時間 : 2017年7月12日(水) - 7月18日(火)  10:00 - 20:00
場所 : JR京都伊勢丹(地下1階)

京都の祇園祭に合わせて京都伊勢丹での販売の機会をいただきました。ハレの日に弊社ヤマモの商品が京都に彩を添えることができ、嬉しく思います。この度は新商品の「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」をご紹介する場にもさせていただきます。ヤマモの小さな調味料が日々の食事や生活に広がりや豊かさをご提案することができればと思っております。この機会に多くの方にお越しいただければ幸いです。

Notice of Sale at JR Kyoto Isetan · Gion Festival

Time: July 12, 2017 (Wednesday) - July 18 (Tue) 10: 00 - 20: 00
Location: JR Kyoto Isetan (basement 1st floor)

We got the opportunity to sell at Kyoto Isetan according to the Gion festival in Kyoto. It is a pleasure to be able to add color to Kyoto by our Yamamo products on Halle's Day. This time we will also introduce the new product TAMARI "GLUTEN FREE". I hope the small seasoning of Yamamo will be able to propose spread and richness to daily diet and life. I would be pleased if you could visit many people on this occasion.


時間:2017年7月12日(水) - 7月18日(星期二)10:00至20:00





The new product will be a three-product of miso. We set a PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY  to each. MOSUKE MISO is "CLASSIC". YUKIDOKE MISO is "LOCAL". YAMAMO MISO is "SUSTAINABLE". Distinguish the effects of fermentation due to the difference in spirituality, it has a representation in the taste and smell. Each meat dishes, fish dishes, have you tasting in the pairing of Western cuisine. In the pairing of each product, conscious of the fusion of the food culture of the world, was the image of a taste from the experience of cities visited in the past.


新產品將是味噌的三產物。我們設置的CT PHILOSOPHY(產品理念)每個。 MOSUKE MISO(茂助味噌)是“CLASSIC(傳統)”。 YUKIDOKE MISO(雪解味噌)是“LOCAL(地區)”。 YAMAMO MISO(Yamamo 味噌)是“SUSTAINABLE(可持續發展)”。區分發酵的影響,由於在精神的差異,它具有的味道和氣味的表示。每一個葷菜,魚類菜餚,有你在西餐配對品嚐。在每個產品的配對,有意識的世界飲食文化的融合,是從過去參觀城市的經驗味道的形象。

*「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」は少量ではありますが、YAMAMO ONLINE STOREでの販売を予定しております。しばらくお待ちください。
*TAMARI "GLUTEN FREE " is a small amount, but we plan to sell at YAMAMO ONLINE STORE. Please wait.
*「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」有一個小數目,但它計劃在YAMAMO網上商店出售。請等待。


「個性が光る!小さな会社のブランディングブック」にヤマモのパンフレットが掲載されました。“デザインと編集力で会社の魅力を存分に伝えることに成功した冊子、約100点を掲載しています”と書籍の冒頭にあるように、弊社に培われてきた産業と精神をいかにして世界に伝えていくかを考え制作したものです。海外展開直前の5年前から使用しており、当時、コンセプトを“Life is Voyage”にすることや12回折りの形状に勇気を持って取り組みました。その決断が評価いただけたと考えると、どこか救われたような気がします。ぜひ、弊社パンフレットや掲載記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

A brochure of Yamamo was posted on "Branding Book of a Small Company" Shining Personality. As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, "Booklet that succeeded in communicating the charm of the company with design and editing power to the full, about 100 points are posted", how to do the industry and spirit cultivated in our company I thought about how to tell it to the world. I have been using it since five years before the overseas deployment and worked with the courage to the shape of the concept "Life is Voyage" and 12 diffraction. I am very pleased to think that it was able to evaluate that decision, some kind. By all means, I would like to see our brochure and posted articles._mediainfo



150年続く老舗の7代目が自らデザインしたパンフレット。味噌醬油の新しい世界観と可能性を打ち出したいとするコンセプトは‟Life is Voyage”。旅の出会いのように調味料も多様な食文化と結びついて人々の食生活を豊かにする。海外の人にもその理念を感覚的に伝えるものとなっている。

A sense of size and compact shape that can be carried on a journey, a view of the world of Japanese with a vertically long design reminiscent of scrolls
Pamphlet designed by himself / herself as the seventh generation of a long-established store lasting 150 years. "Life is Voyage" is a concept that aims to propose a new world view and possibilities of Miso Oil Oil As seasonings also travel like meetings, seasonings are linked to diverse food culture to enrich people's diet. It is also to convey that idea sensuously.


