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Guerrillas wearing art continue to produce works freely, in favor of cheap living unit price. Sometimes expression methods have some kind of anti-social aspect, but it works in the direction to improve society. Art activities not intending security itself were most effective for security improvement. Graffiti art is seen in every block of Detroit, but in this city it has an image of the art show window, or security improvement, rather than how to catch "illegal = foreign matter", soul and techno music there Flow, even the culture of the land.

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As the situation of improvement of security is seen, the industries of the land finally give birth. As yet again Detroit 's manufacturing spirit has not been lost, and the factory of the industry is built so that it closely follows the art that he had previously attended. In the city experienced devastation from the prosperity and knowing sorrow sufficiently, the city respects the art guerrilla and is doing a hybrid thing that the world has never seen spiritually. It builds brands young in the industry, involves the streets and is beginning to grow.



Detroit faced financial failure in 2013. A crisis population structure unique to the world whose population is one-third the size of the past, not only the core industry, but also the consumers suffered great damage. However, the town where the spirit of manufacturing is rooted builds a brand different from the automobile industry. Most of the foundation years are before and after fiscal collapse. The brand engraved with the devastation of the city is powerful towards reconstruction, unlike in the past, organizations and systems are also operated in a minimal manner. For the organic art guerrillas, the brand took a round and he saw a strategic attitude.
In a devastated city, Detroit is characterized by a mixed future of art and brand, and in the music culture it is a land with the power to create a swell as a music genre by periodically releasing stars. Our Japanese yamamo, a traditional Japanese traditional company, made me think about what kind of attitude she will face with town and art in the future as a brand.



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"Detroit, where a devastated skyscraper remains, is the only legacy city that the US had." Americans have evaluated Detroit like this and now it is a place where pioneers who sympathize with it gathered. And part of it, art work and new store entered, the past product was mixed with modernity. In the United States which says diversity, the direction of the city of Detroit with this heavy long and long industrial heritage was unparalleled in other cities. The deterioration of public security in this city is far away from the sound growth that everyone imagines, but on the other hand, identity is created. Detroit carries this rare case on the world scale and is trying to embody the next era.

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It is a pessimistic thing that the industry is lost in the city, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing from the sustainability of the city of the future. There is nothing that does not change in the world, and there is nothing that will not fade away. Rather it is important how to get up from that situation. If we aim to rise again and aim for a sustainable society, where will the role of the industry in the city be? I came to Detroit where I was concerned before traveling and began thinking about such things.



As in case examples so far, Detroit's best engine to revive was the existence of an organic artist who can be called a guerilla. They are seeking cheap and unregulated land for free activities. Because of his own work, it causes action to pursue mid-desire. As a result, it leads to the reconstruction of the city, but as a result, the cost of living rises, changing the place of activity as the degree of freedom gets lost. The nomadic way of living of such desires has become a detonator for reconstruction. Everyone, including the people, understands it, and Detroit becomes a show window of art and becomes an investment target. Human desires different from high-speed economic growth are creating society again.


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I longed for going out to the outside world. I do not dislike this environment. Something that is not everyday, 10 years after succeeding family business. Yes, it is a little exaggerating to say life, but I wanted to find something that affected my own values. The invitation of the voyage around a strange city fell in love with me in a moment.
This voyage is a schedule that will be flawless with flights once every few days. The journey through seven cities in 15 days, as well as physical strength, there was a part sharp spirit. But what is even more necessary is the stoic self-management and adaptability, similar to athletes. In addition, it was a teamwork of brigade and still acrobatic feeling to continue to be interested in the outside world. Therefore, although there were a lot of intense experiences, I would like to write them here, thankfully for my friendship with the traveling companion, along with my journey record and my subjectivity.

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我一直在等待離開到外面的世界。這種環境不恨。 10年的家族企業,這東西是不是在一天到一天的腳步。是的,但有點誇張地說生活,我想遇到影響到自己的價值。旅途在陌生的城市的邀請,把我扔在眼睛在戀愛中閃爍。



In the city center of Detroit where this journey begins, the high-rise building count built in the era of the automobile industry is a prime remains. They are obviously not in operation, and despite their overwhelming presence, they learn gaps and eeriness in those who do not show signs. When you leave the city, graffiti art appears with the building that was devastated. I will feel a sense of the city where the bust has broken down and the financial collapse has occurred. Meanwhile, we also heard stores based on music culture and stores that sang the auto industry "Motor Town". Although it can not be said that it is a healthy city, the historical and cultural backgrounds of the city that once boasted prosperity are visible.



