YAMAMO SUSTAINABLE FIELD_Fiscal Year 2017, Harvest

It will be the third year of this year to revive the field. Raise the soil, plant seeds, encourage growth and gain fruit. I have gotten used to nature a bit while getting accustomed to nature, but it is not easy to make fruits rich in grains. That is why it faces the growth of life, handling weeds and bringing forth great fruits. Work touching the earth returns people to the ground. It is important to start with it and assemble things. Yamamo aims to be a sustainable industry, and we will continue our efforts to increase raw material fields._SUSTAINABLE_FIELD


今年將是複蘇領域的第三年。 提高土壤,種植種子,鼓勵生長並獲得果實。 我習慣了大自然,習慣於大自然,但是不可能使水果富含穀物。 這就是為什麼面對生活的當后ぱ殕雜草和獲得巨大的果實。 觸摸地球的工作讓人們到地面。 重要的是開始並組裝東西。 Yamamo旨在成為一個可持續發展的行業,我們將繼續努力甓淡矯猯僧琉茵




In modern times, I had photographs taken with kimonos with few opportunities to wear kimono, and a plan to eat at the participants "Yuzawa Kimono Bijin" chose Yamamo as the shooting place. On the day the rain also increased, I took a picture with three places, a garden, an antique sofa space and a wooden barrel. When more than dozens of kimono came, people who appeared in modern times gorgeous appearance in the brewery. I felt the inner and outer circle of Japanese culture again. Moreover, we were able to cooperate within the area by having lunch with the same momotose of Iwasaki. I am happy if I can help new customers' movements and sightseeing. Thank you for everyone who came. ARIGATO.


在近代,有和服和服幾乎沒有機會的和服拍攝的照片,並且與參加者“湯澤和服美女”一起用餐的計劃選擇了Yamamo作為拍攝地。 當天下雨也甓知察げ翡鑪算宛鎮亙的照片,一個花園,一個古色古香的沙發空間和一個木桶。 當有超過幾十個和服的人,啤酒廠出現了不現代的華麗。 我再次感受到日本文化的純真與傳播。 另外,因為和岩崎的同一個媽媽用午餐所以能在這個地區合作了。 如果我能幫助新客戶的運動和觀光,我很高興。 感謝所有來過的人。


*In Yamamo, we offer the garden and built and a sofa seat as the location and the rental space of the shooting. You can use the history and industry and the nature of the interweaving space to the production of the event. Please contact us.



デザイナーの福島治さんにYAMAMO FACTORY TOURのため弊社までお越しいただきました。伝統産業をどのように次世代に残してくことができるのか、ヤマモの取り組みをお話しする中で多くが共通の理解に至り、嬉しく思いました。その共通の理解は、圧倒的な美意識がもたらす変化のことで、それは個人に帰属しており、その狂乱を認め、社会が育てていくことが必要という思考です。ヤマモの取り組みがその変化を生み出すものの一つになることができればと思います。ツアーを通じ、有意義な時間を過ごすことが出来ました。福島さん、ありがとうございました。

【 YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup −老舗蔵元の知的総合体験− 】
一般:1,500円 学生:1,000円 小中学生:500円 乳幼児:無料 事前予約制


The designer Mr. Osamu Fukushima visited us for YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR. I was pleased that many people shared understanding as to how Yamamo's efforts could leave traditional industries in the next generation. The common understanding is the change caused by overwhelming aesthetic sense, which is attributed to individuals, recognizing that frenzy, and thinking that society needs to nurture. I hope that Yamamo's efforts will be one of the things that will create that change. Through the tour, I was able to spend meaningful time. Mr. Fukushima, thank you._FACTORYTOUR

【YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup - Intellectual Integrated Experience of Old Branch -】
General: 1,500 yen Student: 1,000 yen Elementary and middle school student: 500 yen Infant / child: Free Advance reservation system


設計師福田先生先生訪問了我們,參加了山馬工廠旅遊。 我很高興許多人對Yamamo的努力如何能夠在下一代留下傳統產業感到滿意。 共同的理解是由壓倒性的審美意識所引起的變化,這歸因於個人,認識到瘋狂,並認為社會需要培育。 我希望Yamamo的努力將是創造這種變化的事情之一。 通過旅遊,我能夠度過有意義的時間。 福島先生,謝謝。

