It was decided to hold "Yuzawa Kimono bijin" held in the fall of last year in the summer Yukata. People in the form of a yukata wandering around the former Hanzhou Highway in front of us reminded me of the good old days, leaving a strong impression in the area. Yamamo not only provided the location as a location, but also tried to operate participants' cafe department experimentally._ARIGATO.


決定在夏天的浴衣舉行去年秋天舉行的“湯澤和服美女”。 在我們前面的前杭州高速公路上游蕩的浴衣形式的人們讓我想起過去的美好時光,給這個地區留下了濃厚的印象。 Yamamo不僅提供了位置,還試圖通過實驗操作參與者的咖啡廳部門。


The original drinks and sweets are unexpectedly popular, and although it is experimental, it has been encouraging for the future development. By enriching various uses and exchanges of Kuramoto, I felt that we could enrich our lives and increase the attractiveness of local people. From now on I hope to contribute to the community as a place to create a wide variety of relationships. Thank you very much for everyone who used it.

最初的飲料和糖果出人意料地受歡迎,儘管它是實驗性的,但它對未來的發展仍然是令人鼓舞的。 通過豐富蔵元的各種用途和交流,我覺得我們可以豐富我們的生活,甓秩鎮録妖吸引力。 從現在開始,我希望能夠為社區做出貢獻,創造各種各樣的關係。 非常感謝使用它的每個人。


*In Yamamo, we offer the garden and built and a sofa seat as the location and the rental space of the shooting. You can use the history and industry and the nature of the interweaving space to the production of the event. Please contact us.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Treatment of Decayed Old Trees

It is not uncommon for the old shrubs to have decaying parts in old shrubs without neglecting management at Yamamo's shrine gardens with lots of old trees. Especially the Momiji near the roof was in danger due to the influence of heavy snow of the year, Yew tree was dangerous due to poor dwarf and invasion of rot fungus. From the photograph of the 4th generation era, in order to leave the planting of the time as much as possible, we carried out these two treatments located in the center even in the garden._GARDENOPENING


老灌木在老灌木叢中腐爛的部分並不常見,而不會忽視Yamamo的神社花園中有大量古樹的管理。 特別是由於受到一年中大雪的影響,屋頂附近的楓處於危險之中,由於矮小的矮人和腐爛的真菌入侵,紅豆杉很危險。 從第4代時代的照片,為了盡可能地留下時間的種植,我們甚至在花園中進行了這兩個處理。


The gardener uses fleas, carefully removes the decayed portion, and paints the antiseptic. Then, in order to prevent peeling off of the artificial bark, paste the lath net to the decayed part. The population bark is painted in the rotten part, treatment is completed. In order to further protect the weakened trunk from snow cover and windstorms, attach the pillars. In the generations, planting which had been as natural as before is also a living thing, I once again thought that if I do not manage and treat it, I can not survive for a long time.

園丁使用跳蚤,小心地去除腐爛的部分,並塗上防腐劑。 然後,為了防止人造樹皮剝落,將板條網粘貼到腐爛部分。 人口樹皮被塗在腐爛的部分,治療完成。 為了進一步保護弱化的樹幹免受積雪和風暴的影響,請安裝支柱。 在幾代人中,種植過去和以前一樣自然也是一種生物,我再一次認為,如果我不管理和治療它,我就無法生存很長時間。


Long-lasting industries are subject to various management and treatment. Someday things that boasted of prosperity in a few generations will change their shape. So if the intention to inherit the spirit remaining in the land is born, the future generations will add their hands. Also, if it creates further development, it will appeal and capture the hearts of people. Repetition of development over several generations is a traditional industry. I hope that the story and beauty of this garden will be conveyed to many people.

