ANDONでのお取り扱いのお知らせ_"feature" ANDON


Notice of handling with ANDON _ "feature" ANDON

We are using Yamamo's products at "ANDON" in Nihonbashi / Kodenma Town. We decided to handle the product through fieldwork and factory tour to know the history of the Iwasaki area by visiting the team before opening. I am pleased that we can join together after having fully understood the background of the brand. Also, the store which renovated was also wonderful, catching the era. I would like to invite you. @feature


我們在日本橋小伝馬町鎮的“ANDON”使用Yamamo的產品。。 我們決定通過實地考察和工廠參觀來了解岩崎地區的歷史。 我很高興能夠在充分了解品牌的背景之後加入到一起。 而且,裝修的商店也很棒,趕上了這個時代。 我想邀請你。




Food × Culture's latest style tenement house
In the tiny building of 8 tsubo four-storey, a new base "Enjoy Tokyo" where the restaurants and bookstores gathered opened in Nihonbashi / Kodenma Town. On the first floor daytime: Musubi stand, night: centered on Akita's sake drinking and drinking, it will be the delivery base for food and culture such as the bookstore on the second floor, the event space on the 3rd floor, the daimyo Residence on the 4th floor. It is the birth of a modern tenement building which brings up various exchanges by holding events and schools with themes at each floor.


在八坪四層的小樓裡,在日本橋/金登町開設了聚集了餐館和書店的新的“享受東京”的基地。 一樓白天:Musubi站,夜間:以秋田的酒為中心,是二樓的書店,三樓的活動空間,四層的大名住宅等的食品和文化的交付基地。 這是一個現代化的唐樓的誕生,通過在各個樓層舉辦各種主題的活動和學校來進行各種交流。



Notice of Article Posting

An article is posted on the local magazine "Yuzawa-Jin" who communicates appreciation and local feelings. It will be a quarterly magazine issued by Yuzawa City sent to those who have taken taxes. I focus on people living in Yuzawa and focus on people of various genres. For that reason, interviews with Takahashi are the centerpiece of the seventh generation, but not only for Yamamo's products and efforts, but also for factory tours are introduced in detail. I will introduce the content of the article below. Please take a look._mediainfo


一篇文章張貼在當地的雜誌“湯澤人”上,他們傳達了感恩和當地的感受。 這是由澤澤市發給那些已徵稅的季刊。 我專注於生活在湯澤的人,專注於各種流派的人。 因此,與高橋的訪談是第七代的核心部分,不僅對於Yamamo的產品和努力,還對工廠參觀進行了詳細的介紹。 我將介紹以下文章的內容。 請看看



ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 / 睫亶臾床饉


◎ Local magazine that conveys appreciation and local feelings "Yuzawa people"

"I want to tell the world the value of the brewing industry in Japan, which is a traditional industry."

Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company / TAKAMO & Corp.
Managing Director
Yasushi Takahashi (37 years old)

It is a long-established store lasting 150 years as a sauce and miso brewer, the seventh generation of the famous race "Mosuke Takahashi". While pursuing the taste that has continued to be loved in the region, we are aiming for a new development to the global market.



Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 / 睫亶臾床饉

這是一個長達150年的醬油和味噌釀造商,著名種族“盒玉仆”的第七代。 在追求在該地區繼續受到愛好的品味的同時,我們也致力於全球市場的新發展。



"Foundation of traditional industrial venture"

From the end of the Tokugawa period, a well-established Miso soy sauce brewer that inherits the famous "Takahashi Mosuke" from generation to generation is in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture. While born in such a family, Takahashi says "When I was young I did not want to succeed at all." However, somewhere in my heart there seemed to be something like "consciousness of sin".
Takahashi entered the Faculty of Design Engineering at Chiba University after graduating from high school. Saying away from home, being stimulated variously, traveling abroad as a backpacker, he said he was absorbed in what he / she wants to do and what he likes. It will have a major impact on the development of new markets in the family business and overseas expansion later.
After graduating from university, I entered the Department of Junior College (short-term brewery course) of Tokyo Agricultural University with a view to succeeding Akita's family business. After joining a major soy sauce maker after studying brewing studies for two years. I studied product development as a society and returned to my parents' house. At that time, 27 years old. Therefore, it will face the reality of my hometown. I say that my parents' site is distressed from what I have learned so far and suffered.




