東北経済産業局「サービス生産性向上取組事例集」にてヤマモの取り組みをご紹介いただいております。日本における産業観光の取り組みは、言葉が先行しておりますが実装している産業は多くありません。お客様を産業の現場に迎え入れることは設備だけではなく、掃除や社風、社員教育など会社すべての環境を整えることが必要です。弊社もまだまだ十分な環境と言うことはできませんが、それも含め、成長していく姿を体感していただければと思います。YAMAMO FACTORY TOURのご参加、お待ちしております。

Notification of Articles Published

We are introducing Yamamo's efforts at Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "Service Productivity Improvement Case Study Collection". Although the words precede industrial tourism efforts in Japan, there are not many industries that are implemented. It is necessary to welcome customers to the field of industries not only for facilities but also for all companies' environments such as cleaning, corporate culture and employee education. Although we can not say enough environment yet, I think that you can experience the growing appearance including that. We are waiting for participation of the YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR. _mediainfo.


在經濟,貿易和工業局東北“服務生產力改進計劃的案例研究”我很高興地介紹Yamamo努力。日本工業旅遊的努力,行業詞,但我們前面的實施並不多。歡迎廣大客戶在工業領域,不僅設備,清洗和企業文化,有必要調整公司所有的環境,比如員工培訓。我們甚至不能說,仍足以環境,但它也包括在內,我認為,如果有可能體驗到成長的外觀。YAMAMO FACTORY TOUR的參與,我們期待著。

Tohoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry "Collection of case study on service productivity improvement"

「ヤマモ味噌醤油醸造元」の屋号で事業を展開する1867年創業の老舗蔵元である。同社は、代々受け継が れてきた蔵や100年以上前に造園された日本庭園を回る見学ツアーを行っている。 人口が減少し、県内需要が減り続ける現代において、伝統の産業を次の世代に残すため、ヨーロッパ等で盛ん なファクトリーツアーにヒントを得て、2016年秋からツアーを開始した。ツアーでは、伝統産業としての味 噌醤油醸造の紹介のみならず、同社の所在する岩崎地域や、蔵元としての高橋家の歴史も紹介しながら、約1時 間をかけて蔵や庭園、大豆畑を見学する。商品単体ではなく「体験を売る」ことで、国内外に蔵全体を文化とし て売り込み、世界的な認知度向上を目指している。 将来的には、このような見学ツアーの取組をビジネスモデルとして確立し、周辺の蔵元にも呼びかけてフラン スのワイナリー巡りのように、地域全体を観光地として売り出していきたい、とのこと。

Improvement of added value of products by industrial tourism efforts taking advantage of the traditional and historical heritage successively inherited
It is a long-established brewery founded in 1867 that develops business under the name "Yamamo Miso sauce brewer". The company conducts an observation tour around the Japanese garden which has been handed down from generation to generation and landscaped over 100 years ago. In the modern era where the population decreases and the demand in the prefecture keeps decreasing, in order to leave the traditional industry in the next generation, I got inspiration from the factory tour which is popular in Europe etc. and started the tour from the fall of 2016. The tour not only introduces the taste of Soy Sauce Brewery as a traditional industry but also introduces the history of the Iwasaki area where the company is located and the history of the Takahashi family as a warehouse and takes about 1 hour to take care of garbage, gardens, soybean fields I will observe. By selling "experiences" instead of items alone, we aim to improve global recognition by promoting the entire collection as a culture both in Japan and overseas. In the future, I would like to establish such a tour tour effort as a business model, call on neighboring brewers to sell the whole area as a tourist spot, like a round of winery in France.




Report That JR Kyoto Isetan - Gion Festival Has Ended

During the same temperature as body temperature, the Gion Festival in Kyoto was held. The streets and stores in Kyoto, which changed to festival specifications such as banners and lanterns, were more attractive. The expression and feeling of the day of Halle's day from ancient times is wonderful again and I thought that I would have to make further efforts to engage in traditional industries. The enthusiasm of the festivals with many tourists was more than imagined, and the heat came to the sales floor of Isetan.