長期工業受到各種管理和待遇。 有朝一日,在幾代人中吹噓繁榮的事情將改變他們的形象。 因此,如果繼承遺留在土地上的精神的意圖誕生,後代將會加入他們的手中。 此外,如果它進一步發展,它將吸引和吸引人們的心。 重複幾代人的發展是一個傳統的行業。 我希望這個花園的故事和美麗將傳達給許多人。



About the head family seventh generation · Shichinosuke Takahashi

Founder of Yamamo Miso and Soy Sauce Brewing Company · Mosuke Takahashi is a branch of Shichinosuke Takahashi, after the seventh generation Shichinosuke served as Mayor of Iwasaki, the fourth generation Mosuke served as the mayor. This time, the master of Iwasaki, Shichinosuke Takahashi's donation was donated to the Omonogawa local folk materials museum, and at the time the material was released and explanation at that time was done. Shichinosuke thinks about the townspeople of Iwasaki and will undertake various revolutionary reforms such as agriculture, industrial sanitation, living standards and education. You can know the speed of the reform in the chronology. I got permission from the museum and I shot the materials. I would like to also tell you the friendship and achievement with Rentaro Mizuno who had friendship with Shichinosuke.


Yamamo味噌醬油釀造元的創始人·高橋茂助是高橋七之助的一個分支,在第七代七之助擔任岩崎市長後,第四代茂助擔任市長。 這一次,岩崎大師高橋孝之的捐贈捐贈給了雄物川當地民俗博物館,當時材料被釋放,當時的解釋完成了。七之助考慮到岩崎市民,並將進行各種革命性的改革,如農業,工業衛生,生活水平和教育。 你可以知道年代表改革的速度。我得到了博物館的許可,我拍攝了材料。我想告訴你與與七之助有友誼的水野錬太郎的友誼和成就。

Crane fuse picture is used for advertisement of exhibition

Letter Mr. Rentaro Mizuno mourned a telegram of Shichinosuke passed away

Fusuma picture of a crane drawn by the Japanese painter Hagita Shiho (Taisho)

出生地 湯沢市(旧岩崎町)

Seventh Shichinosuke Takahashi
Birthplace Yuzawa City (formerly Iwasaki Town)
Born in 1872 (Meiji 5)
Shichinosuke Takahashi is the premier Japanese Iwasaki cho. We called the shop name "Taka-shichi", and Iwasaki cho, as well as in the direction of cross, was popular as "Taka-shichi".
I will serve as the second generation mayor of Iwasaki Town. I always thought about how to make Iwasaki a rich and affluent town, and worked on various things such as agriculture improvement, living improvement, labor savings, school building etc. Also, thanks to the active involvement of the Mayor of Taka-shichi, Rinkaro Mizuno, Minister of the Interior Minister of the time, had been born in Edo, but Iwasaki Town became a hometown.
Tomi is born as a daughter of Jhunsaku Sasaki, a doctor in a marshmachine in a marsh river town, and nephew Jun Sasaki strives for 20 years as mayor of the second generation Numadate-machi.

高橋七之助是日本首屈一指的岩崎町。 我們把商店名稱稱為“高七”,並且岩崎町以及在十字架的方向,作為“Takaichi”受歡迎。
我將擔任岩崎鎮的第二代市長。 我一直在想如何讓岩崎成為一個富裕的小鎮,並從事農業改善,生活改善,勞動力儲蓄,學校建設等各種事務。 此外,由於高梨市市長的積極參與,當時內政部長水野錬太郎出生在江戶,但岩崎鎮成了故鄉。

貴重な手廻し映写機(フランス パテ社 大正)とラジオ(山中電機株式会社 昭和初期)
Precious hand-held projector (French Pathe Taisho) and radio (Yamanaka Electric Co., Ltd. early Showa era)
珍貴的手動投影儀(法國 大關神社 大正)和收音機(山中電器株式會社 昭和初期)

Also a pigeon's fusuma picture drawn by Hagita Shiho dove (Taisho)

Sixth Shichinosuke Takahashi Mrs. Portrait (Meiji) and family tree

出生地 東京都(旧江戸)

Ryutaro Mizuno
Place of birth Tokyo (formerly Edo)
Born in Keio 4th year (1868)
Mizuno was a member of the Japanese minister for internal affairs, general director general of the governor of Korea, Minister of Education, Parliamentarian and others.
Creator of Akita Edo Festival Born as a child of Mr. Risaburo-masatada-taisuke Mizuno. Father Saburo lives in present Iwasaki, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture, with his two sisters, Mr. Mizuno, his wife, Mizuno after his birth, for the Akita clan who went to the government forces during the Boshin war. After that, by the clan domestic clan, the family returns to Tokyo. The 2nd generation Iwasaki Town Mayor Shichinosuke Takahashi actively took the place of birth in Edo, but Iwasaki Town became a hometown.
You can see a wide variety of friendships of Shichinosuke mayor.