 そこでまず、盒兇気鵑呂任ることから行動を起こし始めました。 “ これまでのやり方や在り方に固執する人たちを説得し、古いものを改革し続けることでしか、前に進めません。苦しみが伴うプロセスだからこそ、それにチャレンジする意義があります。 ”最初は、会社のホームページやパンフレットの制作に取りかかりました。
 “ アウトソーシングせずに、自分でやり始めたのが良かったです。会社のフィロソフィーや大切にしていることは、自分たちの言葉で伝えるべきだと考えています。特に私たちのように、製品が似通っている業界では、尚更その部分が重要になります。ワイナリーのように、自らの趣向と産業をミックスさせ、生き残っていくブランドづくりをしていきたいです。 ”

"Suffering and progress as successor"

"The first year was particularly painful, it was also stressful that the living space and the working space are the same environment.When I think now I think that I should have chosen by myself, but my parents and house owing a lot of things to something Takahashi will look back at the time he was occupied. In the absence of the vision of developing new markets in Tokyo and developing business overseas, he says he has spent the day feeling the gap between the scene and what he has learned until then.
First of all, Mr. Takahashi started taking action from what I can do. "Only by persuading those who adhere to past practices and manner and continuing reforming old things is not going forward because it is a process accompanied by suffering and there is significance to challenge it." At the beginning, We started on making homepage and brochure.
Changing the taste of products and renewing packages was not a sudden thing to do because there are existing customers / fans. On the other hand, if you develop tool for sales promotion, it was decided that it was OK as a company so that it could be done freely. Therefore, assuming sales to overseas, we developed a homepage for foreigners with imaginary design, it says that there was a reaction from the customer.
"It was good that I started doing it myself without outsourcing.I think that the philosophy of the company and what I care about should be conveyed in their own words.In particular when the product In similar industries, that part is more important, I would like to make brands that will mix my tastes and industries like a winery and survive.


首先,高橋先生從我能做的事開始採取行動。 “只有說服那些堅持過去的做法和做法,繼續改革舊事的人,才不會因為痛苦過程而有所改變,而且是有挑戰的。”一開始,我們開始製作主頁和小冊子。
改變產品的味道和更新包不是突然的事情,因為有現有的客戶/粉絲。另一方面,如果您開發銷售促銷工具,則決定將其作為公司可以自由完成。 因此,假設在海外銷售,我們為想像設計的外國人開發了一個主頁,表示有客戶的反應。
“我自己做的很好,沒有外包。我認為公司的理念和我所關心的應該用自己的話來傳達,特別是如果產品 在類似的行業,這一部分更重要,我想使品牌將混合我的品味和行業,如釀酒廠,並生存下來。


 “ 日本人は、まだ醤油や味噌の魅力を海外で伝えきれていません。「味噌・醤油をつくる」という日本の伝統産業を日本人の手によって、もっと世界に誇れる文化的価値の高いものにできると私は信じています。先人たちの想いと共に、地域の自然・歴史・文化を受け継ぎながら、現在の日本の醸造業は成立しています。それを踏まえ、これから世界と共に生き残っていくのであれば、「自分たちが何者であるか?」という問いに改めて向き合うべき時だと考えています。 ”

"Japan's brewery industry proud of the world"

It began to move from five years ago, overseas deployment. After that, after overseas market research, we redesigned logo marks and packages, and also developed online shops for foreign languages. Its activities were also selected for the "Good Design Award" in 2013. We continue to engage in overseas activities and say that we have caught the world's brewing industry from an objective point of view. And Mr. Takahashi was born a sense of mission.
"The Japanese have not yet been able to tell the charm of soy sauce and miso abroad.The Japanese traditional industry of" making miso and soy sauce "to be more proud cultural value proud of the world by Japanese hands I believe I can. Together with the desires of the predecessors, the inheritance of the local nature, history and culture, the current brewing business in Japan is established. Based on that, if we are going to survive with the world from now on, we think that it is time to face the question "Who are we?"
Among them, Mr. Takahashi thinks that" creating miso and soy sauce "has value in itself, and develops a" factory tour "that sells the experience of a brewery factory. Efforts not only to inherit the tradition of the brewing industry, but to continue innovation. It is a new challenge of a company for 100 years.


