dark blue color, when wet and black. This makes the two look a garden in the presence or absence of water. Calm dark water surrounding that jumping of Kakei and Tsukubai, you can admire beautiful green moss that grows faintly. On the other hand, rain garden sank deeper tone of the ground, green water flow and planting looks better. View from a new entrance garden, next to the tint of the deep stone floors, now that there is an atmosphere of 100 years of history, water and planting.




Family celebration_Mr. and Mrs. Hatakeyama

Best wishes for happy times with the new little one! ARIGATO.






Harvest of purpose, in order to obtain a fruitful crop will take a lot of time and effort. Protect crops from pests for the stable growth of soybean, remove the perimeter of the weed. Agriculture, such as the primary industry of the most important thing is the process of promoting the growth, which seems to be commonplace work as life of our humanity. We are caught it is the essence of life._SUSTAINABLE_FIELD




"Relaxed growth of crops, are similar to our progress in the growth of the human race". Once learning, in an advanced in Seattle, "food and agriculture of the leadership development program", it was found that there is a core part of the social change in "human growth". Also, complete the walk while incorporating spirituality that many of the pioneering companies in the world, including the Zen of Japan (= mindfulness). Its efforts are past the epidemic, today, we have gained a lot of sympathy.



We touch the soil, through the farm work to realize the growth, you have to realize the potential of our own. We know that there are people in the developed modern technology through the pioneering agriculture, it is trying to change society. Yamamo is located in the food processing industry, but perceive the original meaning industry, we believe that if it is possible to continue to embody the activities to be reduced to the land.


from Seattle_11. June. 2015




Since the change in the patrol path is caused by the provision of the snow melting pool to the edge of the eaves, it became that surplus is stepping stone that was used for the stroll garden of Yamamo. This garden was created by taking advantage of the stone of the land more than 100 years ago. So we aim to garden that followed the these stones. The cobbled provided on the attractions of the garden, will mark the significance of using again in history and contemporary garden by stone._GARDENOPENING




The berm of the garden entrance of the eaves, we provided the cobbled Oga stone. The berm pond and Kakei, Tsukubai, such as the pillars of Yukisasae, there are a number of fixtures products. Space organic curves, such as natural stone is large, it will match the flavor of the pattern in the turbulent tension by skilled craftsmen. Then trimmed laying crushed stone, laid the thickness more than 10cm of Oga stone, joint will continue to choose so as not to monotonous rhythm evenly.



Joint between the stone and the stone is careful not too thin, filled with soil, put the moss that grows around the berm, and prepares as cobbled moss joint. Before the current garden entrance part renovation is a secluded part of the garden, there is a moderate moisture, it was moss grows place to fence. Taking advantage of the environment, by making the frequently watering, will continue to green and black of the berm in harmony with nature over a long time.



Roof garden of the gates, the fourth generation of the time, something that has been attached to the large signboard of the mansion. Predecessors was the gate of the garden by diverting it. Large gate with a strong presence is one of the attractions of the garden, it was to be associated the cobblestone for favor. Create a cobblestone frame with built-stone of the horizontal and vertical, which has been used as the basis of the old warehouse, there to put in the soil, we will spread the stepping stones.



Between the big stepping stone cobblestone gates, put the extent of the size of the stone in which had been used in the garden, was a stone pavement that expression by the various existing stone. Not to be outdone on the size of the gate, the presence of the stone pavement with a frugal a taste, mix with front of the building more than 100 years, without discomfort even in the modern work the garden, now that provide additional value to the garden.
Former garden area of the soil there were many, the grace of the water by two of the pond, by the two cobbled by the existing stone, has produced a new balance. We are made again garden in modern judgment, but this utilization of the stone has been interpreted as a later special significance, we hope to go in addition to write a new story in the history of Yamamo.




Family celebration_Mr. Numakura

All the best wishes for your future life! ARIGATO.





YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Eaves of the Garden Entrance

From the point of view of snow melting, so that the winter snow fall in a pond, we issued the eaves in the center of a new pond. This open top of the garden entrance is covered with eaves, garden of landscape will be a long panorama next. Also member of the eaves, we used the old materials that were once used to Takahashi house. The girders 7 meter-of old materials to support the both ends in the pillars of the old materials of 12 cm square. We have decided to install a new member of the pillars of 9cm angle in the center as a winter of snow support to it._GARDENOPENING


但從融雪的點,從而使冬季降雪在池塘,我們發出屋簷在一個新的池塘的中心。這種開放式的花園入口的山頂上覆蓋著屋簷,景觀園林將是下一個很長的全景。另外,屋簷的一員,我們用曾經被用來高橋家的舊材料。 7舊材料米的大樑,支持12厘米見方的舊材料的支柱兩端。我們已決定安裝9厘米角度的支柱的新成員在該中心作為它承雪一個冬天。


Pillar of support is close to Kakei and Karin of wood to supply the charged water, it affects the flow line of the garden. Also, when viewed from a long distance, it will be able to divide the view of the garden to the vertical. This pillar is located in the pillars of the structure on the, winter of support, but it is a very a strong presence pillar. Here was the octagonal corners cut off. It is thin and sharp in the garden entrance center. The shadow becomes a gradient, you get the look.



To Translate the history of the renovation that was taking advantage of the quince tree in the shape of the eaves, and ingenuity to the roof around the stem. Gardener taking into account the growth and appearance of Karin is a symbol tree, fused the carpenters and sheet metal machining technology, and the representation. As a result, it is similar to the design of the octagonal pillars adjacent to the quince, up gouge the roof in the shape of a half of an octagon, eaves was in the form to fend off the stem of Karin.



Indoor garden entrance after the eaves came out, light is limited, the tone of the ceiling and the wall fell, had a profound impression. Pillars stand in Toriumi stone of the edge of the pond is close to the waterfront, it exudes the architectural interesting. Garden eaves of Yamamo is, making full use of many craftsmen industry, now that interwoven nature of the story and stone, water and trees that follows from the past to skillfully.

室內花園後門口的屋簷出來了,光限制,天花板的色調和柏林牆倒塌,產生了深刻的印象。支柱站在池塘邊的石鳥海是靠近海濱,散發著建築有趣。 Yamamo花園簷,充分利用眾多工匠行業,現在交織從過去巧妙地下面的故事,石,水和樹木自然。


So far of those taking advantage of the existing building is renovated part, there was a part, such as going to parry what is in as of aikido if said. Work out this time of the eaves, unlike the past, we have now and those that actively representation that you have to cherish. Work to create the eaves is a new work. However, we are using the aging elapsed member at those as much as possible of the Takahashi family. And we aim to existence, such as it was in there from 100 years ago. That's what is the roots that have been carved into the people and the land. And there living today who is that going to mix the history and cultural values in modern eyes, is born brand identity of Yamamo. While such long-lasting in the work we feel the "coolness".


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