秋田江戶節的創作者出生於水野立三郎正忠泰輔先生的孩子。 立三郎神父和他的兩個姐妹水野先生,他的妻子水野在他出生後,在Boshin戰爭期間前往政府部隊的秋田氏族,住在秋田縣湯澤市的現在岩崎。之後,由氏族家族,家人返回東京。 第2代岩崎町市長高橋乃之介積極在江戶出生,但岩崎鎮成了故鄉。

Approximately three minutes of the picture was corrected to a beautiful transition and the aircraft realized

Shichinosuke and children spending at the edge of the house

The appearance of our Yamamo and Old Usyu Highway

年号     主な事項
明治 5年  湯沢市に生まれる
明治34年  岩崎地区300町歩(300ヘクタール)の耕地整理を秋田県知事に申請する。
明治36年  群会議員(大正5年6月まで)
明治38年  岩崎町農会会長
明治39年  耕地整理組合長として工事に着手(昭和6年完成)
大正 5年  産業組合法に基づく信用組合を岩崎町に創設
大正 9年  2代目岩崎町町長(24年間務める)
大正12年  岩崎町は昔からフジの花が有名なため、岩崎町の旗印として「町章」にフジを採り入れた図案を高七自身が作成する。
大正14年  岩崎町に独立校舎の青年学校建設
大正15年  青年学校敷地に隣接して水野錬太郎の別邸恵沢荘建立
昭和10年  青年学校校庭に水野錬太郎の胸像建立
昭和15年  「岩崎町郷土史」を出版。表紙文字は高七の筆跡。
昭和19年  岩崎町町長職 辞任
昭和21年  死去(75歳)

Seventh generation Shichinosuke Takahashi announcement
Year   Main items
1872   Born in Yuzawa-shi
1901   Iwasaki district Apply 300 ha of arable land arrangement to governor of Akita prefecture.
     In the large-scale arable land arrangement, it will be the first plan of Akita prefecture.
1903   Group members (until June, 1955)
1905   Iwasaki Town Agricultural Association President
1906   Construction began as a cooperative association chief (Completed in 1965)
1916   Iwasaki Town founded a credit union under the Industry Association Act
     Credit union chief
     Around this time, I built a large weaving factory with dye drying places from the dyeing station in my house.
1920   Mayor of Iwasaki machi 2nd generation (served for 24 years)
1923   Since Iwasaki Town is famous for its wisteria flowers for a long time, Takashichi himself creates a design incorporating wisteria as a banner of Iwasaki Town.
1925   Construction of youth school in independent school building in Iwasaki Town
1926   Adjacent to the youth school grounds Mizuho Rentaro's apartment building Ebisoso
1935   Bust image of Mizuno Rentaro in Youth School's school garden
1940   Published "Iwasaki Town Regional History". Cover letter is high seven handwriting.
1944   Iwasaki cho resigned as the town mayor
1946   Death (75 years old)

一個時代的名稱    主要項目
明治5年       生於湯澤市
明治34年       岩崎地區向秋田縣知事申請300公頃耕地。
明治36年       小組成員(至1955年6月)
明治38年       岩崎鎮農業協會會長
明治39年       建設始於合作社協會主席(1965年完成)
大正5年       岩崎鎮根據“行業協會法”成立了信用合作社
大正9年       岩崎町第2代市長(服務24年)
大正12年       由於岩崎鎮長期以紫藤花而聞名,因此高七自己創造了一種將紫藤作為岩崎町旗幟的設計。
大正14年       在岩崎鎮獨立學校建設青年學校
大正15年       毗鄰青年學校的水野錬太郎公寓恵沢荘公寓
昭和10年       水野錬太郎在青年學校的學校花園中的胸圍形象
昭和15年       出版“岩崎鎮地區歷史”。求職信高七筆跡。
昭和19年       岩崎町辭去鎮長的職務
昭和21年       死亡(75歲)