從五年前開始,海外部署。 之後,經過海外市場研究,我們重新設計了商標和包裝,並開發了外語網絡商店。 其活動也在2013年被選為“優秀設計獎”。 我們繼續從事海外活動,說我們從客觀的角度來看世界的釀造行業。 盒鏡萓乎太故算般心供 “日本人還沒有能夠說出醬油和味噌在海外的魅力。
日本傳統的製作味噌和醬油的傳統產業,以日本手為世界而驕傲的文化價值觀 我相信我可以。連同前輩的願望,地緣性,歷史文化的傳承,目前在日本的釀造事業已經建立起來了。 基於此,如果我們要從現在開始與世界一起生存,我們認為現在是時候面對“我們是誰? “
其中,盒鏡萓固О戞廟什醬油和醬油“本身俱有價值,並開發出售啤酒廠經驗的”工廠參觀“。 努力不僅繼承釀造行業的傳統,而且繼續創新。 這是公司100年來的新挑戰。


ローカルメディア3紙に記事が掲載されております。いずれも商品だけではなく、体験をパッケージにした“YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR”についても取り上げていただいています。弊社ヤマモを古くから知る地元の方々からも、ツアーにご参加いただければと思います。ぜひ、記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

Yamamo's products were posted on "BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / Package Design Overviews 34". Miso's package does not have unified standard in the world, I think that we can improve still more. This package is a revolutionary type that can be used repeatedly with a tapper type, yet it can be degassed. We support overseas shipping. By all means, I would like to see the products posted._mediainfo


Yamamo的產品發佈於“BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / 包裝設計概述34”。 味噌的包裝在世界上沒有統一的標準,我認為我們可以提高更多。 這種包裝是一種革命性的類型,可以使用Tapper類型反複使用,但它可以脫氣。 我們支持海運。 總而言之,我想看到產品發布。

◎take up!



◎take up!

" Tradition and innovation. "
A 150-year-old founder of this year, Miso and soy sauce's old brewery located in Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, "Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce Brewer". Traditional Akita's taste produced by natural brewing using sea chestnut using underflow water of Minasegawa flowing in front of you is domestic and other overseas suppliers who share values ​​with the Yamamo brand It is delivered to the world with partnership with. In the autumn of 2016, Yasushi Takahashi, the seventh successor, held a Yamamo Factory Tour fee-based tour with advance reservation. We introduce the history of Japanese lanterns that have been handed down from generation to generation and over 100 years ago, the history of the Takahashi family as the Iwasaki area and warehouse of the warehouse, tour of soybean field, the raw material that was revived for the first time in about 30 years, etc. Planning has become a topic, visitors from abroad are also increasing. "If we can establish such a tour initiative as a business model and in the future call on the brewer of the surrounding area and make it possible to sightsee the whole area like a tour of a winery such as France, Mr. Takahashi. "We not only sell products, but also experience the landscape and emotions unique to this land, the world view, to have the Japanese fermented seasonings recognized as a cultural presence, thereby creating new brand values, selling tourist spots If we can develop as ", we are willing to work not only to inherit the tradition but also to contribute to local activity. The next holiday is a small town brewery, try using the five senses to experience history and culture.

◎take up!


