「個性が光る!小さな会社のブランディングブック」にヤマモのパンフレットが掲載されました。“デザインと編集力で会社の魅力を存分に伝えることに成功した冊子、約100点を掲載しています”と書籍の冒頭にあるように、弊社に培われてきた産業と精神をいかにして世界に伝えていくかを考え制作したものです。海外展開直前の5年前から使用しており、当時、コンセプトを“Life is Voyage”にすることや12回折りの形状に勇気を持って取り組みました。その決断が評価いただけたと考えると、どこか救われたような気がします。ぜひ、弊社パンフレットや掲載記事をご覧いただきたいと思います。

Notice of Article Posting

A brochure of Yamamo was posted on "Branding Book of a Small Company" Shining Personality. As I mentioned at the beginning of the book, "Booklet that succeeded in communicating the charm of the company with design and editing power to the full, about 100 points are posted", how to do the industry and spirit cultivated in our company I thought about how to tell it to the world. I have been using it since five years before the overseas deployment and worked with the courage to the shape of the concept "Life is Voyage" and 12 diffraction. I am very pleased to think that it was able to evaluate that decision, some kind. By all means, I would like to see our brochure and posted articles._mediainfo



150年続く老舗の7代目が自らデザインしたパンフレット。味噌醬油の新しい世界観と可能性を打ち出したいとするコンセプトは‟Life is Voyage”。旅の出会いのように調味料も多様な食文化と結びついて人々の食生活を豊かにする。海外の人にもその理念を感覚的に伝えるものとなっている。

A sense of size and compact shape that can be carried on a journey, a view of the world of Japanese with a vertically long design reminiscent of scrolls
Pamphlet designed by himself / herself as the seventh generation of a long-established store lasting 150 years. "Life is Voyage" is a concept that aims to propose a new world view and possibilities of Miso Oil Oil As seasonings also travel like meetings, seasonings are linked to diverse food culture to enrich people's diet. It is also to convey that idea sensuously.




YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Floor Completion of an Unrefined Moromi Warehouse

In the moromi of fermentation aging which has been passing for 150 years, we put a stone in the soil and arrange wooden barrels on it. The warehouse is located in the northernmost of the premises and has played a part by the wisdom of the predecessor to make low temperature fermentation. However, I have bothered me with my care and management. Once the craftsmen have added the wooden barrels together at the work site, it is difficult to put hands in the floor because the height difference is not constant. Initially when I succeeded my family business, I thought that "I will not start on this soil", I thought so, but as soon as accepting domestic and foreign visitors in recent years, I finally decided to floor this all-inclusive storehouse It is._GARDENOPENING




Craftsmen will unite and scrape off the soil for the thickness of the concrete and make a base to the narrow barrel gap. Put a crushed stone to make the soil and concrete familiar there, and put the lath (wire mesh) in the part where strength is necessary. The amount of soil carried was about 5 cubic meters and it was equivalent to 2 trucks.



Once the foundation was completed, we did curing of pumping piping and arranged concrete. Pipe is put in the gap of the barrel, and the craftsmen of the plasterer strokes the surface while pouring the concrete. When a part is completed, the piping is removed and the concrete is flowed to another gap portion. This repeatedly became all concrete between the 24 barrels.



The floor finish of the moromi warehouse had a large amount of work for making the base, and the work schedule by specialized craftsmen was different. As a brewer, I had difficulty maintaining the motivation of craftsmen as a worker and selecting the best dealer under different judgment. For that reason, we spend a lot of time to realize floor hitting, so finally the finished floor finish is finally deeply emotional and we feel that we are seeing a new stage. I would like to see this museum in many people. Thank you very much for everyone involved.


中北米渡航を終えて_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY3_2017.04.24-26



Guerrillas wearing art continue to produce works freely, in favor of cheap living unit price. Sometimes expression methods have some kind of anti-social aspect, but it works in the direction to improve society. Art activities not intending security itself were most effective for security improvement. Graffiti art is seen in every block of Detroit, but in this city it has an image of the art show window, or security improvement, rather than how to catch "illegal = foreign matter", soul and techno music there Flow, even the culture of the land.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY3_2017.04.24-26




As the situation of improvement of security is seen, the industries of the land finally give birth. As yet again Detroit 's manufacturing spirit has not been lost, and the factory of the industry is built so that it closely follows the art that he had previously attended. In the city experienced devastation from the prosperity and knowing sorrow sufficiently, the city respects the art guerrilla and is doing a hybrid thing that the world has never seen spiritually. It builds brands young in the industry, involves the streets and is beginning to grow.