It seems that the Tohoku products line up in Kyoto's sales area is also unusual for the staff of department store, and many people got a call from the time of carrying in. Also, while there are many customers who have chosen Kyoto souvenir, there are also people who purchase products of Akita, and it was surprising that the taste of Tohoku was widely accepted. "Meat Miso" was sold out at the end of the exhibition, and "Yukidoke" and "Tamari" also left only a few.



A day of festive festivals at sightseeing sites that represent Japan. I am pleased that the Yamamo's products were delivered to everyone in that. Also, I was able to touch professionals at department store department stores of a major sightseeing spot, and received a lot of stimulus. The fusion of Tohoku and western cities seems to make something more interesting. Thank you very much for everyone who came.



時間 : 2017年7月12日(水) - 7月18日(火)  10:00 - 20:00
場所 : JR京都伊勢丹(地下1階)

京都の祇園祭に合わせて京都伊勢丹での販売の機会をいただきました。ハレの日に弊社ヤマモの商品が京都に彩を添えることができ、嬉しく思います。この度は新商品の「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」をご紹介する場にもさせていただきます。ヤマモの小さな調味料が日々の食事や生活に広がりや豊かさをご提案することができればと思っております。この機会に多くの方にお越しいただければ幸いです。

Notice of Sale at JR Kyoto Isetan · Gion Festival

Time: July 12, 2017 (Wednesday) - July 18 (Tue) 10: 00 - 20: 00
Location: JR Kyoto Isetan (basement 1st floor)

We got the opportunity to sell at Kyoto Isetan according to the Gion festival in Kyoto. It is a pleasure to be able to add color to Kyoto by our Yamamo products on Halle's Day. This time we will also introduce the new product TAMARI "GLUTEN FREE". I hope the small seasoning of Yamamo will be able to propose spread and richness to daily diet and life. I would be pleased if you could visit many people on this occasion.


時間:2017年7月12日(水) - 7月18日(星期二)10:00至20:00





The new product will be a three-product of miso. We set a PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY  to each. MOSUKE MISO is "CLASSIC". YUKIDOKE MISO is "LOCAL". YAMAMO MISO is "SUSTAINABLE". Distinguish the effects of fermentation due to the difference in spirituality, it has a representation in the taste and smell. Each meat dishes, fish dishes, have you tasting in the pairing of Western cuisine. In the pairing of each product, conscious of the fusion of the food culture of the world, was the image of a taste from the experience of cities visited in the past.


新產品將是味噌的三產物。我們設置的CT PHILOSOPHY(產品理念)每個。 MOSUKE MISO(茂助味噌)是“CLASSIC(傳統)”。 YUKIDOKE MISO(雪解味噌)是“LOCAL(地區)”。 YAMAMO MISO(Yamamo 味噌)是“SUSTAINABLE(可持續發展)”。區分發酵的影響,由於在精神的差異,它具有的味道和氣味的表示。每一個葷菜,魚類菜餚,有你在西餐配對品嚐。在每個產品的配對,有意識的世界飲食文化的融合,是從過去參觀城市的經驗味道的形象。

*「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」は少量ではありますが、YAMAMO ONLINE STOREでの販売を予定しております。しばらくお待ちください。
*TAMARI "GLUTEN FREE " is a small amount, but we plan to sell at YAMAMO ONLINE STORE. Please wait.
*「TAMARI ‶GLUTEN FREE″」有一個小數目,但它計劃在YAMAMO網上商店出售。請等待。

中北米渡航を終えて_CITY No.2_NEW YORK_DAY2_2017.04.26-28

世界屈指の都市、ニューヨークの振興地域の開発チームは、たった3人で構成されていた。それは金融、デザイン・アート、プロモーションの役割だった。 大きな組織が大きなプロジェクトを動かすというのは過去の産物であり、マルチタスク化した個人が少数で意思決定を行い、運営していく。未来の価値創造、社会構築、都市形成がそこにはあり、とりわけ自分にはデザインとアートの融合が色濃く心に残り続けた。多くのことに興味を持ち、感性豊かに生きていく者に豊かな時代が訪れることを、この街の存在自体が表わしているようだった。


The development team in New York, one of the world's top cities, consisted of only three people. It was the role of finance, design art, promotion. Large organizations move large projects is a product of the past, individuals who have made multitasking decide and make decisions with a small number. Future value formation, social construction, urban formation are there, and in particular, the fusion of design and art continued to remain intense in mind. It seemed that he was interested in many things and embodied the rich age of visiting to those who live sensibly rich.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.2_NEW YORK_DAY2_2017.04.26-28




On the other hand, I felt like I saw the decline of many brands and the change of value. The apparel brand town which was a flower form of the city is trying to change its shape, grasping food and lifestyle, ultimately thinking and philosophy as the most valuable value, and executing it as a business style. In addition, renovation is undertaken to originally worthy things, and it is trying to make the value unique. The technique is also shifting from DIY which can be easily done to craftsmen's technology. The world is not a person who does not have the time, but now age sex want to see the revolution of those who have it.