There is a big monument on the right side of Hachiman Shrine

The achievement of Shichinosuke was spelled on the back of the monument and at the end of the sentence there is Mosuke Takahashi

資料には当時の貴重な映像がフィルムとして残っており、本家の七之助の庭園や弊社の外観も映り込んでおりました。フィルムだけではなく、真空管ラジオや襖絵などからも、七之助の文化や技術に対する考えや態度を伺い知ることができました。また、千年公園の八幡神社の境内には七之助の功績を称える大きな頌徳碑(しょうとくひ)があります。その結びには「元岩崎町長 高橋茂助 文」とあり、弊社四代目が七之助の地域貢献について文面で後世に伝えようとしておりました。地域で産業を担う者、名士と云われる者の在り方、その連続的な繋がりと地域について、深く深く考えさせられるものでした。

平成30年度 雄物川郷土資料館 第一回特別展
新収蔵品展 〜美術・工芸・民俗・歴史〜
会期 平成30年4月28日(土)〜 7月29日(日)
開館時間 9時〜17時
入館料 一般 100円、高校生・大学生 50円、中学生以下無料

Valuable images of the time remained as films in the material, and the appearance of Shichinosuke of our company and our company was also reflected. Not only from film but also from vacuum tube radio and sliding door painting, I was able to know and understand Shichinosuke's thoughts and attitudes toward culture and technology. In addition, next to the Hachiman Shrine in the Millennium Park there is a big monument honoring the achievements of Nanosuke. Behind it is "former Iwasaki mayor Mayor Mosuke Takahashi", our 4th generation is trying to communicate the contribution of the area of Shichinosuke to future generations. I was made to think deeply and deeply about the way people, who are responsible for industries in the area, who are called masterpeople, their continuous ties and areas.

Omonogawa Regional Museum of Art 1st Special Exhibition 2018
New Collection Exhibition ~ Art · Crafts · Folklore · History ~
Entry Period From Saturday, April 28th to Sunday, July 29th,
Opening hours 9 am - 5 pm
Admission fee for general 100 yen, high school student / university student 50 yen, less than junior high school students free

有價值的時間圖像仍然是材料中的電影,我們公司和我們公司的七之助的外觀也得到了反映。 不僅從電影,而且從真空管收音機和推拉門畫,我能夠了解和理解七之助對文化和技術的想法和態度。 此外,在千禧公園的八幡神社旁邊還有一座紀念七之助成就的大紀念碑。 在它的背後是“前岩崎市長高橋佑介”,我們的第4代正試圖傳達七之助地區對後代的貢獻。 我深深地思考了負責該地區工業的人們,他們被稱為大師們,他們的持續關係和領域。

報名時間 從4月28日星期六到7月29日星期日,
營業時間 為上午9點至下午5點


宮本農園みやもと糀店の宮本さんと醤油とオリーブオイルのソムリエの黒島さんご夫婦にお越しいただきました。個々の活動の他にも、お二人は日本全国の蔵元を周り、その知見を深めていらっしゃいます。弊社ヤマモではFACTORY TOURの他に本年度の仕込を見ていただきました。お二人とのお話を通じ、全国的な業界の進捗や現在注目される蔵元が何を考えているのかを知ることができました。我々の業界はお客様から安定した製品を求められており、その結果、新しい動きや革新的な取り組みが現れにくい傾向があります。そこにどう立ち向かっていくのか、多くの蔵元が試行錯誤を繰り返しています。私たちもその先を見てみたいと思っています。宮本さん、黒島さん、ありがとうございました。

【 YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup −老舗蔵元の知的総合体験− 】
一般:1,500円 学生:1,000円 小中学生:500円 乳幼児:無料 事前予約制

Mr. Miyamoto, Mrs. Kurosima_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

