About Portland_2015.06.14

A year ago, I had to experience the life style rooted to travel the land and living in Brooklyn. Then, I experienced the Istanbul mingle the east and west and the past and present, have experienced Paris to pursue the beauty and history. In response to this experience, I have been driven by the origin Portland Culture experience greed for a long time the American West Coast culture. During Fortunately participation is recognized Seattle travel of June this year program, I decided to Portland to go in one night two days to arrange the Amtrak train, began the path design of the short journey.



シアトルのKING STREET STATIONからは列車で約4時間。秋田ー東京間の時間と変わらない列車は、どこか慣れ親しんだ感覚があり、車窓から眺める景色は飽きることがなかった。道程では湖畔に停泊するヨットやキャンピングカーが横付けする住宅など、日本と異なる旅のスケールが自分を虜にし、異なる場に身を置くことの幸せを感じた。列車から眺める夕日は次第に赤さを増し、UNION STATION到着の頃には、通りの人影もまばらとなっていた。

About 4 hours by train from Seattle KING STREET STATION. Time and unchanged train between Akita over Tokyo, there is somewhere a familiar feeling, scenery to look at from the window of the train had never get bored. Such as housing yachts and campers anchored on a lake is alongside, I felt the scale of Japan and different journey. And I felt the happiness of putting myself in a different place. Sunset to look at from the train gradually increase the redness, the time of the UNION STATION arrival, people of the street was small.


到着したポートランドは意図せずハレの日。Portland Pride Festival and Paradeが行われていた。路上をジャックしたライヴイヴェントやLGBTによるPride Paradeも盛大に街を彩る。ACE HOTELもPOWELL'S BOOKSもポートランドを代表するカルチャー発信地としてそこにあった。ポップでウィットに富んだアメニティ、街や店舗のデザインされたサインの分かりやすさ。それらはサブカルチャーと混在し、共生する新しいかたちに見え、その発揮する効果に驚かされた。

And arrived Portland had a terrible day of the festival. Portland Pride Festival and Parade has been carried out. Pride Parade due to the live Event and LGBT have Jack on the street also grand to decorate the city. ACE HOTEL and POWELL'S BOOKS was there as a cultural epicenter representative of Portland. Amenities witty pop, Ease of understanding of the sign, which is the design of the town and shops. They are mixed with subculture, it appeared in a new form to be symbiotic, I was surprised to the effect that the exhibit.

抵達波特蘭有一個節日的可怕的一天。波特蘭驕傲節遊行一直進行。驕傲遊行,由於現場活動和LGBT有傑克在街上也盛大裝飾城。 ACE酒店和鮑威爾書店在那裡波特蘭的文化震中代表。設施詼諧的流行,輕鬆的標誌,這是該鎮和商店的設計的理解。它們與亞文化混合,它出現在一個新的形式是共生的,我很驚訝,大意是展覽。


It's a few hours can be action in the city of Portland, but there are many things that I want to see. I decided to go around and look at the center large furniture and select shop, the dining experience and a micro-brewery. From keywords that are symbolized by the "native" or "tribal", the craftsmanship and the department of the select of manufacturing, it is possible to see the life itself and human roots of the land. On the other hand, in the food culture fusion of hobby culture and food that can be called super-subjective it had created a unique eating experience.


BEAM&ANCHORで勧められたMISSISSIPPI AVE.では90年代の渋谷原宿を思わせるような若者とストリートカルチャーが力強く、自由を形成する空気を味わうことができた。それは、ルールや秩序が守られ、落ち着いたシアトルのものと異なり、溢れるほどの若いエネルギーが文化や経済活動を通じ、西海岸の今現在を推し進めているような気がした。

Strong youth and street culture, such as reminiscent of Harajuku, Shibuya of the 90s in the Mississippi Avenue that has been recommended in BEAM&ANCHOR, had made a free atmosphere. It is the rule and order are protected, different from those calm of Seattle. Through a lot of young energy cultural and economic activities, and I feel like is working now for the current reform of the west coast.