NY is as powerful as ever, changing the world. It coexists diverse values rather than incorporating various races, so that we will experiment and implement the new values of the next era. That is stronger than anything else. And that is their identity. That is why it is the turning point of Japan that has formed its own history and culture in the island country, and they are also awaiting the way of our appearance which was hurt by the earthquake disaster. It is time to embody spirituality and hobbies / interests that have been cultivated only in Japan.



中北米渡航を終えて_CITY No.2_NEW YORK_DAY1_2017.04.26-28

晴天が続いたデトロイトとは異なり、ニューヨークは雨だった。 数年前に渡航したこの場所では、ブランドがいかにして次世代に向けて進化をしていくのかを知るための旅だった。 今回はもっと俯瞰した視点、マンハッタンだけではなくブルックリンがどのようにして都市開発ができたのかに焦点を絞った。 9.11のテロ発生時には産業が荒廃していたブルックリン地域。その場所を次の発展の場所として着目し、マンハッタンをも飲み込む大きな渦をつくりあげた。その中核を担う開発チームにお会いすることができたのは幸福なことだった。


Unlike Detroit where the fine weather continued, New York was raining. In this place I visited several years ago, it was a trip to learn how brands evolve towards the next generation. In this time, I focused more on the viewpoint of overlooking, not only Manhattan but also how Brooklyn was able to develop urban areas. In the terrorist attacks of 9.11 the Brooklyn region where the industry was devastated. I focused on the place as the next development place and created a big whirlpool to swallow Manhattan. It was a happy thing that I could meet the core development team.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.2_NEW YORK_DAY1_2017.04.26-28



そのチームはマンハッタンの対岸に位置するブルックリンの港地域、高架下の「DUMBO(ダンボ)」に着手する。かつての製造業が空洞化し、荒廃したブルックリン地域は地価が安いことに若者や芸術家が居座るようになる。 彼らはその土地に流れる文脈を変えるため、街にCREATIVE ONE BLOCK(創造性ある一角)を生み出し開発を進めていった。 「DUMBO」地域のブランドマークはモニュメントにとどまらず、不動産のショーウィンドウやゴミ箱にまで至る。 徹底したブランド戦略と創造性ある認知拡大がその地域の人気を押し上げた。そこにはデザインとアートが融合し、多くの人々の心を奪い、熱狂させている。

The team will begin the Brooklyn port area located opposite Manhattan, "DUMBO" under the elevated. In the Brooklyn region where the former manufacturing industry has been hollowed out and devastated, young people and artists will reside in the fact that the land price is low. In order to change the context flowing in the land, they created CREATIVE ONE BLOCK in the city and proceeded with development. Brand marks in the "DUMBO" area are not limited to monuments, but also reach real estate show windows and garbage bins. Thorough brand strategy and creative cognitive expansion boosted the popularity of the area. Design and art are fused there, depriving many people of their hearts and enthusiasm.

該小組是承接在海港區域“DUMBO(飛象)”,在升高的在位於曼哈頓對岸布魯克林。一旦製造業空洞化,摧毀布魯克林區是年輕人和藝術家喜歡住在土地價格很便宜。因為他們改變流經地的背景下,去發展生在城市CREATIVE ONE BLOCK(角落的創意)。“小飛”區域品牌標誌不僅是古蹟,導致對房地產的櫥窗和垃圾。展開承認有徹底的品牌策略和創意推高了該地區的知名度。有融合設計與藝術,花了很多人的心目中,是不是熱心的。