今年慶祝其成立150週年,它是在歷史悠久的啤酒廠“Yamamo味噌醬油釀造源”的湯澤岩崎醬和醬油。使用皆瀬川流經眼睛前部的底土水,那是在天然釀造使用,除了國內,國外供應商共享Yamamo品牌和價值創造的味道7倉庫傳統秋田它已經與合作夥伴被傳遞到世界。在2016年秋天,我們舉行了7代高橋裕提前接班人唯一保留的付費之旅“Yamamo工廠參觀”。和日式花園,這是大象和超過100年以前建造的,已經從一代傳一代,引進高橋家的歷史岩崎區域和釀酒廠與大象,如大豆田,這是一種原料這是在大約30年復活首次之旅規劃成為一個熱門話題,而且有越來越多來自國外的遊客。 “這種努力的巡演的建立作為一種商業模式,在未來的呼喚各地啤酒廠的區域,形式做的時候,比如可以探索整個地區的酒莊,如法國”,高橋先生。“我們不僅銷售產品,還體驗到這片土地獨特的景觀和情感,世界觀,將日本發酵調味品認定為文化底蘊,從而創造新的品牌價值,銷售旅遊景點 如果我們能發展成為“,我們願意不僅繼承傳統,而且為當地的活動做出貢獻。 下一個假期是一個小鎮啤酒廠,嘗試用五種感官體驗歷史和文化。



「製品を買うだけでなく体験できる場を提供していきたい」と話す7代目の盒饗戮気鵝新しい取り組みとして、蔵元内を見学できる「ヤマモファクトリーツアー」を昨年からスタートした。 ツアーでは、「江戸末期から続くヤマモの創業者は、なぜ湯沢市の岩崎地区に蔵元を作ったのか。」その原点を、秋田三大伝説の一つである「能恵姫伝説」からひもとき、その手掛かりとして敷地内にある回遊式庭園を回り、当時に思いをはせる。さらに、150年の歴史を感じる蔵内を巡り伝統的な醸造工程をたどる。ツアーの最後は自社製品でつくった温かなスープとともに、みそ、しょうゆをガーデンカフェで試食。製品の詳細のみならず、創業から現在に至るまでの、1世紀半にわたる壮大な物語をじかに体験できる。 「弊社を取り巻く人々や土地に刻まれてきたルーツを尊重しながら、現代の視点を取り入れて、次世代に つないでいきたい」と盒兇気鵝


" Experience the history of 150 years "

"We would like to provide a place where you can experience not only to buy products," says Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, 7th generation. As a new initiative, we started "Yamamo Factory Tour" which we can see inside Kuramoto last year. On the tour, "Why did the founder of Yamamo that continued from the end of the Edo period make a brewery in the Iwasaki district of Yuzawa City?" The origin was taken from "Eikami Densetsu" which is one of the three major legends of the Akita, As a clue to that, I went around a grand garage in the premises and I thought at that time. Furthermore, it goes through the traditional brewing process around the warehouse where you feel the history of 150 years. At the end of the tour, we cook miso and soy sauce at the garden cafe, with a warm soup made with our own products. You can experience not only the details of the product, but also the magnificent story of the century and a half from the foundation to the present. "I will respect the roots engraved on the people surrounding our company and the land, and incorporate the modern viewpoint, I want to connect to the next generation," Mr. Takahashi said.



第七代高橋大山說,“我想提供,您可以體驗不僅購買產品的地方。”作為一個新的舉措,我們去年在Kuramoto看到了“Yamamo Factory Tour”。巡演,“Yamamo創始人隨後從江戶時代後期是,為什麼作出啤酒廠湯澤的岩崎區。”它的起源,從爆破是秋田三大傳奇“NoMegumihime傳奇”之一,作為一個線索,我在這個房間裡去了一個豪華的車庫,當時我想。此外,它經歷了傳統的釀造過程,圍繞著您感受150年曆史的倉庫。在遊覽結束時,我們在花園咖啡廳裡煮醬油和醬油,用我們自己的產品製作溫暖的湯。不僅沒有產品的詳細信息,從成立之初到現在,它可以直接體驗到壯觀的故事,在一個半世紀。 “在尊重已刻入人民和我們公司周圍的土地,納入來看現代點的根源,我想連接到下一代,”高橋山說。