“Space Gray -クリエイティヴ・インダストリーを日本のローカルへ- ”を終えて

ローカルから世界を見据え、社会変革を起こすプロジェクトSpace Grayのキックオフを東京で終えてきました。 フェシリテーターの大本さん本村さんには今回の東京で多くの方をご紹介いただき、世界的文化を背景にした社会構築を唱えてきた人たちが国内外にいらっしゃることがわかりました。心強く、進むべき道はこの方向性であることに勇気と自信が湧きました。イヴェントの定員は30名から40名となり、会場では総勢55名がローカルから行動を起こすという熱気に包まれました。以下に当日の様子をご紹介したいと思います。

Report that "Space Gray - Creative Industry to Japanese Local -" has ended

We have finished the kickoff of Space Gray, a project to bring about social change from the local perspective, in Tokyo. Ms. Omoto of Fersitator Mr. Motomura introduced many people in Tokyo this time and found that people who have thought about building society against the background of the world culture come home and abroad. I gained courage and confidence that this direction is my way to go. Although the capacity of the event was 30 people, it was 40 people, and at the venue 55 people crowded with enthusiasm for taking action from the local. Below I would like to introduce you on the day.

“太空灰 - 日本的創意產業給當地 - ”報告已完成


第一部では主催のMAKOTOと湯沢市から東北のローカルで活動する旨や都市部とのマッチングである今回の趣旨説明がありました。次に会場のイトーキ東京イノベーションセンター「SYNQA | シンカ」の設立の目的とこれまでの取り組みの事例紹介があり、次世代を見据えた取組みに多くの興味が集まっていました。ファシリテーターの本村さんのプレゼンテーションでは、世界の文化的産業を持つ都市がいかにして社会を変革し、突出した文化を形成しているかを論じていただきました。いずれの場合も発展前段階には「Gray=不確定領域」があり、そこから全てが始まると結論付けられました。会場ではここまで3者のプレゼンを聞き、「クリエイティヴィティとは?」という問いに答えるかたちでワークショップに入っていきます。ファシリテーターの大本さんが皆さんの意見を吸い上げ、まとめ上げていきました。

In the first part, there was an explanation of the purpose of this time that MAKOTO hosted by Yuzawa City and local activities in Tohoku and matching with urban areas are organized. Next, there was the purpose of establishing the Itoki Tokyo Innovation Center "SYNQA" at the venue and case examples of past efforts, and there was much interest in the initiatives aimed at the next generation. Mr. Motomura's presentation by the facilitator discussed how cities with world cultural industries transformed society and formed an outstanding culture. In both cases, it was concluded that "Gray = uncertainty area" exists in the pre-development stage and everything starts from there. At the venue, listen to the three presentations so far and enter the workshop in response to the question "What is creativity?" Ms. Omoto of the facilitator sucks up your opinion and puts it together.

曾經有一段時間精神解釋的事實或市區的匹配,以從MAKOTO和湯澤當地東北主持工作的第一部分。隨後會場東京創新中心的ITOKI |有目的的案例研究,到目前為止,成立了“SYNQA下沉”的努力,他已經說了很多的努力著眼於下一代的興趣。在主持人,如何在城市與世界的文化產業,我們已經討論了是否形成了突出文化的社會,變化的本村的介紹。之前有一個“灰色=不確定區域”,甚至發展階段的任何情況下,它已經結束,一切從這裡開始。聽介紹,到目前為止,在會場的三方,我們將在表單中輸入車間回答“什麼是創意?”。吸了大家大本的主持人的意見,我們將繼續提高到一起。


In my presentation of two copies, I began to answer to the workshop question "What is creativity?" For me, I will tell you that creativeity begins with "willingness to evolve", arguing that cultural formation of that era is irreplaceable to the history of human beings and is closest to the most effective social change It was. And because it is local it is the state of "Gray" which is not aimed at from the center or the world, and I mentioned that it is close to evolving.