【湯姆山工廠旅遊 - 老科智能綜合經驗】
一般:1,500日元學生:1,000日元小學生:500日元嬰幼兒:免費 預訂系統

Fukushima Design




Zashiki welcoming important customers. From there the garden of Yamamo spreads to the panorama. The tatami room which was provided as the front room is between the corridor and the Buddha and is a selfish space with the function to greet customers in a simple way. This room was also built by renovation several generations ago, once in the corner of the corridor to the stairs going up to the second floor was the place where the hearth was. Based on the feeling of the era of the time, I think that I will change it to a boardroom with a hearth._GARDENOPENING


座敷歡迎重要客戶。 從那裡,山姆的花園傳播到全景。 作為前廳提供的榻榻米室位於走廊和佛像之間,是一個自私的空間,以簡單的方式迎接客戶。 這個房間也是幾代前建造的,一旦在走廊的拐角處,到二樓的樓梯就是爐膛的地方。 根據當時時代的感覺,我想我會把它改成一個帶有爐灶的會議室。


There was a trace of the hearth in the lower part of the floor board which gathered tatami and peeled off. It seems that the sixth generation of our company understood that and understood diversion etc. diversion. Like old renovations, we will reinforce the floorboards firmly. The furnace part which becomes the foundation of the hearth is the one which four adults finally cut out stones which can be lifted. This is the main character of this time.

在地板底部有一個爐灶的痕跡聚集了榻榻米並剝落。 看來我們公司的第六代了解到,並且明白了轉移等轉移。 像舊裝修一樣,我們會堅定地加強地板。 成為爐膛基礎的爐子部件是四個成年人最後切割可以提起的石頭。 這是這個時候的主角。


On the floorboards we will use solid pine woods we had and will consist of as much as possible edges and stories as far as possible. The direction of the board is aligned with the corridor, and it is laid so as to be vertical to the customer and horizontal to the family. In the hearth again arranged in the center of the room again, the universal hooks are aligned with the center of the furnace and the illumination is slightly shifted, and the function and balance are adjusted. I do not dare to innocent flooring materials, leaving the intention to undertake, I would like to look forward to that secular change on the other hand.

在地板上,我們將使用我們擁有的堅實的松樹林,並將盡可能多地包括邊緣和故事。 董事會的方向與走廊保持一致,鋪設成垂直於客戶,與家人垂直。 在再次安裝在房間中心的爐床上,通用鉤與爐的中心對準,照明稍微偏移,調節功能和平衡。 我不敢無辜的地板材料,留下意圖,我想期待這個世俗的變化。


There was an indication of the magnitude of the weight supported by the pillar of this room from the ridge in the process of renovation. Considering the heavy snowy area, we set up a column with a large 21cm square because we need another pillar to receive it. Sense of crisis and absurdity in keeping things suddenly come and sometimes give trouble. However, many of the materials and judgments that make up the brand are the things owned by each principal of the times. How can you edit and brush up on it? To such a thing we have challenged Yamamo. We believe we will be able to welcome many customers from this hearth.

這表明在改造過程中,這個房間的支柱由山脊支撐的重量的大小。 鑑於大雪地區,我們建立了一個21厘米廣場的大柱子,因為我們需要另一個支柱來接收它。 感覺到危機和荒謬在保持事情突然來臨,有時會給麻煩。 然而,組成品牌的許多材料和判斷都是每個歷史時期所擁有的材料和判斷。 如何編輯和刷新到現代? 對於這樣的事情我們挑戰了Yamamo。 我們相信,我們可以歡迎來自這個爐灶的許多客戶。



YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Floor Completion of an Unrefined Moromi Warehouse

In the moromi of fermentation aging which has been passing for 150 years, we put a stone in the soil and arrange wooden barrels on it. The warehouse is located in the northernmost of the premises and has played a part by the wisdom of the predecessor to make low temperature fermentation. However, I have bothered me with my care and management. Once the craftsmen have added the wooden barrels together at the work site, it is difficult to put hands in the floor because the height difference is not constant. Initially when I succeeded my family business, I thought that "I will not start on this soil", I thought so, but as soon as accepting domestic and foreign visitors in recent years, I finally decided to floor this all-inclusive storehouse It is._GARDENOPENING




Craftsmen will unite and scrape off the soil for the thickness of the concrete and make a base to the narrow barrel gap. Put a crushed stone to make the soil and concrete familiar there, and put the lath (wire mesh) in the part where strength is necessary. The amount of soil carried was about 5 cubic meters and it was equivalent to 2 trucks.