ブルックリン開発のチームはアートとデザインを巧みに混ぜ合わせていた。それは双方を理解し、尊敬し、独自の融合を成し遂げていたと言うほうがいいのかもしれない。 人々が熱狂し、街をつくり上げていくためには両者が必要であり、そこに深い理解がないといけない。この街に至る前、荒廃したデトロイトでアートが先行し街の復活を導く事例に出遭えたことが、ブルックリンを理解する上で大いに役立ったのだった。

The Brooklyn development team was skillfully mixing art and design. It may be better to say that they understood and respect both sides and had achieved their own fusion. People are enthusiastic and they need both in order to build the city, and there is a deep understanding there. Before reaching this town, it was a great help in understanding Brooklyn that art was preceded by devastated Detroit and encountered cases leading the revival of the city.



「個性が光る!小さな会社のブランディングブック」にヤマモのパンフレットが掲載されました。“デザインと編集力で会社の魅力を存分に伝えることに成功した冊子、約100点を掲載しています”と書籍の冒頭にあるように、弊社に培われてきた産業と精神をいかにして世界に伝えていくかを考え制作したものです。海外展開直前の5年前から使用しており、当時、コンセプトを“Life is Voyage”にすることや12回折りの形状に勇気を持って取り組みました。その決断が評価いただけたと考えると、どこか救われたような気がします。ぜひ、弊社パンフレットや掲載記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

A brochure of Yamamo was posted on "Branding Book of a Small Company" Shining Personality. As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, "Booklet that succeeded in communicating the charm of the company with design and editing power to the full, about 100 points are posted", how to do the industry and spirit cultivated in our company I thought about how to tell it to the world. I have been using it since five years before the overseas deployment and worked with the courage to the shape of the concept "Life is Voyage" and 12 diffraction. I am very pleased to think that it was able to evaluate that decision, some kind. By all means, I would like to see our brochure and posted articles._mediainfo



150年続く老舗の7代目が自らデザインしたパンフレット。味噌醬油の新しい世界観と可能性を打ち出したいとするコンセプトは‟Life is Voyage”。旅の出会いのように調味料も多様な食文化と結びついて人々の食生活を豊かにする。海外の人にもその理念を感覚的に伝えるものとなっている。

A sense of size and compact shape that can be carried on a journey, a view of the world of Japanese with a vertically long design reminiscent of scrolls
Pamphlet designed by himself / herself as the seventh generation of a long-established store lasting 150 years. "Life is Voyage" is a concept that aims to propose a new world view and possibilities of Miso Oil Oil As seasonings also travel like meetings, seasonings are linked to diverse food culture to enrich people's diet. It is also to convey that idea sensuously.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Floor Completion of an Unrefined Moromi Warehouse

In the moromi of fermentation aging which has been passing for 150 years, we put a stone in the soil and arrange wooden barrels on it. The warehouse is located in the northernmost of the premises and has played a part by the wisdom of the predecessor to make low temperature fermentation. However, I have bothered me with my care and management. Once the craftsmen have added the wooden barrels together at the work site, it is difficult to put hands in the floor because the height difference is not constant. Initially when I succeeded my family business, I thought that "I will not start on this soil", I thought so, but as soon as accepting domestic and foreign visitors in recent years, I finally decided to floor this all-inclusive storehouse It is._GARDENOPENING




Craftsmen will unite and scrape off the soil for the thickness of the concrete and make a base to the narrow barrel gap. Put a crushed stone to make the soil and concrete familiar there, and put the lath (wire mesh) in the part where strength is necessary. The amount of soil carried was about 5 cubic meters and it was equivalent to 2 trucks.



Once the foundation was completed, we did curing of pumping piping and arranged concrete. Pipe is put in the gap of the barrel, and the craftsmen of the plasterer strokes the surface while pouring the concrete. When a part is completed, the piping is removed and the concrete is flowed to another gap portion. This repeatedly became all concrete between the 24 barrels.



The floor finish of the moromi warehouse had a large amount of work for making the base, and the work schedule by specialized craftsmen was different. As a brewer, I had difficulty maintaining the motivation of craftsmen as a worker and selecting the best dealer under different judgment. For that reason, we spend a lot of time to realize floor hitting, so finally the finished floor finish is finally deeply emotional and we feel that we are seeing a new stage. I would like to see this museum in many people. Thank you very much for everyone involved.


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