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The efforts of our company Yamamo was introduced in the Nikkei Newspaper dated January 26. The story that industrial sightseeing based on the history and culture of the land becomes original without overlapping with others and that it plays a big role as future Japanese industry is a very important point in talking about industrial tourism . In addition, I thought that it is suggested in the article that contributing to wide area cooperation and local sustainability further. We believe that manufacturing is a necessity for building brands, as well as the creation of services and the maintenance of services in the background. Please take a look at the article._mediainfo


我們公司Yamamo的努力是在1月26日發布的日經報中介紹的。 基於土地的歷史和文化的工業觀光成為原創而不重疊,作為未來的日本產業發揮巨大作用的故事是談論工業觀光的重要的一點。 另外,我認為在文章中提出要進一步促進廣域合作和地方的可持續發展。 我們認為,製造業是品牌建設的必然,在後台創造服務和維護服務。 請看看這篇文章。

東北地方創生気になる現場 秋田・湯沢市の高茂
体験売る蔵見学ツアー 周辺の回遊性向上も視野


Tohoku region creative spot TAKAMO of Akita · Yuzawa city
Experience Selling Collection Tour View of improvement of surrounding migration is also a view

In Akita Prefecture where fermentation culture is popular, wine, miso, soy sauce (soy sauce) is kept in various places. Many are important tourist contents to accept visitors. "Petroleum tourism" is launched on a fee-based tour tour, attracting attention is the brewing source of "Yamamo Miso Soy Sauce", Takumo in the southern part of the prefecture (Yuzawa City). It is an idea that I want to lead to the migration of the Iwasaki area around where the old warehouse remains.
Takamo of 151 years founded a reform line since the seventh generation, Yasushi Takahashi (38) returned to warehouse in 2006. In parallel with reviewing the product design and rebuilding the brand, we took care of the garden of the collection which exceeded 600 square meters. Throwing about 30 million yen, I dug a pond and finished it in a garden that visitors can enjoy in winter.
Following the garden, a part of the warehouse was refurbished, and "Factory Tour" which sells experience rather than things started in August 16th. Set the fee to 1500 yen with the goal of entertainment equivalent to movies. In the reservation system, Tsukasa Takahashi himself will show them over an hour.
Besides traditional natural brewing with 24 wooden trees lined up, it is touched on both sides of tradition and innovation of brewing technology, such as giving a smell similar to banana with bacteria not normally used in miso. More than 300 people have visited so far and discussions will be made after visiting foreign students and entrepreneurs.

東北地區的創意點 秋田·湯澤市高茂
體驗銷售收藏之旅 周邊移民改善的觀點也是一個看法

在發酵文化受歡迎的秋田縣,葡萄酒,味噌,醬油(醬油)被保存在各處。許多重要的旅遊內容接待遊客。 “石油旅遊”開展收費導遊,引人關注的是南部地區(湯澤市)的睫佚“Yamamo味噌醬油”的釀造源頭。我想引導舊倉庫所在的岩崎地區的遷移。
另一方面,傳統的天然釀造方法,用24棵木頭排列起來,既可以觸及釀造技術的傳統和創新的兩個方面,例如與通常不用於味噌的細菌類似的香蕉。 到目前為止已有300多人參觀,訪問外國學生和企業家後將進行討論。

 最近は蔵を舞台に東京や世界で活躍するクリエーターを招いて開放的な議論を交わす「ヤマモ クリエーティブセッション」も回数を重ねている。地域に関わる交流人口を増やす「震源地」になりつつある。

There was also important other than. When I sold a plan to shoot in the warehouse with a local hotel and Japanese clothing, it was popular that "Location is good". It seems to be a case that responds to the newly discovered tourism demand as well as ordinary industrial tourism tour of the brewery tour.
Recently, "Yamamo Creative Session" which invites creators who are active in Tokyo and the world to exchange open discussions on the gallery as a stage has been repeated many times. It is becoming an "epicenter" that increases the community involvement in the area.
The Iwasaki area once flourished as castle towns and lodging towns, with 6 stores of sake, miso and soy sauce. Currently within 5 minutes walking distance from Takamo, old stone grandson shop of miso soy sauce brewing which is known hand crafted remains. If you improve the migration of people who visited in cooperation with the cafe "Momotose" which remodeled the warehouse, etc., it can be expected to improve the appeal and vitality of the area.
In December 2005, Takamo was elected "Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry" "Regional Future Towing Companies". From now on, I plan to propose a common parking lot that makes use of idle landscaping appearance paint and idle land in the area.
The method of industrial tourism is also spreading throughout the prefecture as an advanced case of Takumo. It is the Akita Bank that supports financing and matching. Three people, including Shigeru, won the award in the "Akinin Industrial Tourism Business Plan Contest" held by the bank in 17 years.
A person in charge of the regional support department of the same school said, "We want to connect industrial tourism support not only to tourism promotion but also to business support of the business, by disseminating industrial tourism in a plane." Takahashi, Managing Director, emphasizes, "Industrial tourism can be implemented by all industries, there is a possibility of entertainment even with a small investment."

除此之外還有其他重要的事情。 當我在當地的酒店和日本的服裝在倉庫出售計劃拍攝的時候,“位置好”受歡迎。 似乎是對新發現的旅遊需求以及啤酒之旅的普通工業旅遊的回應。
最近邀請活躍在東京和世界的創造者在畫廊作為舞台進行公開討論的“Yamamo Creative Session”多次重複。 它正在成為甓端厰尋壼佛膰鎮碗薪“震中”。
岩崎地區曾經作為城鎮和住宿城鎮繁榮起來,有6家清酒,味噌和醬油商店。 目前,從睫步行5分鐘的距離,已知手工製作的味噌醬油釀造的老石孫店仍然存在。 如果改善了與改造倉庫等的咖啡店“Momotose”合作訪問的人的遷移,可以期待提高該地區的魅力和活力。
2005年12月,睫佝鐐為“經濟產業省”“地區未來拖車公司”。 今後,我打算提出一個利用涼峽暮啓刃凧涼崚效賄公共停車場。
工業旅遊的方法也作為睫佚先進案例在全州蔓延。 支持融資和配對的是秋田銀行。 17年來,包括茂榮在內的三人在銀行舉辦的“金陵工業旅遊商業計劃競賽”中獲獎。
銀行區域支持部負責人表示:“我希望通過在飛機上傳播工業旅遊,把工業旅遊的支持不僅僅局限於觀光宣傳,還要支持企業的業務支持。” 董事總經理高橋強調:“工業旅遊可以由所有行業實施,即使投資小也有娛樂的可能性”。




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