Detroit faced financial failure in 2013. A crisis population structure unique to the world whose population is one-third the size of the past, not only the core industry, but also the consumers suffered great damage. However, the town where the spirit of manufacturing is rooted builds a brand different from the automobile industry. Most of the foundation years are before and after fiscal collapse. The brand engraved with the devastation of the city is powerful towards reconstruction, unlike in the past, organizations and systems are also operated in a minimal manner. For the organic art guerrillas, the brand took a round and he saw a strategic attitude.
In a devastated city, Detroit is characterized by a mixed future of art and brand, and in the music culture it is a land with the power to create a swell as a music genre by periodically releasing stars. Our Japanese yamamo, a traditional Japanese traditional company, made me think about what kind of attitude she will face with town and art in the future as a brand.



中北米渡航を終えて_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY2_2017.04.24-26



"Detroit, where a devastated skyscraper remains, is the only legacy city that the US had." Americans have evaluated Detroit like this and now it is a place where pioneers who sympathize with it gathered. And part of it, art work and new store entered, the past product was mixed with modernity. In the United States which says diversity, the direction of the city of Detroit with this heavy long and long industrial heritage was unparalleled in other cities. The deterioration of public security in this city is far away from the sound growth that everyone imagines, but on the other hand, identity is created. Detroit carries this rare case on the world scale and is trying to embody the next era.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY2_2017.04.24-26




It is a pessimistic thing that the industry is lost in the city, but it may not necessarily be a bad thing from the sustainability of the city of the future. There is nothing that does not change in the world, and there is nothing that will not fade away. Rather it is important how to get up from that situation. If we aim to rise again and aim for a sustainable society, where will the role of the industry in the city be? I came to Detroit where I was concerned before traveling and began thinking about such things.



As in case examples so far, Detroit's best engine to revive was the existence of an organic artist who can be called a guerilla. They are seeking cheap and unregulated land for free activities. Because of his own work, it causes action to pursue mid-desire. As a result, it leads to the reconstruction of the city, but as a result, the cost of living rises, changing the place of activity as the degree of freedom gets lost. The nomadic way of living of such desires has become a detonator for reconstruction. Everyone, including the people, understands it, and Detroit becomes a show window of art and becomes an investment target. Human desires different from high-speed economic growth are creating society again.


中北米渡航を終えて_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY1_2017.04.24-26



I longed for going out to the outside world. I do not dislike this environment. Something that is not everyday, 10 years after succeeding family business. Yes, it is a little exaggerating to say life, but I wanted to find something that affected my own values. The invitation of the voyage around a strange city fell in love with me in a moment.
This voyage is a schedule that will be flawless with flights once every few days. The journey through seven cities in 15 days, as well as physical strength, there was a part sharp spirit. But what is even more necessary is the stoic self-management and adaptability, similar to athletes. In addition, it was a teamwork of brigade and still acrobatic feeling to continue to be interested in the outside world. Therefore, although there were a lot of intense experiences, I would like to write them here, thankfully for my friendship with the traveling companion, along with my journey record and my subjectivity.

北美旅遊報告_CITY No.1_DETROIT_DAY1_2017.04.24-26

我一直在等待離開到外面的世界。這種環境不恨。 10年的家族企業,這東西是不是在一天到一天的腳步。是的,但有點誇張地說生活,我想遇到影響到自己的價值。旅途在陌生的城市的邀請,把我扔在眼睛在戀愛中閃爍。



In the city center of Detroit where this journey begins, the high-rise building count built in the era of the automobile industry is a prime remains. They are obviously not in operation, and despite their overwhelming presence, they learn gaps and eeriness in those who do not show signs. When you leave the city, graffiti art appears with the building that was devastated. I will feel a sense of the city where the bust has broken down and the financial collapse has occurred. Meanwhile, we also heard stores based on music culture and stores that sang the auto industry "Motor Town". Although it can not be said that it is a healthy city, the historical and cultural backgrounds of the city that once boasted prosperity are visible.