In the third part, Mr. Motomura threw questions to speakers and participants, and we held a workshop to answer them from each standpoint. All positions are necessary for social change, such as large enterprises, investors, finance industry, government, designers, local industries etc. It was led that the existence of a player with a strong will is indispensable. Not only this conclusion, but also those who knew about it but shared examples from the local who could not hope for social change, in other words, was asked the will of social change that was versioned up.



While contrasting local and world with people who are conscious of culture and social change, we will exchange views exchanging creatives as common language. The way of such a place, the whole of the event has intention, the fever has been added. Although I am a loudspeaker, I experienced the moment of creating an overwhelming sense of euphoria and space and creating a "guiding person = pilot" from "Gray = chaos".



Brooklyn adjacent to Manhattan was built with super speed on the backdrop of culture, creating a brand called regional industry and forming a culture involving the world. When thinking about Japan in a wide area, this way of thinking as a region to rebuild the Tohoku adjacent to the Kanto region, the thought has come to think that regional industries that can impact the world and culture can be formed. And we can see the future that we share this new way of thinking and context with our friends in Tohoku.
Miso and soy sauce which are our industry are rebuilt the industry from its cultural background when it is regarded as "a fermented material optimized for the region considering conservation of salinity, etc., by developing original development in the island country" I believe that there is a potential to bring better lives among people in the world. We have such a will and want to advance the project. I am grateful to everyone of my colleagues that it was a wonderful kick-off. Thank you to everyone who shared the event.






Announcement of "Winning Waverly Small and Medium-sized Companies 300"

Our company Yamamo has been selected as "Waverly Small and Medium-sized Companies 300". We got this position as a result of our recommendation from the Foundation for our comprehensive efforts so far. It is an honor to be able to participate in the award ceremony at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry directly, to go to the dreams and goals that we hold, to understand nationwide what we have been working for over the years. In recognition of the award, the three points were highly appreciated. I would like to introduce the following.

1. By providing 'local experience unique to the region', we are creating new brand values in products
2. Creating new value by applying light from various angles to Japanese condiments, and constructing business partners in the world that share feelings
3. Push up Japanese traditional industry to the world context, build a cultural standpoint, evolve, leave it in the next generation

By offering this intellectual comprehensive experience (Yamamo Factory Tour) at home and abroad at our company, we aim to not only sell products but also consume cotton and bring Japanese traditional industry to the next generation I would like to leave.






◎About Waverly Small and Medium-sized Companies 300
The Small and Medium Business Administration strengthens international competitiveness through innovative product development and service creation, regional contribution · regional economy revitalization, aggressive marketing development overseas, etc., working on utilizing human resources such as female managers, Small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses that are active in various fields, including efforts that are growing with proprietary technologies and services, and shopping districts as shoppers of regional communities by grasping the characteristics and needs of the area and devising creativity and ingenuity And 300 cases of small and medium-sized enterprises / small-scale enterprises "and" 30 flapping shopping street selections "as examples of efforts of shopping districts that contribute to the revitalization of local communities and the development of the region.


Wining Waverly Small and Medium-sized Companies 300

“Space Gray -クリエイティヴ・インダストリーを日本のローカルへ- ”登壇のお知らせ

東京都心部で行われる「Space Gray 〜クリエイティヴ・インダストリーを日本のローカルへ〜」のスピーカーとして七代目・高橋が登壇します。人々がよりよい社会に生きていくためには、創造的な変革が必要となります。歴史的に見てもその変革をもたらすものは、ときに政治であったり、経済であったり、テクノロジーであったり、文化であったり。その種類はいくつかあります。私たちは長く続く産業の担い手として文化的視点を持って営みを続け、その取り組みの先に新たな豊かさを生む社会変革をもたらすことができる考えています。そのためには土地に根付くものを材料とし、その中に文化を混ぜ込むことで独自の創造的変化=進化を生み出すことができると信じています。
ヤマモは地元岩崎地域が有する能恵姫伝説などの歴史や文化を家業の背景とし、社の哲学“Life is Voyage「人生は航海である」”を掲げ、伝統産業の進化を目指してきました。今回のイヴェントでは弊社取り組みを題材として、文化基盤が異なる都市とローカルを行き来することで創造的な変化が起きることを期待しています。ぜひ、産業の文化的進化についてご興味のある方にお越しいただければと思います。