Music, fashion, art, sports, the outdoors, food .... Many of culture that form the city of Portland. Also came in who they are from somewhere, some are friendly in this town, polite as had simpler. It's also try to take in travelers. Acting as to play, play to work. City where young and old can defeat play culture. Pride is the regional people, that's why, the figure is full of charm, I directed an eye on the world. Culture is a journey, travelers will come in search of it. I wanted to continue to stay in a location that journey and life and culture mingle.
_ June 14 to 15




Finish Seattle voyage_2015.6.19_vol.2

It is important to continue a sustainable industry in the region. That it was in the consumption behavior of citizens, was a mature Farmers Market. Growers produce sustainable products to a person that is required, consumers support the growers to buy what you need directly. It seems like a simple mechanism, in the modern role is specialized, it is difficult to this argument alignment. Surprising in its scale, every year the market will expand, I have always overflowed from the even street merchants also purchaser. A small opening space introduces the CSR activities and stories of companies, even had played shop window effect. Under the blue sky, we can feel the joy involved in Looking "thing necessary" and happy the next generation of society.




In the program, the event was held in collaboration with the "Jungle City" in the Seattle media. Participants themselves the current activities and talk sessions to proceed description to talk in Japan, were also made introduction of the goods and services. The event had you coming to many people of Japanese community. Source of lively exchange of views, we were able to finish remains success.Long to catch the social changes of Seattle, I was able to interact with seniors who are active in the field. It was those very happy because I want to know the world.



We are at the end of the program visited blueberry farms and oyster fishing grounds, the University of Washington. Through the experience of food, considering the nature of modern society and the individuals and consumption. In one night of the inn experience, I was able to experience a completely disappear environment people of the sign. On that night, we were talking about the significance of that participants each was able to participate in the voluntary program. In addition, it was the story as a look back on things from this of itself (relrection). We were able to soil to grant the story since has been carried out thoroughly to accept others. It is through the others, which means that they have grown as a leader of society. We had been to think that want to achieve their own.



I took a lot of time to put together this travel-mentioned. Now we have completed the education program in Seattle, it's from strongly impressed with Britt and Izumi-san that seems life mentor. That can not be express in words, it was possible to learn from two people a big love. The growth of visitors to the turning point of my life, there is a possibility that the immeasurable. They focused on there, gave me an individual notice. To go to change the society, it is necessary to own changes. In order to obtain a conditioned gas to be its trigger is firstly necessary to accept others thoroughly.



"It is a food and agriculture going to change the future big society". Initially, I had to not be able to feel their intent in the program. However, it is promoted its own to figure which participants grow as a team I brought a change. It gradually becomes a large flow, to involve all of the inner surface, and let me have a consciousness of the next generation of leaders. And I thought to try to cherish the Tohoku region that cause is a place of my life change.



People are plowing the soil, planting the seeds, to pull out the weeds, the harvest. It is a series of operations that follow from the beginning of the human race is farming. It even also walks of life in modern society, and does not change. We went through this understanding, we proceed with individual to walk. We change in itself this program has realized that there is a possibility to change the society. So, we have decided to mind If you do reform as a party. What fruitful of this inner surface, it was a product of this program. Everyone was thanks to strong growth in Seattle, and you understand the great love in the deep. We are feeling the favor to them, promote the history. Also for us to go in response to the big love.
_From June 6 to the 19th




Finish Seattle voyage_2015.6.19_vol.1

About two weeks in the United States west coast of the journey for me, was relatively long in the last few years. I was delighted to be able to participate in the program to nurture a leader of food and agriculture. But I felt uneasy to long-term collective action. It is in accordance with their own sense as a manager of the company, because has been determined by one person. I for such period is longer, I was worried about the period of time to spend at all. But why, I participated in this program, I felt the need to find an unknown myself. I first met with people of the participants at Narita Airport of departure. I began the journey never ever experienced.




Seattle to arrive at approximately 7 hours from Narita. Blessed with weather, the port city where the blue sky spread was full of open feeling. We were able to participate and to immediately program also at the beginning of jet lag. In the park until iLEAP a lot of people are playing with children and animals. We met a group of organizers Britt and Izumi-san and the staff of the Kei-san. Our participants 11 people are greeted by many people, living in Seattle has started finally.



This time of Seattle sun long. Sunset's about a 9 o'clock at night. After the end of the program I was feeding into downtown Seattle center city. In this town there is Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing. City that large companies enter one's name. On the other hand in the street, so that it is in the hippie culture, I was able to feel the freedom of the American West Coast. Overall life time are spacious, but it seemed to be a culture rooted in the land there.