We have not always been alarmed since the beginning of the journey. One of the most worried things about Detroit, there are security problems. Of course there are danger zones, but as I entered the inside, it is headed toward stabilization and I am surprised by the speed of change. In addition, I heard that the nature-generated flow that the devastation of a population of one-third of the height of the population does not exist, rather than letting the trick of something to do so, encourages the purification of the city. I think that the devastation of developed countries and deterioration of security will be major problems in the future, but Detroit is doing ahead. The local long-established hot dog shop was a thriving day and night, I thought that the citizen cheaply meets appetite in a city with bottoming power.




About North America Voyage_2017.04.24

In order to learn the development of cities in the world rooted locally, I will go to North America. It will be a tough journey to go around 8 cities in 15 days. Productive and creative people will change the surroundings by doing manufacturing and services optimized for that area. That transformation appears in every city, and its swells will involve the world. If there is a will, you can spread such signs and seeds from the local of Japan and change the world. I would like to leave myself up to the swirl of change.



Tokyo (Narita) 04/24 (Monday) 15: 55
_DL 276 T OK 11 hours 38 minutes GEAPIL
Detroit 04/24 (Monday) 14: 33
Detroit 04/26 (Wednesday) 08:23
_DL 3741 T OK 1 hour 58 min GEAPIL
New York J. F. Kennedy 04/26 (Wed) 10: 21
New York LaGuardia 04/28 (Fri) 07: 00
_DL 1472 U OK 3 hours 8 minutes GEAPIL
Miami 04/28 (Fri) 10: 08
Miami 04/29 (Sat) 07: 05
_AM 429 K OK 3 hours 50 minutes IEQQBT
Mexico City 04/29 (Sat) 09: 55
Mexico City 04/30 (Sunday) 21: 30
_AM 676 K OK 2 hours 8 minutes IEQQBT
Guatemala City 04/30 (Sunday) 22: 38
Guatemala City 05/03 (Wed) 09: 15
_AV 700 W OK 2 hours 25 minutes
San Jose 05/03 (Wed) 11: 40
San Jose 05/06 (Sat) 07: 51
_DL 1396 X OK 6 hours 24 minutes GEAPIL
Los Angeles 05/06 (Sat) 13: 15
Los Angeles 05/06 (Sat) 16: 20
_DL 5689 X OK 2 hours 25 minutes GEAPIL
Portland 05/06 (Sat) 18: 45
Portland 05/08 (Monday) 12: 15
_DL 69 U OK 10 hours 45 minutes GEAPIL
Tokyo (Narita) 05/09 (Tue) 15: 00



YAMAMO GARDEN OPENING PROJECT_Small Ecosystems and Fish From Overwintering Ponds

An old outside signboard attached to the eaves of the entrance from the early Showa period was found from Last year, we released fish such as carp, goldfish, medaka etc. in the pond to make it a measure of pest control and safe groundwater supply. As fish supplies clean, the more it can survive for a long time, it is necessary to create an environment with moderately microorganisms and bacteria. For that purpose, we realized the coexistence of organisms that start with microorganisms by circulating and mixing the water of a new pond filled with clean groundwater and the existing pond where weeds grow. From this it is understood that creating a Japanese garden not only abstracts the transition of the four seasons rooted in the land and the wind stream but also understands that science knowledge is needed "how to create an internally complete ecosystem" I can do it._GARDENOPENING




The pond in winter was not as a place to live but as a place to melt the heavy snow, the fish in the bottom of the pond seemed to have been successfully overwintering. Although they were small small individuals, they came to melt and gradually revealed their energetic appearance. The movement has become active as the temperature rises, and if we are lucky, they can confirm their appearance from the entrance to the garden. In the Iwasaki area, the mountain river nature remained for a long time, and we have many creatures, but there were grace and gratitude also in the small ecosystem of Yamamo's garden.



We have been the foundation of people 's eating habits as local industries in the region. We also contribute to the community as one of ecosystems, and convey the history, climate and culture of this land. The Iwasaki area where the brewery industry which begins from the blessings of water is thriving. The fourth generation may have superimposed this on the landscaping and garden ecosystems. We are able to notice the feelings and value of our predecessors by starting again in the garden that lasts 100 years.


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