Notification That the Seventh Generation Will Give a Speech at the Event "Space Gray"

Takahashi will take the seventh generation as a speaker of "Space Gray ~ Creative Industry to the Japanese Local ~" held in central Tokyo. In order for us to live in a better society, creative transformation is sometimes required. Historically it is politics, economy, technology, culture, etc. that bring about that transformation. We believe that we can continue to operate with a cultural perspective as a long-standing industry leader, and bring social change that brings new wealth to the beginning of the effort. To that end, I believe that materials can be rooted in the land, and incorporating culture into it will create unique creative change = evolution.
Yamamo has aimed to evolve traditional industries by raising the philosophy of the company "Life is Voyage" with the history and culture such as the Noe-hime legend of the local Iwasaki region as the background of the family business. As a theme, I hope that creative change will arise by visiting cities with different cultural foundations and local.Welcome to those who are interested in cultural evolution of industry.


七代高橋,“太空灰〜創意產業 - 以日本本土”為在東京中央揚聲器會在舞台上進行。為了我們生活在一個更美好的社會,我們需要及時創造性的變化。或者說導致變化的政治問題也要看歷史,還是經濟,還是技術,還是一種文化。我們相信,如果你能擁有的文化角度為長效行業的中流砥柱繼續生活,帶來了超前的努力產生新的豐富的社會變革。這紮根土地為物質的東西,我們認為,它有可能創建自己的創作變化的演變=通過在其混合的文化。
Yamamo是家族企業的歷史和文化,比如與當地岩崎地區傳奇的背景下,提高了公司的理念“Life is Voyage”生命是一個旅程,已經瞄準了傳統產業的發展。我們的努力作為一個題材,文化的基礎,我們預計會出現的創意變化,並從不同的城市和地方,通過各種手段,我想你會來,如果你有興趣對這個行業的文化進化。

Space Gray -クリエイティヴ・インダストリーを日本のローカルへ-


・ クリエイティヴ産業を生み出すSpace Grayとは?

・ 高橋泰氏のインスピレーショナルトーク
・ Q&A
・ 休憩

・ パネルディスカッション
・ ワールドカフェ
・ まとめ
・ 交流会

・本村 拓人 | もとむら たくと
株式会社グランマ 代表。「貧困とは想像力が枯渇した状態」という定義のもと、個々の能力を覚醒させる仕掛を世に展開している。 2010年「世界を変えるデザイン展」を企画運営。途上国でのBOPビジネスを経てグラスルーツイノベーション から生まれたプロダクトを紹介して、社会においての「デザインの力」を国内外の人たちに発信した。現在はインドを拠点に、1年の大半を世界各地を旅するように仕事・活動をしている。
URL: http://granma.asia/

・大本 綾 | おおもと あや
教育デザインファー ム(株)レア共同代表 / クリエイティヴ・プロセス・デザイナー 。デンマークのビジネスデザインスクール、 KAOSPILOTを2015年6 月、初の日本人留学生として卒業。企業や教育機関を始め様々な組織に対してクリエイティヴな人材育成と組織開発プログラムの開発・実施している。
URL: http://www.laere.jp/

・高橋 泰 | たかはし やすし
ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元・七代目。伝統を守りながら革新を続ける伝統産業ベンチャー。千葉大学デザイン工学科建築系、東京農業大学短期大学部醸造学科卒業後、大手醸造会社で修行。その後、家業であるヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元の七代目として150年続く伝統産業を継ぎ10年目。2011年海外展開。2013 年、GOOD DESIGEN賞受賞。また、バックパッカーの経験、建築やポスターを通じた視覚的な見方、ファッションや音楽を通じた文化的な見方を持って経営を行う。
URL: http://www.yamamo1867.com/