Sunny continued, everyone says that it seems to have entered a little earlier in Vacances season. Moisture comfortable town, not easy to walk, there was a bustle even weekday night.. Continuing the walk, we were able to experience a new concept in the field and the brewing industry in the manufacturing of the West Coast. They can not be bound to the common sense of the industry, a culture that has the individual had been fully demonstrated. Fusion of dynamic industrial and delicate commodity. Proposal of way of life for you to experience a better commodity. Which is also something that has proposed a richness through the "food". They have nice edge, and was intended to enjoy.



iLEAP program was composed of two lectures and external inspection. The thing that reconsider the individual of the inner surface in all participants as if you invite an external lecturer in the former. Gardens and farms in the external inspection, supermarkets, restaurants are introduced, the United States of facing social problems each of the environment, education, had directs the resolution from the political standpoint. That's why, none has been financially is supported by government subsidies and donations, it had been assumed that the money flow by good intentions is correct the social structure.



There is also support for the large capital to represent Seattle, and to involve citizens and companies, and were trying to bring about the transformation of the social structure of Seattle to become a big swell. In addition, sea precisely because also a mountain also ingredients rich land, and to cherish that it is a "local", social air that can promote the future "sustainable" efforts had been building. This is what Seattle is the greatest feature of Washington, it was intended to be the key to think about the social structure of the next generation.


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About Seattle voyage_2015.06.06

Of this time travel, in order to participate in the internship program to foster global human resources, it will head to Seattle. The anticipation of the coming age, whether such should be what local traditional industries. To live in the same era, who announced a direction to the next generation, what you're seeing. I think one of the answers is in Seattle. This experience pushed me to a new stage, it will be a thing that leads me to where I aim. I would like to have touched on the American West Coast culture.


iLEAP x Junglecity 食と農のソーシャル・イノベーション



Finish France voyage _2014.10.26

It has been three years that Yamamo started to go abroad. The largest food exhibition in the world was held in Paris. I felt that I must go. What do I do without experiencing the exhibition? The moment the question came up in my mind, I decided to go to France.




Culture of Paris inspired me a lot since I was in my adolescence. The city was just I was expected. Parisien wearing tight jeans and leather jacket. Simple but heavy bangs. Café with full of people even in weekdays. The city turned out many artist and writers. There was a standard Parisien style like one in a film I have seen.




SIALの会期は5日間と他の展示会よりも一日長い。相変わらずタイトなスケジュールをこなすため、ホテルでパッキングをし会場へと向かう。 ここは9つのホールからなり、規模は想像以上に大きい。一日で廻るには無理と思える敷地面積と、駅の入り口から会場へと大々的な広告宣伝が続く。“MADE IN FRANCE MADE WITH LOVE”のキャッチコピーが目に飛び込んできた。国旗になぞらえたトリコロールカラーは一段と洒落て見えた。

The exhibition, SEAL, was held in five days which is a day longer than other. I did packing quickly in a hotel to do my tight schedule. SEAL was in held in nine halls. The size was much larger than my expectation. There was no way that I could see whole booths in a day. Advertisement from different countries entertained from the nearest train station to the gate.“MADE IN FRANCE MADE WITH LOVE” in tricolor. The message was simple and chic.

SIAL的會期5天和比其他的展示會都一日長。為了處理仍舊緊湊的日程,在酒店做墊片向會場朝向。 這裡由9個大廳組成,規模向(到)超出想像大。一日要迴轉從認為無理的用地面積和,車站的入口向會場大大的廣告宣傳持續。“MADE IN FRANCE MADE WITH LOVE”的宣傳詞跳入了眼。更加漂亮打扮可以看見了比作國旗的三色旗顏色。


Nature and power went into the hand which grasps the suitcase heavy on the way at a sample product which passes the security of the men of a suit figure and walks for a long time. In the Japan pavilion, the men of the same trade of bean paste soy sauce will be lining up side-by-side six companies, and will exhibit. In order to send the charm of the seasoning of smokestack industries and the sum to the world, it is necessary to demonstrate the charm which each maker pursued. In my exhibition booth, the display which a product line can recollect as a tool of a trip was tried from the suitcase actually used for the foreign voyage.



The world's largest trade fair SIAL was the gayest in the show which the visitor whom an exhibition person also visits also experienced until now. It was especially deeply impressed by the display of a European and American company, and the skill of the presentation. The adroitness which leaves direct approach and connects history and tradition to the present age had many places which should be studied. Moreover, this is a place where the buyer of each country, media, and journalists gather, and was able to hear about the height of the brand name and popularity. It may be necessary to prepare a special thing for a special place.