Once the foundation was completed, we did curing of pumping piping and arranged concrete. Pipe is put in the gap of the barrel, and the craftsmen of the plasterer strokes the surface while pouring the concrete. When a part is completed, the piping is removed and the concrete is flowed to another gap portion. This repeatedly became all concrete between the 24 barrels.



The floor finish of the moromi warehouse had a large amount of work for making the base, and the work schedule by specialized craftsmen was different. As a brewer, I had difficulty maintaining the motivation of craftsmen as a worker and selecting the best dealer under different judgment. For that reason, we spend a lot of time to realize floor hitting, so finally the finished floor finish is finally deeply emotional and we feel that we are seeing a new stage. I would like to see this museum in many people. Thank you very much for everyone involved.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Small Ecosystems and Fish From Overwintering Ponds

An old outside signboard attached to the eaves of the entrance from the early Showa period was found from Last year, we released fish such as carp, goldfish, medaka etc. in the pond to make it a measure of pest control and safe groundwater supply. As fish supplies clean, the more it can survive for a long time, it is necessary to create an environment with moderately microorganisms and bacteria. For that purpose, we realized the coexistence of organisms that start with microorganisms by circulating and mixing the water of a new pond filled with clean groundwater and the existing pond where weeds grow. From this it is understood that creating a Japanese garden not only abstracts the transition of the four seasons rooted in the land and the wind stream but also understands that science knowledge is needed "how to create an internally complete ecosystem" I can do it._GARDENOPENING




The pond in winter was not as a place to live but as a place to melt the heavy snow, the fish in the bottom of the pond seemed to have been successfully overwintering. Although they were small small individuals, they came to melt and gradually revealed their energetic appearance. The movement has become active as the temperature rises, and if we are lucky, they can confirm their appearance from the entrance to the garden. In the Iwasaki area, the mountain river nature remained for a long time, and we have many creatures, but there were grace and gratitude also in the small ecosystem of Yamamo's garden.



We have been the foundation of people 's eating habits as local industries in the region. We also contribute to the community as one of ecosystems, and convey the history, climate and culture of this land. The Iwasaki area where the brewery industry which begins from the blessings of water is thriving. The fourth generation may have superimposed this on the landscaping and garden ecosystems. We are able to notice the feelings and value of our predecessors by starting again in the garden that lasts 100 years.





A year before last year, we conducted a snow melting test that saves snow by storing groundwater in existing ponds, for reasons such as a decrease in snow removal work force due to aging and management of old trees. Although it was a year of heavy snowfall that is not unprecedented in the past, it was able to melt thoroughly. And we established a snow melting pool on the eaves front, aiming to improve snowmelt efficiency by spraying groundwater to the pool._GARDENOPENING




On the other hand, in a new pond, groundwater is discharged into the water and a mechanism is established to melt the snow with the convection. It was time to test the results this year. A snowfall of a considerable amount disappeared in the pond one after another and it was able to function safely. Not only the stock water but also groundwater that attracted attention again melted the snow of the garden tree around the pool and the pond and could show the way of the garden even in winter.



Revitalizing the heavy snowy zone is very difficult due to the severe living environment in winter and it will be the ground which is not easily chosen. We are hoping for the technology with natural energy there, making it a tourism resource. Efforts are in the middle, I want to go towards the goals and advance while interwoven between old and new. The first generation turned to the water as an industry, the fourth generation gave thanks to the garden, snow melting was done at the sixth and seventh generations. The 150-year-old stories about Mosuke Takahashi and water will continue.


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