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A year ago, I had to experience the life style rooted to travel the land and living in Brooklyn. Then, I experienced the Istanbul mingle the east and west and the past and present, have experienced Paris to pursue the beauty and history. In response to this experience, I have been driven by the origin Portland Culture experience greed for a long time the American West Coast culture. During Fortunately participation is recognized Seattle travel of June this year program, I decided to Portland to go in one night two days to arrange the Amtrak train, began the path design of the short journey.



シアトルのKING STREET STATIONからは列車で約4時間。秋田ー東京間の時間と変わらない列車は、どこか慣れ親しんだ感覚があり、車窓から眺める景色は飽きることがなかった。道程では湖畔に停泊するヨットやキャンピングカーが横付けする住宅など、日本と異なる旅のスケールが自分を虜にし、異なる場に身を置くことの幸せを感じた。列車から眺める夕日は次第に赤さを増し、UNION STATION到着の頃には、通りの人影もまばらとなっていた。

About 4 hours by train from Seattle KING STREET STATION. Time and unchanged train between Akita over Tokyo, there is somewhere a familiar feeling, scenery to look at from the window of the train had never get bored. Such as housing yachts and campers anchored on a lake is alongside, I felt the scale of Japan and different journey. And I felt the happiness of putting myself in a different place. Sunset to look at from the train gradually increase the redness, the time of the UNION STATION arrival, people of the street was small.


到着したポートランドは意図せずハレの日。Portland Pride Festival and Paradeが行われていた。路上をジャックしたライヴイヴェントやLGBTによるPride Paradeも盛大に街を彩る。ACE HOTELもPOWELL'S BOOKSもポートランドを代表するカルチャー発信地としてそこにあった。ポップでウィットに富んだアメニティ、街や店舗のデザインされたサインの分かりやすさ。それらはサブカルチャーと混在し、共生する新しいかたちに見え、その発揮する効果に驚かされた。

And arrived Portland had a terrible day of the festival. Portland Pride Festival and Parade has been carried out. Pride Parade due to the live Event and LGBT have Jack on the street also grand to decorate the city. ACE HOTEL and POWELL'S BOOKS was there as a cultural epicenter representative of Portland. Amenities witty pop, Ease of understanding of the sign, which is the design of the town and shops. They are mixed with subculture, it appeared in a new form to be symbiotic, I was surprised to the effect that the exhibit.

抵達波特蘭有一個節日的可怕的一天。波特蘭驕傲節遊行一直進行。驕傲遊行,由於現場活動和LGBT有傑克在街上也盛大裝飾城。 ACE酒店和鮑威爾書店在那裡波特蘭的文化震中代表。設施詼諧的流行,輕鬆的標誌,這是該鎮和商店的設計的理解。它們與亞文化混合,它出現在一個新的形式是共生的,我很驚訝,大意是展覽。


It's a few hours can be action in the city of Portland, but there are many things that I want to see. I decided to go around and look at the center large furniture and select shop, the dining experience and a micro-brewery. From keywords that are symbolized by the "native" or "tribal", the craftsmanship and the department of the select of manufacturing, it is possible to see the life itself and human roots of the land. On the other hand, in the food culture fusion of hobby culture and food that can be called super-subjective it had created a unique eating experience.


BEAM&ANCHORで勧められたMISSISSIPPI AVE.では90年代の渋谷原宿を思わせるような若者とストリートカルチャーが力強く、自由を形成する空気を味わうことができた。それは、ルールや秩序が守られ、落ち着いたシアトルのものと異なり、溢れるほどの若いエネルギーが文化や経済活動を通じ、西海岸の今現在を推し進めているような気がした。

Strong youth and street culture, such as reminiscent of Harajuku, Shibuya of the 90s in the Mississippi Avenue that has been recommended in BEAM&ANCHOR, had made a free atmosphere. It is the rule and order are protected, different from those calm of Seattle. Through a lot of young energy cultural and economic activities, and I feel like is working now for the current reform of the west coast.



Music, fashion, art, sports, the outdoors, food .... Many of culture that form the city of Portland. Also came in who they are from somewhere, some are friendly in this town, polite as had simpler. It's also try to take in travelers. Acting as to play, play to work. City where young and old can defeat play culture. Pride is the regional people, that's why, the figure is full of charm, I directed an eye on the world. Culture is a journey, travelers will come in search of it. I wanted to continue to stay in a location that journey and life and culture mingle.
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