◎Akita Town Information

" Tradition that young principal runs × Taste of modern times "

About 150 years ago, a long-established brewer who makes miso · soy sauce making. Traditional techniques such as koji to adjust taste and sweetness from thorough temperature control are now indispensable to the local dining table. Mr. Takahashi, a young generation, devised a product of a highly-designable package with affordable capacity, leaving the traditional taste intact, "let's spread the flavor and products of Yamamo to outside the prefecture and overseas." There is no doubt about the development of new products. We also accept factory tours if we want people in general to experience the work of Kuramoto.


" 年輕主宰的傳統×現代口味 "

大約150年前,一個悠久的釀造商製作醬油醬油。 傳統的技巧,如曲子調整口味和甜度,徹底的溫度控制現在是當地餐桌必不可少的。 最年輕的高橋先生設計出了一款價格實惠的高品質產品,讓傳統的口感完好無缺,“讓我們將山藥的味道和產品傳遍國外。 對新產品的開發毫無疑問。 如果我們想要一般人來體驗倉木的工作,我們也接受工廠參觀。

KAKUSHIN 2017 第6回VEアジア大会 兼 第50回VE全国大会の登壇を終えて


Report That KAKUSHIN 2017 SAVE International & SJVE Conference Has Ended

While the results of many engineering and academic achievements were announced, it was noted that the two "Fuben-eki" programs were incorporated. Morning Mr. Matsuzawa's program of IHI as a method of "Fuben-eki" in the morning, the discussion as practice and application was an afternoon program. The seats in the hall became full and it was decided to listen to many people. Below I would like to introduce the situation.

KAKUSHIN 2017“第六屆VE亞運會和第五十屆VE國家大會通知召開

雖然宣布了許多工程和學術成果的結果,但有人指出,這兩個“無利可圖”的方案已經被納入。 早上松島先生的IHI計劃是早上“無利可圖”的一種方法,作為實踐和應用的討論是一個下午的方案。 大廳的座位變得滿滿,決定聽許多人。 下面我想介紹一下這個情況。


Academic accompanied by subjectivity is difficult to quantify and difficult to evaluate. But such a ambiguity is new is that going into the academic, I think that it is a methodology to guide the innovation. Where you incorporate subjectivity, "Fuben-eki" is truly wonderful. Interesting was the the Generation Z generation as the question is was that how we think snuggle styles and subjective problems regarded as a convenient and inconvenience of the technology. I, we are not primitive impulses and that interest is eliminated even if the progress is how much technology, was to answer and there or not than re-again recognize the relationship styles and convenient comfort of the subjectivity of the technology. I think that was supposed to be a good discussion to a future prediction from the study that were included subjective. Discussions from academic institutions, large companies, local small and medium enterprises in various directions, it was fun. Thank you very much for everyone who is unfriendly VE.


「不便益」から導く価値創造 〜地方発イノベーションの試み〜

・澤口 学 | さわぐち まなぶ
バリュー・イノベーション研究所 代表
早稲田大学 招聘研究員・兼担講師
博士(工学) CVS

・川上 浩司 | かわかみ ひろし
京都大学 デザイン学ユニット 特定教授
不便益システム研究所 所長

・盒 泰 | たかはし やすし
ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元 七代目

・西山 聖久 | にしやま きよひさ
名古屋大学 工学部 工学研究科 講師

・宮田 仁奈 | みやた にな
株式会社IHI 航空・宇宙・防衛事業領域
民間エンジン事業部 技術部 技術グループ

◎Value Design Forum
Value creation derived from "Fuben-eki" - attempts of regional innovation -

・Manabu Sawaguchi
Representative of Value Innovation Research Institute
Waseda University invited researcher · co-teacher
Doctor (Engineering) CVS

・Hiroshi Kawakami
Kyoto University Design School Unit Professor
Director of Fuben-eki system research laboratory
Doctor (Engineering)

