願いの灯り 点灯式 2011を終えて


Lighting ceremony 2011 of the light of the wish is finished.

Many of that coming and cooperation were gotten, and our lighting ceremony succeeded. Response and actually feeling the event are visited with the time passage. Moreover, we wish to express our gratitude for everybody in the station street shopping street doing devoted cooperation. It was not possible to come here only by us. Thank you really. It introduces the appearance on that day as follows.

I was taking charge of an original program of broadcast FM simultaneously with the lighting ceremony. Various generations' crowd glad were made when going out for the preparation for the expression.

It was able to know the appearance on the outside. It can know it from not only my eyes but also cameras of USTREAM* in FM studio. The appearance of the expression has been understood from various sides. Always thank you for the delivery Mr. Igawa*.

Wish for the Star Festival. Wish for development of town. The light of the wish of both parties is brought by the Komachi daughter. Solemn appearance of the Komachi daughter who showed up in the darkening shopping street became more than the imagination with a fantastic spectacle.

A small child came to enjoy fireworks after generation's light had tied by the relay form. I revive the scenery of family's fireworks as memories of the Star Festival, too. It is a purpose of this event that such an experience spins it exceeding the generation. And, it is thought that this is the maximum property since 3.11.

I got a warm word from the shopping street and the administration after the expression. We did not think that it cooperated in a lot of groups, and we became big events. Again, I wish to express my gratitude for having pleasantly cooperated. Thank you.

The media mix talk with the journalist of the Sakigake newspaper and the Yuzawa City report was done for Akiyo Takahashi* of the personality. I think what should be of media in the future is to be able to invent earliness and an effect not inferior to the center by me even if it is in Akita.

The lot association of the pair staying ticket also showed the upsurge. I feel the enjoyment and the giving effect in the function of beginning. And, we wish to express our gratitude really for Minami Sato* of the chairperson who effectively makes it function. My best regards in the future.

The inside of a store of SABAR was able to be managed by power of friends in Yokote. It is really glad that the companion in Yuzawa and the companion in Yokote were able to do all. It was very happy time. Thank you.

They are young people and loincloths. Make it up of the sensibility of the young generation. I think that it shines in the festival with the history. It transfers among generations, it is transferred, and we grow up.

It is these people that supported us of the execution committee who was moving restlessly. Meeting was able to be piled up, and to come here many times. Thank you for associating to the last minute.

It is Koichiro Aso* to do the role like the loudspeaker of our activity through WEB. He is a programmer, and not only there but also a new concept is always taken. It gets a piece of information promptly, it escapes from an existing concept, and a new approach is started. The lightness of the footwork is his maximum charm.

I walked alone in the shopping street on the night of the event morrow. How our activity is on earth seen. The cooperation of seven stores was received, and the picture lantern compared the light and the town with the place with the shutter before brightly now.

そしていま、僕たちはこの活動の終着駅を考えています。それは、絵どうろうを今まで以上に大切にすることによって利益が生まれ、街に活気が戻ってくる仕組みをつくることです。この点灯式は、はじまりであり、街興しへの狼煙でもあります。 これからも僕たちでできることを、自分たちの歩みでしっかりとつくりあげていきたいと思います。たくさんの方のご来場、ご協力、本当にありがとうございました。そしてこれから行われる七夕絵どうろう祭りを、街のみなさんで楽しみましょう。
Did the vacant store increase according to the station where a Yuzawa three major festival and the Tanabata picture lantern festival were held, and when will the light have been lost?Yasushi Iizuka* who belonged to the shopping street always worried about it. It is not who that this activity and the event succeeded other than his zeal. It was not able to be imagined that the picture lantern that lined up on the street was such wonderful, and a road in the town where we lived that had to be advanced was shone on. This activity is expected and it is expected to influence other empty stores and shopping streets at the period.
And, we think about the terminal station of this activity now. It is for the profit to arise by valuing the picture lantern more than before, and to make the mechanism that vigor returns to the town. This lighting ceremony is a start to the development of the town. I want to make up doing in the future by we of those walking firmly. Thank you really for coming and your cooperation a lot. And, let's enjoy the Tanabata picture lantern festival by everybody in the town in the future.

絵どうろうの街*実行委員 / 企画、デザイン_高橋泰*

Town of Garden Lantern* execution committee / Planning and design_Yasushi Takahashi*

〈 追記 〉

ノンアルコール・バー SABAR*を七夕絵どうろう祭りでもOPENします。空き店舗の活用例として広く知っていただくために、営業することにしました。点灯式のときとは異なり、ボックス席を2つ、外席もご用意しております。駅間近のメインストリートで、ゆったりとした時を過ごしていただきたいと思います。

〈 postscript 〉

Non-alcohol bar SABAR* is done and OPEN is done in the festival. To know widely as an example of using the vacant store, it decided to do business. It differs from the time of the lighting ceremony, and 2 and the outside seat also prepare the booth. I would like you to spend the time done in the Main Street at a close station in a relaxed manner.




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