・堀江 洋生 | ほりえ ひろき
一般社団法人MAKOTO アソシエイト。2016年、MAKOTOに参画。「人が幸せに行きられる社会をつくる」というミッションのもと、東北地域のベンチャー企業の支援を行う。秋田県湯沢市、横手市を主に担当。
URL: http://www.mkto.org/

日時:2017/3/25(土) 18:00-21:00(17:30開場)
会場:イトーキ東京イノベーションセンター SYNQA 東京都中央区京橋3-7-1 相互館110タワー 1-3F
申込:30名 当ページより参加予定選択 又は右記から申込 goo.gl/nXqwBp

Space Gray -Creative Industry to Japanese Local-

Today we need human resources who can make work. It is a human resource who spins a new context that has never been before, and creates a unique work that makes use of its indigenous culture and characteristics. In other words, we need to develop creative leaders who can create new markets that could not be overwhelmed by the logic of the market and create jobs that are more unique than number one. It is such a leader who can realize that he is a creative entity, not part of an organization or society, and collaborate with people of various backgrounds to produce overwhelming results. They can focus attention on materials that sleep in the area, and can create creative results by involving people while drawing out their creativity to the utmost. How can we create a region that will take the first step in uncertain circumstances to create a future while enjoying modest happiness while human beings are cherished as human beings? In order to tackle this question, While looking at the future, we will focus attention on the feet, that is, learning essentially the process of digging up materials that are falling asleep in the area, first find out the creativity of each individual and collaborate with the team to form new ideas into a form start. I hope that you will be able to share the learning space with participants so that you can deepen your understanding of creative business creation through people searching materials in Yuzawa City, set in the Northeast 6 prefectures, among them Akita and Yuzawa.

【Part 1】
◎Theme : What is Creative Leader Creating the Future
· Introduction, ice breaking
· Event Background, Tohoku Entrepreneurship
· What is Space Gray that creates creative industry?

【Part 2】
◎Theme : Touching the Creativity of Yuzawa
· Mr. Yasushi Takahashi's inspirational talk
· Q & A
· Break

◎Experience Workshop to Discover Seeds of Yuzawa's Creative Industry
· Panel discussion
· World cafe
· Conclusion
· Exchange meeting

· Takuto Motomura
Grandma Corporation representative. Under the definition that "poverty is depleted of imagination", we are developing a widget that awakens individual abilities. 2010 Planned and operated "Design Exhibition to Change the World". After introducing products born from the Grassroots innovation through BOP business in developing countries, we disseminated "design power" in society to people both in Japan and overseas. Currently working from India as a journey throughout the world to travel the majority of the year.
URL: http://granma.asia/

· Aya Omoto
Education Design Firm Co., Co-representative / Creative Process Designer. In the Danish business design school, KAOSPILOT in June 2015, I graduated as the first Japanese student. We are developing and implementing creative human resources development and organization development program for companies and educational institutions and various organizations.
URL: http://www.laere.jp/

· Yasushi Takahashi
Yamamo Miso sauce brewing source · Seventh generation. A traditional industry venture that continues innovation while preserving tradition. After graduating from Department of Design Engineering, Chiba University Department of Design Engineering, Tokyo Agricultural University Junior College Department, training at a major brewery company. After that, as the seventh generation of yamamo miso soy sauce brewing company which is family business, it is the tenth generation and it is the tenth year after continuing the traditional industry that lasts 150 years. Overseas expansion in 2011. In 2013, received the GOOD DESIGEN award. In addition, we carry out management with backpacker experience, visual perspectives through architecture and posters, cultural perspectives through fashion and music.
URL: http://www.yamamo1867.com/

· Hiroki Horie
MAKOTO Associate, The General Association. Participate in MAKOTO 2016. Under the mission "Create a society where people can go happily", we will support venture companies in the Tohoku region. I am primarily in charge of Yokote-shi, Akita prefecture.
URL: http://www.mkto.org

Date : 2017/3/25 (Sat) 18: 00-21: 00 (17: 30 opening)
Venue : Itoki Tokyo Innovation Center SYNQA 3-7-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Interchange Hall 110 Tower 1-3 F
Membership Fee : Free
Application : 30 people Select from participation schedule or apply from right this page goo.gl/nXqwBp
Organizer : Yuzawa City (MAKOTO General Manager)