・Yasushi Takahashi
Yamamo miso and soy sauce brewing company seventh generation

・Kiyohisa Nishiyama
Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University
Doctor (Engineering)

・Nina Miyata
IHI Corporation Aerospace & Defense Business Area
Technology Engineering Department, Private Engine Division

價值創造來源於“無利可圖” - 區域創新嘗試 -

・澤口 學

・川上 浩司

・盒 泰
Yamamo味噌醬油釀造商 第七代

・西山 聖久

・宮田 仁奈


「日本VE(ヴァリューエンジニアリング)協会誌」に澤口学代表と七代目・高橋の巻頭対談*のご縁から第6回VEアジア大会 兼 第50回VE全国大会での登壇の機会をいただきました。以前の対談同様、「不便益」を実践する伝統産業の側面からお話しできればと思います。また、イヴェント終了後には“オープンイノベーションツアー”として国内外のアカデミックな方々に弊社ヤマモまでお越しいただきます。そこでは通常の現場視察だけではなく、参加者の皆様と澤口さんを交え、ディスカッションを行います。東京での登壇と地方での実践と意見交換の複合的なプログラムとなります。ぜひご参加いただきたいと思います。

◎KAKUSHIN 2017 第6回VEアジア大会 兼 第50回VE全国大会
日程 2017年10月24日(火)〜25日(水)
会場 アルカディア市ヶ谷
主催 公益財団法人日本バリュー・エンジニアリング協会
共催 SAVE International(アメリカVE協会)
後援 一般社団法人日本建設業連合会 日本インダストリアル・エンジニアリング協会 NPO法人日本TRIZ協会 日本創造学会 上海VE協会

GE社のL.D.マイルズ氏がVEを開発してから今年で70年。また、毎年秋に開催している「VE全国大会」もちょうど50回目の節目を迎えます。そのようなプレミアムイヤーを記念し、2013年以来、日本で2回目となる「第6回VEアジア大会」を「第50回VE全国大会」との共同で開催することとなりました。“VE70年目のKAKUSHIN” を大会スローガンに掲げ、マネジメントプロセスの “革新” で成功をもたらした企業の取り組みをはじめ、「VEとは何か」という “核心” に触れる講演やトークセッション、VEの活用によって創造的な問題解決をはかった事例などを通じ、必ずやVEの有効性を “確信” していただけることと思います。組織や業務に即応用・展開できるヒントやノウハウを満載し、皆様のご参加を心からお待ちしております。

Event Notification

In the journal of Japan Association of VE (Valie Engineering) Association, Mr. Sawaguchi and the 7th generation · From the edge of Takahashi 's comment dialogue* I received the opportunity to participate in the 6th VE Asia Games and the 50th VE National Convention. I think that we can talk from the aspect of traditional industry practicing "unprofitable" like the previous dialogue. Also, after the event is over, we will visit our company Yamamo at home and abroad academically as "Open Innovation Tour". In that place, not only usual site visits but also participants and Sawaguchi will be held and discussions will be held. It will be a complex program of the participation in Tokyo and practice in rural areas and discussion. I would like to participate.

◎KAKUSHIN 2017 SAVE International & SJVE Conference
Schedule October 24 (Tue) - 25 (Wed) in 2017
Venue Arcadia Ichigaya
Sponsored Public Interest Foundation Japan Value Engineering Association
Co-sponsored SAVE International (USA VE Association)
Supporters General Association of Japan Construction Industry Japan Industrial Engineering Association NPO Japan TRIZ Association Japan Creation Society Shanghai VE Association

This year 70 years since LE Miles of GE developed VE. Also, the "VE Nationwide Tournament" held in the fall every year will have just its 50th milestone. In commemoration of such a premium year, we have decided to hold the "Sixth VE Asia Games" which will be the second in Japan since 2013 in cooperation with the "50th VE National Convention". Taking the "VE 70th KAKUSHIN" slogan as a tournament slogan, including corporate initiatives that succeeded in "innovation" in the management process, lectures and talk sessions touched on "core" such as "what is VE", VE's I believe that you can certainly "confident" the effectiveness of VE through case studies of creative problem solving by utilization. We are full of hints and know-how that can be applied and deployed immediately to organizations and operations, and we are sincerely looking forward to your participation.