There was a reaction more than the former at a show. The executive director and select shop owner of a design office, the choice restaurant, etc. had much delightful encounter which shows understanding in the measure. Imultaneously with it, many explanation and arguments were also called for. The language which obtained the target "which should be explained in your words if you are the goods which inherited blood, and experienced and considered it" pierced through self. People who ask for themselves are in the world, and it carries out suitable indication. The world is large and interesting!
I continued learning and acquisition and wished to work more with them. "Yes, when you meet the next, explanation be possible in my words." 
_From October 17 to the 26th

展示會,到現在為止有以上的反應。設計事務所的首席執行官和selection shop所有者,講究的飲食店等,表示理解的高興的出來難遇到工作先生有。與此同時,多的說明和議論也被要求。得「你應該縫血,如果是體驗考慮的商品,用你的言詞說明」的言詞,貫穿了自己。尋求自己的人們在世界,並且,指摘恰當。世界釁◆ね趣!我想學習,持續學會,與他們更工作。「那樣,其次向見時,用我的言詞為使能說明」


FOOD WEEK KOREA 2014出展のため、韓国へ渡航します。韓国へは数年をかけて貿易に取り組んで参りました。今では異業種の諸先輩方と共に、多様な意見交換ができております。このネットワークにより、弊社ヤマモは成長することができました。今年もまた、実り多きものにしてきたいと思います。

About South Korea voyage_2014.11.10

Yamamo goes to South Korea to attend FOOD WEEK KOREA 2014. I have been there several times to find business partners. I am looking forward to exchanging opinions with people in different fields. I hope I can share good news with you.

因为FOOD WEEK KOREA 2014出展,向韩国出国。到韩国关于致力于贸易来了数年。现在与异行业的诸先辈方面一起,多种多样的意见交换能着。根据这个网络,敝社yamamo能长。也还有,考虑今年也要成果多。



Finish Turkey voyage _2014.9.30

My room has been criminally messy. Small souvenir from the country that I went in September, notes of scribbles and pieces of idea cover my table. Guide books and the schedule list for next voyage on the floor bother me to walk in the room. Catalogs I can’t even recognize anymore are still in my old suitcase. They are just paper wastes but I cannot throw them away. The season has been changing and time is heading to the end of year, yet I still in the room of mess.




After I came back from Brooklyn, New York, I changed the company’s path that it would take. So I have been thinking that I need to travel again in order to send out concept and appeal our products. Result of the event in the company, I chose Istanbul. That is the reason why I took so long to summarize this voyage.



Manufacturing today in Brooklyn was localized yet internationalized at the same time. Facing the fact that the world leading country is now making things, mostly by hands, pointed out the way that traditional industry in local should be. I could not react to the shock after I came back from NY, however when I arrived to Istanbul, a spark of idea came up at last.



I chose an apartment to stay in the country. There were several rooms, kitchen and balcony. I had known that cooking with Yamamo products and local food makes me happy. Even a small thing from my hometown gave me a relief. Also, it turned out to be the best promotion.


巡り会う人に我を名乗り、食事をして交流する。互いに笑って写真を撮る。その国の実生活を知る。今回の渡航を写真で振り返ると、笑顔の人物写真が多いことに気付いた。仕事をしている身分ではあるが、これまでとは異なった旅をしている気がした。世界に何者かであるかを告げ、それゆえに一期一会でも仲間を捜そうとする旅は、寸分互いなく自分に合っていて、心地の良いものだった。ここはきっと笑顔が忘れられない街になるだろう。僕はこの新たな感覚と社のコンセプト、“Life is Voyage”をもって、また新しい一歩を踏み出そうと思った。

Chatting with people that I encounter, eating together and taking pictures with big smile. I took many photos of people. It was a business trip differs from old one. Saying out loud who I am to the world. Finding someone who can share with my idea. It fits my thought and feelings. I take a step with new value and new concept of Yamamo “Life is Voyage”.
_Sep. 23rd to 30th

对邂逅的人自报姓名我,吃饭交流。互相笑拍照片的旅行。回顾出国的话,发现了人物照片多事。是工作的身分,不过感到了旅行,与到现在为止有差异的气。向世界告诉什么人吗,因此一生只遇一次也打算寻找朋友的旅行,没有些许彼此地与自己相配,感觉好。我想迈出以我这个新的价值观和社的理念“Life is Voyage”,新的一步。

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