太空灰 -創意產業的本地日本-

現在,已經需要的人力資源,以使工作。它是紡紗一個新的上下文是不是到目前為止,是誰做了唯一的被採取文化和土著的特性的優點工作的人。在不同的語言換句話說,你將需要開發創新領袖如產生單的一類不是創建和數量無法在市場的邏輯衍生的新市場之一的工作。沒有組織和社會的一部分,認識到自己是一個創造性的存在,而在與各種各樣的背景,如產生壓倒性的結果,這樣的領導者的人合作。他 - 她美,注重材料在該地區的睡覺,同時拉動他們的創造力發揮到淋漓盡致,它能夠放出來的創造性成就涉及的人。雖然人類被重視作為一個人,甚至在享受幸福溫和,或將能夠產生任何地區採取明朗的情況下一步,以創造未來?為了解決這個問題,我們的人但同時,著眼於未來,著眼於腳,換句話說,同時學習挖你是在該地區的第一個基本睡在材料的過程中,一種新的方法的想法形成,而每個團隊合作標題個人的創造力你開始。日本東北六縣,秋田縣湯澤其中的舞台,湯澤的人,通過看材料,是一個學習的地方,比如加深對創意企業創造希望與與會者分享大家的理解

· 介紹,冰上制動
· 背景事件,創業的東北
· 太空灰,產生創意產業?

· 高橋泰談勵志
· Q&A
· 中斷

· 小組討論
· 世界咖啡館
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Yamamo味噌醬油釀造源七代。傳統行業創業,繼續在保護傳統進行創新。千葉大學設計工程,建築,釀造部門農學院的東京大學畢業後,在一家大型釀酒公司的培訓。然後,Yamamo味噌醬油釀造原來的10年合資150年其次是傳統行業在七代是一個家族企業。2011海外擴張。2013年,GOOD DESIGEN獎。此外,通過建設和海報做背包客的經驗,直觀來看,管理必須通過時尚與音樂文化的角度。

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日期和時間:2017年3月25日(星期六) 18:00至21:00(17:30開門)
地點:東京ITOKI創新中心SYNQA 中央區,東京京橋3-7-1相互館110大廈1-3F



Notification of Industry Tourism Business Plan Contest Excellence Award

We received the Excellence Award at "Industry Tourism Business Plan Contest" sponsored by Akita Bank and Akita Prefecture Credit Guarantee Association. Secondary screening was held at entertainment venues, as each company is said to be an open presentation to be judged on the spot. I am pleased that I have evaluated Yamamo's efforts.




Since we started overseas deployment, we had a vision of seeing the industry to the world's partners. The news of this case was on the side I was working on, and it was this contest. We believe that it is very desirable to increase the opportunities for new revitalization of "industrial tourism" with industries themselves as tourism resources and business plans to see the eyes of the general public. We would like to continue to support our vision and support regional activities from the aspect of traditional industry. Thank you very much for everyone involved, everyone who visited us.




Report That Mirai no Machi Design Exhibition Has Ended

I thought the presentation which imaged the museum as the concept of the venue was effective in expressing "tradition and innovation". Many customers participated in workshops and talk sessions, and there were many scenes where they were eagerly talking to exhibitors. I feel that the feelings and expectations of the people of Akita people in the metropolitan area have risen year by year. We will introduce you to the following day.




In the talk session, the stories of the four people developed with the title of "outside wind". The stadium who is a local native and having a business establishment locally will be our company only and it will be possible to tell the story of "tradition and innovation" from the part that is conscious of "outside wind" even though it is inside the local I could do it. From the voices of the venue, there were many questions, especially the tourism industry, and I was able to hear the high level of interest in that field from urban to rural areas. I realized that the discovery of new charm by tourism is wanted even in the world view.



Nishimonai Bon Odori has adequate charm even in the center of Tokyo, stopping the legs of many people going back and forth. Even if it is tangible or intangible, things that hit the hearts of people remain, and we will carve history to the present age. I wanted to make an effort so that our industry could have such appeal. I met many people and I was able to see a bright sign for the future. From now on I would like to continue my family business with the theme of "tradition and innovation". Thank you everyone who visited us.


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