日本VE(瓦萊工程)協會雜誌,澤口女士和第七代·高橋的評論採訪*有機會參加第六屆VE亞運會和第五十屆維也納國際會議。 我認為我們可以從傳統行業的“無利可圖”角度來談談,就像以前的對話一樣。 此外,活動結束後,我們將在國內外公認的“山開”公司作為“開放創新之旅”。 在那個地方,不僅通常的現場考察,也將參加者和澤口將舉行和討論。 這將是東京的一個複雜的討論和演示方案,在農村實行。 我想參加。

◎KAKUSHIN 2017“第六屆VE亞運會和第五十屆VE國家大會
議程 2017年10月24日(星期二)至25日(星期三)
場地 Arcadia 市ヶ谷
贊助 公益基金會日本價值工程協會
共同 贊助SAVE國際(美國VE協會)
支持 日本建築業協會總協會 日本工業工程協會 日本TRIZ協會NPO 日本創意學會 上海VE協會

今年70年,GE邁爾斯開發VE。此外,每年秋季舉行的“VE全國錦標賽”將只有第50個里程碑。為紀念這樣一個高價值的一年,我們決定舉辦“第六屆VE亞運會”,這將是自2013年以來與日本“第五十屆全國人大五次會議”合作的日本第二屆。以“VE 70th KAKUSHIN”口號作為比賽口號,其中包括在管理過程中成功實施“創新”的企業舉措,講座和談話中涉及“核心”,如“什麼是VE”,VE我相信,通過利用創造性解決問題的案例研究,您可以肯定“自信”VE的有效性。我們充滿了提示和技術,可以立即應用到組織和運營中,我們真誠期待您的參與。

Application from here.

KAKUSHIN 2017 SAVE International & SJVE Conference

◎「不便益」から導く価値創造 〜地方発イノベーションの試み〜

早稲田大学招聘研究員・兼担講師・工学博士 澤口学氏 CVS

◎Value creation derived from "Fuben-eki Innovation" - Trial of regional innovation -
Fuben-eki Innovation is the utility = profit obtained because it is inconvenient. We hope to contribute to the discovery of new value that encompasses the sustainability of society and the richness of individuals from pursuit of conventional convenience only. In this session, we will explore the meaning of inconvenience and benefits in modern society from the viewpoint of Yamamo, an established long-established soy sauce maker who tries to make non-benefits from rural areas, business and university, and consider the practice and the future development.

Representative of Value Innovation Research Institute
Waseda University Invited Researcher · Lecturer · Dr. Engineering Mr. Sawaguchi CVS

◎價值創造來源於“無利可圖” - 區域創新嘗試 -
效率是效用=獲得的利潤,因為它是不方便的。 我們希望為發現包含社會可持續性和個人豐富性的新價值追求傳統便利做出貢獻。 在本屆會議上,我們將從Yamamo(一家長期以來一直致力於從農村,商業和大學中獲得非營利利益的長壽醬油製造商)的角度探討現代社會的不便和利益的意義,並考慮實踐和未來發展。

早稻田大學邀請研究員·講師·工程博士 澤口学 CVS

日時 10月26日(木)〜27日(金)1拍2日≪秋田空港集合・解散≫
場所 ヤマモ味噌醬油醸造元(秋田県湯沢市)、日の丸醸造(秋田県横手市)
テーマ 伝統と革新の現場を訪ねる
内容 施設見学、「不便益イノベーション」の取り組み紹介および意見交換、現地イノベーターとの交流会
定員 10名

◎Frontier of regional innovation
Schedule October 26th (Thursday) to 27th (Fri) 1 beat 2 days «Akita airport set / dissolution»
Place Yamamo Miso Oil Brewery (Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture), Hinomaru Brewery (Akita Yokote City)
Theme Visit the site of tradition and innovation
Description Introduction of facility tours, introduction of initiatives of "inefficient innovation" and exchange of opinions, exchange meeting with local innovators
Capacity 10 people