We have not always been alarmed since the beginning of the journey. One of the most worried things about Detroit, there are security problems. Of course there are danger zones, but as I entered the inside, it is headed toward stabilization and I am surprised by the speed of change. In addition, I heard that the nature-generated flow that the devastation of a population of one-third of the height of the population does not exist, rather than letting the trick of something to do so, encourages the purification of the city. I think that the devastation of developed countries and deterioration of security will be major problems in the future, but Detroit is doing ahead. The local long-established hot dog shop was a thriving day and night, I thought that the citizen cheaply meets appetite in a city with bottoming power.




About North America Voyage_2017.04.24

In order to learn the development of cities in the world rooted locally, I will go to North America. It will be a tough journey to go around 8 cities in 15 days. Productive and creative people will change the surroundings by doing manufacturing and services optimized for that area. That transformation appears in every city, and its swells will involve the world. If there is a will, you can spread such signs and seeds from the local of Japan and change the world. I would like to leave myself up to the swirl of change.



Tokyo (Narita) 04/24 (Monday) 15: 55
_DL 276 T OK 11 hours 38 minutes GEAPIL
Detroit 04/24 (Monday) 14: 33
Detroit 04/26 (Wednesday) 08:23
_DL 3741 T OK 1 hour 58 min GEAPIL
New York J. F. Kennedy 04/26 (Wed) 10: 21
New York LaGuardia 04/28 (Fri) 07: 00
_DL 1472 U OK 3 hours 8 minutes GEAPIL
Miami 04/28 (Fri) 10: 08
Miami 04/29 (Sat) 07: 05
_AM 429 K OK 3 hours 50 minutes IEQQBT
Mexico City 04/29 (Sat) 09: 55
Mexico City 04/30 (Sunday) 21: 30
_AM 676 K OK 2 hours 8 minutes IEQQBT
Guatemala City 04/30 (Sunday) 22: 38
Guatemala City 05/03 (Wed) 09: 15
_AV 700 W OK 2 hours 25 minutes
San Jose 05/03 (Wed) 11: 40
San Jose 05/06 (Sat) 07: 51
_DL 1396 X OK 6 hours 24 minutes GEAPIL
Los Angeles 05/06 (Sat) 13: 15
Los Angeles 05/06 (Sat) 16: 20
_DL 5689 X OK 2 hours 25 minutes GEAPIL
Portland 05/06 (Sat) 18: 45
Portland 05/08 (Monday) 12: 15
_DL 69 U OK 10 hours 45 minutes GEAPIL
Tokyo (Narita) 05/09 (Tue) 15: 00



Finish Germany voyage_15 Oct. 2015_vol.2

In the trade fair of ANUGA, a France-Germany comparison between business and volume of voice theory at the same level was told. I surpass far our imagination, and the strategy about the circulation and the development of adjoining people includes the aspect of how to get along in life in Europe. In addition, the thing that there was unusually much by this exhibition is that there were many not only the story of the main business but also brand development and questions for thought = philosophy (philosophy) of our own. Even if it was the confirmation matter which how would think about development of the adjoining European Continent where information and the circulation were shared instantly in future, I felt it.




In this exhibition, we were able to talk to chefs and local long-established brand. Germany is particular trying to build a very friendly relationship with Japan and we share the similar spirituality. The current trade involves a variety of international affairs, such as terrorism and immigration problems. This is another fact of the other side of international business in the world. That's why, it must be considered whether it is possible to make storong commitment in the future. Connection of culture by this eclipse is a world peace followed the road of a long-term view, in fact this is thought that it is the shortest route that we have crossed my mind.



In 2014, for the first time of the trade fair in Europe was SIAL in Paris, France. Standing glamorous stage, I found something in common under the atmousphere that values tradition and share the respect for company's long history. Experiencing France and Germany, the European trade fair is not only for business, we have to evaluate the past life and accomplished it has achievements and culture itself. Living today is where the exchange of people is being carried out. In other words, feelings and brand philosophy of the founder, is the path from the past, present, and to the future.