Mr. Miyamoto of farm and Koji store and couple of Kuroshima of sommelier of soy sauce and olive oil. In addition to individual activities, the two surround the brewery of all over Japan and deepen their knowledge. In our Yamamo we saw besides FACTORY TOUR this year's brewing. Through the story with the two of you, I was able to know the progress of the nationwide industry and what the brewer of attention now thinks. Our industry is demanding stable products from our customers, and as a result there is a tendency for new movements and innovative efforts to be difficult to appear. Many brewers repeated trial and error about how to stand there. We also want to see the future. Mr. Miyamoto, Mrs. Kurojima, thank you._FACTORYTOUR

【YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup - Intellectual Integrated Experience of Old Branch -】
General: 1,500 yen Student: 1,000 yen Elementary and middle school student: 500 yen Infant / child: Free Advance reservation system


種植園和曲酒店的宮本先生以及醬油和橄欖油調酒師的鄒佗徂惻到了。 除了個人活動之外,他們還圍繞著日本各地的釀酒商,並加深了他們的知識。 在我們的Yamamo,我們看到了今年的工廠巡迴演出。 通過與你們兩個人的故事,我能夠了解全國行業的進展情況以及目前正在思考的注意力問題。 我們的行業正在被要求我們的客戶提供穩定的產品,因此出現新的動向和創新努力的趨勢難以顯現。 許多釀酒商反复嘗試如何站在那裡。 我們也希望看到未來。 宮本先生,久島先生,謝謝。

【湯姆山工廠旅遊 - 老科智能綜合經驗】
一般:1,500日元學生:1,000日元小學生:500日元嬰幼兒:免費 預訂系統



【 YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup −老舗蔵元の知的総合体験− 】
一般:1,500円 学生:1,000円 小中学生:500円 乳幼児:無料 事前予約制

Iwamoto-san, Nomura-san_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

We also came to the Akita Prefectural Assembly Industry Tourism Committee for members of all the prefectures who also served as an investigation of industrial tourism in Akita Prefecture. I was interested in explanation by superimposing the history of the area by the industries by the factory which contained the warehouse and the garden. In addition to the inbound by industrial sightseeing as well as the outbound of overseas transactions, there were questions and it was a very meaningful time. It was also interesting that the lawmakers are looking at our company compared with the local area of individuals and they are considered from the aspect of problem solving in the area. Through this visit, I hope that new attractive areas will be delivered by unique industrial tourism._FACTORYTOUR

【YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup - Intellectual Integrated Experience of Old Branch -】
General: 1,500 yen Student: 1,000 yen Elementary and middle school student: 500 yen Infant / child: Free Advance reservation system


我們還到秋田縣議會工業旅遊委員會參加了所有地區的成員,他們也是秋田縣工業旅遊的調查對象。 我有興趣通過包含倉庫和花園的工廠在各行業疊加該地區的歷史進行解釋。 除了工業觀光入境以及境外交易外,還有問題,這是一個非常有意義的時間。 同樣令人感興趣的是,立法者正在關注我們的公司,並與當地個人進行比較,並從該地區的問題解決方面考慮他們。 通過這次訪問,我希望通過獨特的工業旅遊提供新的吸引人的地區。

【湯姆山工廠旅遊 - 老科智能綜合經驗】
一般:1,500日元學生:1,000日元小學生:500日元嬰幼兒:免費 預訂系統




There used to be a pine tree on the hill in front of the goddess of the Yamamo Water God. The place is located in the center of the garden, both from the cafeterias welcoming important customers and from the entrance to the new garden, a position with a presence as a symbol. One day the pine trees of the symbol withered, and the stumps remained. Three years ago, when I started the garden again, I cleaned up and I was looking for a symbol tree of a garden to replace pine from that time._GARDENOPENING


Yamamo水上帝的女神面前的小山上曾經有一棵松樹。 這個地方位於花園的中心,無論是自助餐廳歡迎重要的顧客,還是從入口到新花園,這個位置都有一個像徵。 有一天,符號的松樹枯萎了,樹樁仍然留下。 三年前,當我再次開始花園時,我清理了一下,我正在尋找一個花園的象徵樹來代替那時的松樹。


In the garden of Yamamo, the entrance Karin and Itusugi catch their eyes and one of the features is that there are many deep green plantings. I thought that we should combine red weeping maples that weakly delineated with that combination. This maple that has been grafting from grafting for over 20 years will change its taste by pruning. I hope that this tree grows with years and keeps harmonizing with the surrounding old trees.

