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Akita women's active support We gathered about the working style of our company Yamamo and internal company design on the support net. As our remarks are, our company system is not directed towards anyone like a woman, but it is a result of seeking for the next generation and what fits this climate. There are also parts that we have to change yet, and there are important issues not only our company but also society as a whole must deal with. In any case, we believe that everyone in the community needs to make progress. I would like to see the article by all means._mediainfo


秋田女性的積極支援關於本公司Yamamo的工作風格以及支援網上的內部企業設計匯集了。 正如我們的評論所言,我們的公司係統並不針對像女人這樣的任何人,但這是尋求下一代的結果,以及適合這種氣候的因素。 還有一些我們必須改變的部分,不僅是我們公司還有整個社會必須處理的重要問題。 無論如何,我們相信社區中的每個人都需要取得進展。 我希望通過一切手段看到這篇文章。



"We are not working to raise the female ratio"
TAKAMO & Corp. is a brewery of miso sauce that lasts about 150 years in the area of Yuzawa since its establishment in 1867. Mr. Yasushi Takahashi, managing director, said, "I put a scout on the employment regulations with the aim of working for the next generation type." Promotion of full acquisition of maternity leave, childcare leave, annual paid leave, introduction of flex system which can include traveling time in working hours by responding to overseas work or exhibitions, and can handle remote work. Currently, the ratio of female employees exceeds 50%, but it is said that we did not take action to raise female ratio.

About vacation
By making advance application 3 days in advance, we made it a rule that you can also get annual paid vacation in hours. Mr. Takahashi feels that it will lead to improvement of work efficiency from the mental side by submitting documents to the city office and having work styles that go back after hours, such as hospital visits. I tell you that it is more advantageous for a company to acquire it in units of time than to get out of one day due to the schedule of several hours. Also, due to pre-application, employees tend to make plans in advance, tell them that the team planned to think about what kind of movement to follow with the assumption that there are people to rest It was.
It is said that the atmosphere makes it easy for people to take a break freely in the company, and understanding of their hardships during child rearing is also deep. Because it is easier to take a break, if you feel uncomfortable in terms of health, if you go to a hospital without having to endure, I feel that the company side also has the merit of preventing long-term withdrawal in advance. Currently taking rate of holidays is 100%. "I think that it became easier to balance work and home while such an internal system and atmosphere was in place and that the ratio of female employees increased as a result."

高茂合名会社是自1867年成立以來在湯澤地區持續約150年的味噌醬的釀造廠。 董事總經理高橋康司先生說:“我為了下一代產品的工作目的而對僱傭條例進行了調查。” 促進全面收購產假,育兒假,帶薪年假,引入彈性系統,可以包括工作時間的旅行時間,通過回應海外工作或展覽,並且可以處理遠程工作。 目前,女性員工比例超過50%,但據說我們沒有採取行動提高女性比例。

通過提前3天提前申請,我們制定了一項規則,您可以在幾小時內獲得年度帶薪休假。 高橋先生認為,通過向市政府提交文件以及在工作時間之後返回的工作方式(如醫院訪問),可以從精神方面提高工作效率。 我告訴你,一家公司以時間為單位獲取它比由於幾個小時的時間表離開一天更有利。 此外,由於預先申請,員工傾向於提前製定計劃,告訴他們團隊計劃考慮假設有人需要休息時應遵循何種運動 它是。
據說,氣氛讓人們在公司裡自由休息是很容易的,對孩子撫養的困難的理解也很深刻。 因為休息比較容易,如果你在健康方面感覺不舒服,如果你不需要忍受就去醫院,我覺得公司方面也有提前防止長期停藥的優點。 目前休假率為100%。 “我認為,在這樣一個內部系統和氛圍已經到位的情況下,工作和家庭之間的平衡變得更加容易,並且女性員工的比例也隨之甓叩”



Training "Kura-bito"
In order to convey the charm of the brewing industry both in Japan and abroad, "Re-branding" was carried out, and received the Good Design Award of 2013. In direct shop, not only miso · soy sauce, etc. but also sales of apparel and amenity goods, factory tour etc are carried out. These salespersons and tour guides are supposed to be concurrently held by clerks and factory staff, and all employees concurrently hold positions as "training nurseries" who are not exclusive staffs. Although there are many backgrounds of women dealing with seasonings, it seems that coordination such as who is going to respond to customer service by mating, whether male or female will do at any time.

The next deployment
Mr. Takahashi felt a certain response with regard to acquisition of time on a weekly basis, "I still do not have it in 5 days defined in the Labor Standards Law, so I can feel that more days can be acquired on a more hourly basis" is. Regarding child-raising aspect, I feel that we can respond with current institutional design, but it seems that we are concerned about future care for nursing care, "Nursing care is a problem all the people have, just a company We are feeling the limits of dealing with it, so we will work on society as a whole and advance our approach. "

為了傳達日本國內外釀酒業的魅力,進行了“品牌再造”,並獲得2013年度優秀設計獎。 在直接店鋪,不僅是味噌·醬油等,還銷售服裝,美容用品,工廠參觀等。 這些銷售人員和導遊應該由職員和工廠人員同時持有,所有員工同時擔任不是專職人員的“培訓托兒所”。 儘管女性處理調味品的背景有很多,但似乎是誰配合,比如誰會通過交配來響應客戶服務,無論男性還是女性都會隨時做。

高橋先生對每週收購時間感到一定的反應,“我還沒有在”勞動標準法“規定的5天內規定,所以我可以感覺到更多的時間可以按小時計算” 它是。 關於育兒方面,我覺得我們可以用當前的製度設計做出回應,但似乎我們擔心未來護理護理,“護理是所有人都有的問題,只有一家公司 我們正在感受處理它的極限,所以我們將整個社會工作,並推進我們的方法。“

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