日期 和時間10月26日(星期四)至27日(星期五)1節拍2天«秋田機場設置/解散»
地方 Yamamo味噌油啤酒廠(秋田市湯澤市),Hinomaru啤酒廠(秋田垓彁圈
主題 訪問傳統和創新的網站
說明 設施參觀介紹,介紹“低效創新”和交流意見,與當地創新者交流會議
容量 10人


「BEST OF PACKAGEGING IN JAPAN 2017 / パッケージデザイン総覧34」にヤマモの商品が掲載されました。味噌のパッケージは世界で統一された規格がなく、まだまだ改善の余地があるものと考えています。今回のパッケージはタッパータイプで繰り返し使うことができ、尚且つガス抜きができるという革新的なものです。海外輸送にも対応しています。ぜひ、掲載商品をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

Yamamo's products were posted on "BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / Package Design Overviews 34". Miso's package does not have unified standard in the world, I think that we can improve still more. This package is a revolutionary type that can be used repeatedly with a tapper type, yet it can be degassed. We support overseas shipping. By all means, I would like to see the products posted._mediainfo


Yamamo的產品發佈於“BEST OF PACKAGINGING IN JAPAN 2017 / 包裝設計概述34”。 味噌的包裝在世界上沒有統一的標準,我認為我們可以提高更多。 這種包裝是一種革命性的類型,可以使用Tapper類型反複使用,但它可以脫氣。 我們支持海運。 總而言之,我想看到產品發布。

_Creative Director / Yasushi Takahashi
_Art Director / Yasushi Takahashi
_Designer / Yasushi Takahashi





Includes the latest package design of a wide variety of package items
The package has been reevaluated as the communication medium most familiar to the consumers. "Package design comprehensive" contains 1,062 new designs (255 subsidiaries) of a wide variety of package products in a single volume in an all color. Please also make use of creators, product development personnel of manufacturers, students who are studying design.

European translation accompanying A4 size / 540 pages
【Category of products listed】Cosmetics · Beauty · Toiletries, Confectionery · Food, Pharmaceuticals · Healthcare, Beverages · Alcoholic drinks, Electric appliances, Daily necessities · miscellaneous goods · others
  [Publication information] Product name, Manufacturer · Sales company name, Container / material company, Designer name, Package material


該包已被重新評估為消費者最熟悉的通信媒體。 “包裝設計綜合”包含1,062個新設計(255個子公司)的各種包裝產品在一個單一的顏色。 還請利用創作者,製造商的產品開發人員,正在學習設計的學生。

歐洲翻譯A4尺寸/ 540頁
【產品類別】化妝品·美容·化妝品, 糖果·食品, 藥品·醫療保健, 飲料·酒精飲料, 電器用品, 日用品·雜貨·其他
  [出版信息]產品名稱, 製造商·銷售公司名稱, 集裝箱/材料公司, 設計師名稱, 包裝材


時間 : 2017年9月12日(火) - 9月18日(月)  9:30 - 19:00
場所 : 西武秋田店(地下1階)


Notice of sale at Seibu Akita branch

Time: Tuesday, September 12 - Monday, 18, 2017 : 9: 30 - 19: 00
Location: Seibu Akita store (basement 1st floor)

We got the opportunity to sell at Seibu Akita store. It will be the first time for sale at department stores in Akita, and a range of products and amenities are also available. I am hoping to have a sales floor widely and I hope you feel the Yamamo's philosophy and the world view. I would be pleased if you could come to many people.


時間:2017年9月12日,星期二 - 9月18日星期一:9:30 - 19:00

我們有機會在西武秋田店出售。 這將是秋田百貨的第一次出售,還提供一系列產品和設施。 我希望廣泛地銷售一樓,希望您能體會到山摩的理念和世界觀。 如果你能來很多人,我會很高興。

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