Yamamo takes over the business over the 150 years. We have been creating a "thing = Industry", visited a foreign country, and introducing to the local people. It is based on the thought that "I want to create a new culture in the world from the local side of Japan". This time of trip, I was able to gain confidence in the methodology that I have found. The way to the airport, asking my self "the next path". Thinking about past experience, I thought the answer is in this cultural sphere.
_ From October 7th to 15th



2015年の欧州出展はドイツ、ケルンで行われるANUGAであった。その最大の見本市はドイツとフランスをリレーするかたちで行われる。すなわち、隔年でANUGA KOLN MESSE(アヌーガ ケルン メッセ)とSIAL PARIS(シアル パリス)が開催され、双方連続で出展することが食品の国際展開の花形とされている。国をまたぐ華やかな国際舞台の連続性の中で、地方の小さな蔵元が双方を経験できる喜びを感じ、ケルンとパリの空気を得たことは私たちヤマモの大きな自信となった。会社や事業の規模は関係なく、文化や意志を世界に伝えることはできるのだ。

Finish Germany voyage_15 Oct. 2015_vol.1

ANUGA which was held in Cologne,Germany was the European Exbition that we participated in 2015. The largest trade fair is carried out by turns in Germany and France. In other words, ANUGA KOLN MESS and SIAL PARIS are held every other year and continuously participating both exhibitions are considered as a ideal path for globalizing food industry. In the glamorous global stage, I feel pleasure that we as a small brewery in the region can experience and touch the atmosphere of both exhibitions. That experience gave Yamamo the confidence. Regardless of size of the company or business, we can relay the culture and will to the world.


欧洲参展商在2015年是ANUGA这是在国进行,在科隆。交易会最大的是中继国和法国的形式进行。换句话说,它是在举行ANUGA KOLN MESSE及SIAL PARIS双年展,在两个连续展出有食品的国际化扩张的渴望。在全国各地的连续性迷人的国际舞台上,该地区的小型啤酒厂已经感觉到,你可以体验到既喜悦。我们知道,科隆和巴黎参展的感觉。这是Yamamo的一大信心。公司或企业的规模,不管了,它可以做传达的文化和意愿,走向世界。


In the Dusseldorf airport, I felt a unique atmousphere for the guide board. Gothic characters and also toned down but colorful deployment were unprecedented experience. In addition, people are formaly dressed. Even wearing a suit or the way of setting hairstyle, seems like the polite and classical appearance. At the time, I was wearing an oversized sweater and carrying suit case that set myself off from this environment.



Riding the Benz taxi in which seems too basic to mention in this country, it is hard to communicate with driver in English. Some required gestures. I actually had similar experience in Paris last year, but not exactlly the same, I felt. Probably it is because the countries are different. Even though I do have travel experience in European countries, however again I realized that each countries have different backgrounds.



Try to explore a city. There are many local retail stores just like Japanese style of cigar store. There were no convenience store around. Well developed transportation system with on time schedule, such as Railway, Subway, and Tram. Kind passenger yield its seat to travelers, other passenger was riding railway with the bike.



On the other hand, the scene of the meal. The pub enjoys even night on weekdays to beer one hand under one column of temperature that reached the bottom with the prosperity in the night. The small glass with craft beer inside, there is the big coaster under it which has a logo of brewery. There are a potato and mustard beside. Also the plate with sausage and sauerkraut just exactly what I imagined before a voyage.


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ドイツのケルン国際食品技術専門見本市Anuga FoodTec 2015(アヌーガ・フードテック)に出展のためドイツへと渡航します。春先に国内出展企業の選考を通過し、この度の出展に至りました。昨年のフランスのSIAL PARIS 2014の出展に引き続き、食品会社としては花形の出展ルートと考えております。地方の小さな蔵元でも世界に挑戦することができ、その価値観や意志を共にする仲間を見つけてきたいと思います。

About Germany voyage_2015.10.07

For exhibitors in Cologne, Germany international food technology trade fair Anuga FoodTec 2015 and then travel to Germany. It passes through the selection of domestic exhibitors in early spring, and came to exhibitors of this time. Following the exhibition of the last year of the French SIAL PARIS 2014, as a food company I have been thinking and exhibitors root of the star. It can be a challenge to the world even a small brewery local, I would like to have to find a companion to understand the values and the will.



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