在Yamamo的花園裡,入口處的花梨和柏樹引人矚目,其中一個特點是有許多深竸的植物。 我認為我們應該結合那些與該組合勾畫得很弱的紅色哭泣的楓樹。 這種從嫁接移植了20年以上的楓樹會通過修剪改變它的味道。 我希望這棵樹能夠長年生長,並與周圍的老樹保持和諧。


ツーリズムを通じて海外へ日本の魅力を発信する岩本さんと、文化交流を主軸とし食やファッション等のものづくりを海外へ伝える野村さんにお越しいただきました。世界に日本の魅力を伝えるだけではなく、目利きとして日本の各地を周るお二人とはFACTORY TOURの中でも本質衣的な意見交換ができました。従事者やビジネスの観点から存続が難しい伝統文化をいかにして継続的に未来に残していけるのか。または、一定の役割を終えたものとして捉えていくのか。その判断を行わなければいけない時期はリソースの少ないローカルに訪れます。ここに理性的に対処すべく、世界と日本のローカルを文化を基軸に考える必要があるとお二人と意見が一致しました。SNSで発信いただけたことも嬉しく思っています!岩本さん、野村さん、ありがとうございました。

【 YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup −老舗蔵元の知的総合体験− 】
一般:1,500円 学生:1,000円 小中学生:500円 乳幼児:無料 事前予約制

Iwamoto-san, Nomura-san_YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR

Iwamoto-san who works to transmit Japanese charm overseas through tourism came to Nomura-san who tells overseas production of food and fashion etc, with cultural exchanges as the main axis. In addition to not only conveying the charm of Japan to the world, we were able to exchange opinions essentially in clothing among the FACTORY TOUR with the two of us who are around the rest of Japan as an eye candy. How can you continue to leave the traditional culture that is difficult to survive from the perspective of workers and businesses in the future? Or will you regard it as having finished a certain role? When we have to make that judgment we will visit local with less resources. In order to deal reasonably here, I understood mutual understanding that it is necessary to consider the localities of the world and Japan with culture as the corner. I am also happy that I could communicate with SNS! Iwamoto-san and Nomura-san, thank you._FACTORYTOUR

【YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR with Soup - Intellectual Integrated Experience of Old Branch -】
General: 1,500 yen Student: 1,000 yen Elementary and middle school student: 500 yen Infant / child: Free Advance reservation system


以旅遊為目的傳遞日本魅力的岩本先生來到野村,以海外文化交流為主軸,講述海外生產食品和時尚等。不僅告訴日本的魅力世界,日本的各個部分的兩個人周遊作為內行才能FACTORY TOUR之間實質上服裝交換意見。你如何能夠從未來的工人和企業的角度繼續留下難以生存的傳統文化?或者你會認為它已經完成了某個角色?當我們必須做出這樣的判斷時,我們將用較少的資源訪問本地。為了在這里合理處理,我理解了需要以文化為中心考慮世界的地區和日本的相互理解。我也很高興能與SNS溝通!岩本先生和野村先生,謝謝。

【湯姆山工廠旅遊 - 老科智能綜合經驗】
一般:1,500日元學生:1,000日元小學生:500日元嬰幼兒:免費 預訂系統


The most avant-garde soy sauce brewery in Akita.

7th generation soy sauce brewery in Akita.
How they simply do not compromise the quality of every ingredient, how they keep traditional way of brewing, how the brewery position itself within the community, the fact that is is in Akita where the depopulation is the most severe in the world, how they design the packaging the products they manufacture with love, how the 7th head of brewery talks about the stories and history of the brewery, it is all utterly coherent once you step into this quite brewery.
The website is a good read and written in Japanese, English and mandarin, the brewery tour is open for public.


蔵の読み応えバッツバツのウェブサイトもすごいし、見学は誰でも行けますので是非。 初めて行った秋田 いいところ。


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